Spring Clean Your Home With TikTok’s Smartest Organization Hacks

Who knew QR codes for your bins would be such a game-changer?

Spring is here, which may be why you have a sudden urge to clean and organize your home. Not only is decluttering a great way to keep your space consistently Insta-worthy and inviting, but it also helps to alleviate stress knowing that everything you need has its own place and can be found easily. Luckily, the smartest organization hacks from TikTok include products that can really help take your spring cleaning and decluttering to Home Edit levels with products under $30.

TikTok really has become your one-stop resource for everything from tasty recipes to makeup tips. You may even get style inspiration and movie recs for your next date night at home. Finding everything you need is simple; you just need to know what side of TikTok to be on. Since you’re looking to tidy up your home, you’ll love all the organizing hacks and tips that TikTok has to offer.

After seeing Khloé Kardashian’s picture-perfect pantry, you may be inspired to do a full makeover of your own kitchen or another living space. After switching out your winter wardrobe for more spring wear, you could also be looking to restructure your closet so your warm weather pieces are easier to find. With these organization hacks from TikTok, you’ll get helpful tips and organization product recommendations that are $30 and under — aka totally budget-friendly. Chances are you’ll be wondering where these organization products have been all your life, so it’s time to start cleaning and creating your dream home.

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A Pan Organizer Can Help Clear Up Space In Your Cabinets

As demonstrated by TikToker @therealcindyology, adding an expandable pan organizer ($30, Amazon) to your cabinets can make all the difference. Not only does having this pan organizer make your space look more organized, but you can also easily pull out the cookware when you need it without having to rearrange everything (and making lots of noise) each time.

One Amazon reviewer gushed about how they “actually could fit more” pans in their cabinets, thanks to this adjustable rack.


A Mini Vacuum Can Keep Your WFH Desk Clean

For anyone who works from home and is always at their desk, having a clean space is necessary and this cordless desk vacuum ($14, Amazon) will clean up any dust each week. As TikToker @kaelimaee shows off in this desk organizing video, a little vacuum goes a long way. Plus, one Amazon reviewer shares it “holds a charge forever.”


Use Hooks To Hang Your Measuring Cups Up In Your Cabinet

Raise your hand if you currently have a drawer for your measuring cups and spoons that can be hard to sort through. Instead of dealing with that in the moment, take TikToker @lonefoxhome’s advice and get some hooks ($11, Amazon) for the inside of your cabinet. Hang all your cups and spoons there, so you can easily grab the size you need in the moment.


QR Codes Can Help You Easily Find Items In Storage Bins

Instead of sorting through your storage bins whenever you need to find something, TikToker @julianna_claire recommends getting Elephant Trax ($8, Amazon). These QR code labels, which one reviewer claims are “the greatest ‘inventory’ trackers EVER,” allow you to keep track of what’s in each storage bin on an app.


A Lazy Susan Makes Grabbing Supplies Under Your Sink Easier

This organization hack from TikToker @brittanayviolet is also loved by Khloé Kardashian: spinning organizers. These spinning trays ($9, Amazon) allow you to store cleaning supplies under your sink so that you can easily grab them when you need. One Amazon reviewer raved that their “corner cabinet went from barely accessible and crammed to tidy, accessible, and more spacious.”


DIY A Bathroom Organizer For Your Products

Adding some shelves to your bathroom vanity can help organize your products and makeup. To help your shelving stay on theme with the rest of your bathroom decor, make these DIY faux marble shelves from TikToker @homegoodiys. By adding some marble adhesive paper ($7, Amazon) to foam boards that you place on the bottom of some dollar store shelves, you can create an Insta-worthy storage space.


Use A Bread Container For Easy Access To Slices

Keep your bread fresh with a container ($29, Amazon) in your kitchen. Not only is this great storage, but with TikToker @pairswellwithwhine’s storage hack, you can also easily get a slice by pulling the plastic down.


Use A Hanging Organizer For Inside Your Bathroom Cabinets

For a clean look in your bathroom, you may want your products stored away and out of sight. One way to achieve this without just throwing everything into drawers is to have an over the door organizer ($16, Amazon) for your cabinets. Place the organizer on the inside of your door, like TikToker @tidywithspark, to store everything in secret.

One of the over 5,000 five-star reviews even mentions that this organizer holds all their “cutting boards as well as a cookie rack and it still has room for more.”


Dividers For Your Closet Help To Keep Piles Organized

It’s no secret that dividers for your drawers are great for keeping your dresser organized, but TikToker @abby.silverman shares that you can also get dividers for your closet shelves. These acrylic shelf dividers ($28, Amazon) come in handy to keep your jeans and sweaters in neat stacks. If you have “limited closet space” like one of the five-star reviewers on Amazon, these dividers will really help to keep “each pile together.”


An Organizer Gets Rid Of The Cord Clutter

Between your phone, your computer, and even your desk lamp, you may have a pile of ugly cords sitting under your desk. To help make your WFH space more organized and stress-free, get a cord organizer ($18, Amazon) with over 6,000 five-star reviews. TikToker @kaylascricutcreations shows off how this simple bin can make all your cords disappear.


DIY A Hanging Shelf Under Your Desk For No More Visible Cords

If you’d rather have all your desk cords out of sight and out of mind, try this DIY cord hack from TikToker @tidywithspark. Using a metal tray ($7, Amazon) and velcro straps ($10, Amazon), hang up your power strip and cords under your desk.


Use Cord Organizers On Your Appliances For Easy Kitchen Storage

For another cord hack from TikTok, try this one from TikToker @jensgatheringnest. Using cord organizers ($9, Amazon) on each of your kitchen appliances will help keep your storage space free of cord clutter. Plus, these organizers have over 32,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, with one reviewer saying they can “essentially [solve] all the problems in your life, more or less.”


Keep Your Daytime And Nighttime Skincare Products Organized With A Lazy Susan That Has Removable Bins

If you have certain beauty routines, you may want to get a spinning organizer ($30, Amazon) with removable bins for your bathroom. As TikToker @arinsolange demonstrates, this bathroom organizer is great for easily finding what you need and sorting your products. You could even place all your morning skincare items in a separate bin than the one for your nighttime routine, making them so easy to access whenever you need them.


Use A Wine Rack For Your Water Bottles Storage

Perhaps your water bottles are taking over a good chunk of your cabinet space. If it’s hard to find a certain bottle when you need it, you may want to get a wine rack ($25, Amazon) for your water bottle storage like TikToker @gridandglam.


Magazine Holders Can Be Used For More Than Just Paper Storage

A magazine holder ($14, Amazon) can be used in many ways, according to TikToker @jillcomesclean. Use it for your Tupperware lids, as a wine holder, or for storing your sandals in the closet.


Use A Plastic Bin As A Trash Bag Dispenser

To clear up the space under your kitchen cabinet, make this trash bag dispenser using a plastic bin ($19, Amazon). In TikToker’s video, you can see that all you need to do is place your trash bag roll in the bin with the first bag available sticking out of the handle.


Dispensers Make Laundry Detergent Easier To Measure Out

Make doing laundry more fun by getting this plastic dispenser for your powdered detergent, like TikToker @simplysalfinds. This same dispenser ($27, Amazon) can be used for rice and other dry foods in the kitchen or your pet’s fave food as well. Plus, one five-star reviewer admits you can fill this dispenser all the way up and hang it on your wall with “no slipping” at all.


Keep A Bin For Your Reusable Bags In Your Car

If you’re someone who always forgets their reusable bags at home, you may want to try this organization hack from TikToker @maxieelise. Leave a bin ($14, Amazon) with your reusable bags folded up nicely in the trunk of your car to easily grab when you’re at the store.


Use Museum Gel To Keep Your Drawer Storage In Place

You may already have drawer organizers for your kitchen, but the problem is they often shift when opening and closing your drawers. That’s where this organization hack from TikToker @jessicahaizman comes in to help. Just place some museum gel ($11, Amazon) on the bottom of your trays to keep them in place.


A Tiered Spice Rack Makes It Easier To Find What You’re Looking For

For picture-perfect cabinets, you may want to display all your kitchen goods in the same glass jars and containers just like TikToker @refinedliving. One way to go the extra mile is to also get a three-tier rack ($29, Amazon) to be able to see all your spices at once.


Hang Up Snacks With Bag Clips With Holes In Them

Keep your snacks totally organized by hanging up some hooks in your pantry or cabinet. If you’re using a bag clip ($15, Amazon) with a hole for those snacks, just hang them up on your hooks like TikToker @_thelittletownhome_.


A Plastic Wrap Dispenser Is Sleek Storage

TikToker @everythingenvy shares this super fun Amazon organization find. The dispenser ($25, Amazon) allows you to keep your plastic wrap or aluminum foil in an adorable container that doubles as slide cutter as well.


A Hanging Spice Rack Will Save You Cabinet Space

Want to free up some cabinet space? TikToker @simplysalfinds has found the product for you. This hanging spice rack ($15, Amazon), which one reviewer says “works and looks great,” will keep your spices out of the way until you need them.


DIY Hanging Closet Storage With Wire Bins

If you want to make some room in your closet for shoes and accessories, try this DIY hanging closet storage hack from TikToker @themidnightsoaper. By using metal bins ($22, Amazon) and shower curtain rings ($7, Amazon), you can make a hanging rack for your closer or a space to store snacks in your pantry.


Use A Paper Towel Holder For Bracelet And Scrunchie Storage

A paper towel holder ($19, Amazon) can be used for a variety of things in your home. For example, TikToker @marilyn2685 uses a paper tower holder to organize scrunchies, bracelets, and even toilet paper.