The best Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks at Disney include the Mickey pretzel.

Here Are The Best Mickey Mouse-Shaped Snacks At Disney, Ranked

Where do the Mickey pretzels stand?

Courtesy of Rachel Chapman

Disney has really stepped up their Insta-worthy food game recently, but nothing can beat their iconic Mickey-shaped treats. Not only are these ‘Gram-worthy treats so cute, but they are delicious as well. There are so many options, and you might be wondering what are the best Mickey Mouse-shaped snacks at Disney to help you narrow down your picks.

From waffles to ice cream, Disney has a menu full of snacks shaped like their iconic mascot. While it can be hard to take a bite out of one of Mickey’s ears, can you really say you went to Disney without having a Mickey Mouse-shaped snack? It’s a must, and here are the top 10 Mickey Mouse-shaped treats to get, ranked.

Courtesy of Rachel Chapman