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The 75 Best Gifts For Guys Under $35 On Amazon

From werewolf-themed games to indoor gardening kits, this covers nearly any personality type.

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Guys can be hard to shop for, and that means I often scroll through lists to find new, interesting, and fun things to buy for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. But if I’m scrolling through a list to find a gift, I want it to be overflowing with ideas — there’s nothing worse than being unable to find the perfect present (or finding something that’s way too expensive). So, I put together a list with a whopping 75 gifts for dudes that are under $35 on Amazon.

With these 75 ideas, you won’t be disappointed when you make it to the bottom of the page. I mean, there are some seriously genius things on this list, like a unique werewolf-themed game that’s aesthetic for a dinner party but super fun. There’s even an indoor gardening kit with cocktail herbs and fruit or a super sleek tablet holder for the techie in your life.

So don’t waste your time scrolling and scrolling, just get shopping with these 75 great cheap gifts for guys on Amazon.

This Bluetooth Eye Mask That’s So Comfy To Sleep In

This Bluetooth sleep mask lets you listen to white noise through an eye mask instead of setting up your phone every night, and each charge works for nine hours. It has a wireless design and breathable cotton-blend fabric that’s actually comfy to sleep in. It’s even topped off with extra cushioning, so it will block out plenty of light, which is helpful if you want to wear this on a plane.

A Unique Beanie That Has A Rechargeable LED Light In The Front

This beanie comes with a built-in LED flashlight that’s easy to take out and recharge. It’s even free of annoying charging cords because the compact LED light has a handy USB right on the end of it. Plus, this cozy beanie lets you choose from three flashlight brightness settings.

  • Available colors: 13
A Tool Box-Ready Magnetic Wristband To Hold Onto Screws

This velcro wristband is completely toolbox-worthy because it holds onto screws, drill bits, and more. The strong magnetic design has soft and breathable mesh inside, so it’s comfy enough to wear for long DIY projects. Plus, this durable and adjustable wristband is also compact enough for small tool bags.

A Side Sleeper Pillow That Helps Out Your Knees

The quirky shape of this memory foam pillow is actually perfect for between your legs if you sleep on your side. The cushiony, supportive design is supports your knees, and it helps out with lower back pain while stabilizing your muscles and joints. Plus, the machine-washable cover can be washed along with your sheets.

This Genius Sponge That Defogs Your Car Windows In Seconds

No more rolling down the car windows to try and get that annoying fog off the glass. Instead, the guy in your life can reach for this windshield cleaner, which eradicates fog with a simple swipe. It can be used wet or dry, and it’s free of chemicals. This handy yellow tool won’t cause scratches to the windows, either, which is a major bonus.

This Devious Party Game With A Cool Minimalist Look

This card game looks so aesthetic when it’s pulled out at dinner parties, but it’s actually a classic character game that will amp up any gathering. Able to be played with up to 35 people, this game is easy to learn has a ton of different roles to keep it feeling fresh time and time again.

A Travel Cord Organizer That Is Water Resistant

Keep your charging cables and mouse organized as you travel instead of letting them turn into a tangled mess with this clever electronics organizer. Made from a padded water resistant material, this organizer has tons of elastic loops and mesh pockets for cords, a mouse, a portable charger, and HD cards as well as a padded pocket that’s great for a small tablet.

A Rechargeable & Super Comfy Necklace Light

This necklace-style LED neck light is bendable and completely adjustable for the comfiest fit. It also has a super slim design that’s covered in soft silicone, so it’s even comfy to wear for reading in bed. This rechargeable light also has three brightness levels and easily folds up in a travel bag.

A Voice Control Outdoor Outlet That’s So Sleek

With this smart plug, you can add two extra outlets to your outdoor space without a bunch of bulky extension cords. It has a sleek design with a short cord to plug into an outlet, so it won’t stick out too far on your deck or patio. It’s also finished off with outlet covers and voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

This Workout Cards That Are Durable Enough For The Gym

This deck of fitness cards has a large design but a lightweight construction, which makes them easy enough to pack in your gym bag. Each has workout instructions and illustrations to mix up your workout routine. Best of all, each card is moisture-, tear-, and crease-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting messed up at the gym. These fun-to-use cards come in various formats, including barbells, yoga, stretching, medicine ball, and more.

This Universal Socket That’ll De-Clutter A Tool Box

Gift this universal socket to help out the guy who has a seriously cluttered tool bag. The stainless steel design has 54 steel spring pins inside that adjust for a universal fit. Basically, this lightweight and compact tool will clean out any toolbox with one too many sockets.

A Miniature Non-Stick Waffle Maker That’s Super Versatile

This miniature waffle maker is a go-to that’s actually super versatile in the kitchen because it works with hash browns and more. This budget-friendly option also has non-slip feet, so it’s super secure no matter what you’re making. Plus, there’s a simple and helpful indicator light on top of this non-stick cooking gadget.

This Mini Vacuum That Looks Super Nice In The Car

This super sleek handheld vacuum proves that a vacuum can totally be a good gift. It looks way nicer hanging out in the trunk of the car or cleaning closet than those bulky handheld vacuums that we’re all used to. This micro USB rechargeable vacuum even has a little cover and a clip-on extension nozzle.

A Lightweight, Portable Lantern That Can Be Solar Powered

This portable LED lantern has so many handy details. First, it collapses, so you can toss it into your backpack without it taking up much space. Secondly, it’s waterproof, and it floats, so you can use it outside without worry. Finally, it has a USB port, and if you don’t have an outlet nearby, this lantern also has a solar panel on top so you can charge it in the sun.

This Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet That You’ll Use Every Day

This pre-seasoned cast iron skillet is a helpful gift because it’s super versatile in the kitchen — use it to fry, bake, or sauté. It has two built-in pouring spouts on each side to easily pour out hot oil or extra sauce. It heats evenly and works with all types of stove tops, and it has an extra handle, so you can pop it right in the oven.

This Machine-Washable Hammock That’s Portable

This versatile hammock is super easy to clean because the rip-resistant nylon fabric is machine-washable. When you’re traveling, this 24-ounce hammock rolls right up into a tiny drawstring bag to fit in your suitcase, and despite its lightweight material, it can hold up to 500 pounds. Even the included hanging hooks and straps are small enough to carry with you.

A Super Handy Grilling Basket That Comes With Accessories

The grilling basket in this kit makes it so easy to add peppers, pineapple, and other small ingredients to the grill without worrying about them falling through the grates. The stainless steel basket with a heat-resistant handle keeps your food secure while you cook. The rest of this kit has bamboo skewers, a basting brush, and even handy heat-resistant gloves, so you can grill ASAP.

A Versatile Mini Microphone With A Clip-On Design

This mini microphone is small enough to fit right on your collar, so it’s perfect for recording podcasts or vlogging. It also has an extra-long cord that’s compatible with a bunch of phones and tablets. That means you can even use this clip-on and super clear mic for video calls.

A Portable Power Bank That Lasts A Long Time

This portable USB and micro USB power bank is compact enough to keep in a bag, but you’ll rarely have to take it out. It powers up your phone six to eight times before you actually have to pull it out and recharge it. It also has tiny LED lights to help you keep up with how much battery is left.

A Kitchen Torch For Quick & Impressive Cooking Projects

Gift this kitchen torch to the dinner party host who loves an impressive cooking tool. Though larger than other torches, it’s still small enough to tuck in a drawer when it’s not being used to char shishito peppers or finish off a meringue desert. This unique cooking tool also has a plenty of safety feature like an adjustable flame, finger guard, and a wide, sturdy base.

This Unique Moon-Shaped Lamp With A Color-Changing Design

This moon-shaped lamp adds quirky LED mood lighting to any space. It comes with a remote with 16 color options, so it’s easy to create a colorful or a classic white glow with this USB rechargeable light. Plus, this unique lamp also comes with a sturdy wood stand that’ll look chic on any nightstand.

This Dinner Party Game That’s Super Compact

This dinner party game is a classic gift that doesn’t take up too much space. It comes with 135 cards with a bunch of questions to start fun conversations, which makes this great for social situations where you may not know everyone. All of these unique queries are packed away in a super compact case that’s easy to toss in your bag.

A Unique Neck Pillow That’s The Opposite Of Bulky

This unique neck pillow is a way better gift than the classic and way-too-bulky round neck pillow. It still has all of the memory foam support you want, but it has a compact dog bone-shaped design that aligns your neck. This pillow also has headrest straps to keep it in place on your chair or airplane seat without wrapping it around your neck in an uncomfortable way.

A Sleek Lunch Box With Easy Carrying Options

Gift this insulated lunchbox with two different carrying options to make your guy’s work day lunches a little more put together. The compact design looks sleek enough to pair with any work bag, and it’s leakproof to keep laptops and planners safe. It’s also durable enough for daily lunches with break-resistant zippers, an expandable design, interior pockets, and a reinforced handle.

This Microwavable Popcorn Maker With A Compact Design

You won’t add a bunch of clutter to the kitchen if you grab this unique microwavable popcorn maker. It has a collapsible silicone design that easily collapses for storage after you pop up to 15 cups of your movie snack in just two or three minutes. Of course, this bag-free popper is also dishwasher-safe and comes with a lid.

These Compact Ear Muffs That Aren’t Annoying To Wear

These ear muffs are so sleek and comfy that any guy actually won’t mind reaching for them when it’s chilly. The low-profile design has a warm and plush fleece lining inside, but somehow it still doesn’t look bulky. Plus, this sleek style also means these earmuffs are super compact for carrying.

A Cocktail Set With A Bunch Of Whisky Stones

Everything about this whiskey-serving set makes it perfect for displaying on a bar cart. It comes with a bunch of little whisky stones, so they’ll have plenty of these natural granite stones for a dinner party. After cocktails, each of these stones lines up perfectly in the chic wooden tray.

This Silver Ion Gym Towel Set That’s Super Moisture-Wicking

The silver ion treatment on these gym towels makes them extra sweat-wicking, odor resistant, and gift-worthy. This quick-drying set is even made with colorful trim, so you can easily remember which towel you’ve already worked out with. They’re finished off with a loop and a snap to hang them or keep them rolled up in your bag.

A Battery Storage Case With A Handle & Tester

This shockproof storage case quickly declutters all of those annoying packs and zip top bags of loose batteries. Able to store 180 batteries, this case is topped off a carrying handle to easily take it out of the closet to replace batteries. Plus, there are even bonus spots for batteries in the handle, making use of every single little inch. Best of all, it comes with a battery tester, so you can ditch any duds.

A Waterproof & Airtight Bag That’s Super Lightweight

This waterproof dry bag looks like a simple drawstring tote, but it keeps everything inside completely safe from water at the beach, in the rain, or on a hike. This lightweight bag even creates an airtight seal when you roll it closed, so it can even be submerged in water. It’s topped off with an extra-secure clip that doubles as a compact handle.

This Versatile Tripod With An Easy-To-Use Bluetooth Remote

This phone tripod is so adjustable and versatile, it even turns into a selfie stick. The top extends up to 48 inches while the bottom easily changes from a mini tripod into a handle. This lightweight and portable tool also comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote that’s super handy for photos.

This Chic Magnetic Stand To Hold Onto Chargers

This cord organizer looks way nicer than any plastic clip that promises to fix messy cords. It’s a little magnetic stand with a neutral fabric finish that will look nice on any guy’s bedside table or desk. It even comes with a little charger collar that will make their frayed charger look nicer.

A Sleek Organizer For The Side Of Car Seats

Gift this organizer that straps onto the side of a car seat for a super budget-friendly way to fix up their car. It has a secure zipper pocket on the bottom for clutter that won’t fit in the center console. There are also two breathable mesh pockets for things they’ll need to quickly grab, like a water bottle.

An Aesthetically Pleasing Milk Frother That’s Easy To Use

This handheld milk frother is a budget-friendly go-to that looks aesthetic on any countertop, thanks to the stainless steel holder that also means this device doesn’t have to clutter up a drawer. It’s also easy to use with the grippy silicone handle and one simple button on top. You’ll have a flawless foam in just 15 seconds.

This Foldable Toilet Stool That Actually Looks Good

This toilet stool actually looks aesthetic paired with your bathroom decor because of the 100% bamboo finish. It also has a foldable design, so it’s easy to tuck beside the toilet or in a vanity cabinet. Plus, it has an anti-skid bottom and non-slip surface that’s super secure on all types of bathroom tiles.

An Insulated Water Bottle With 3 Different Lid Options

This sleek water bottle comes with three unique lids that are super versatile no matter what your go-to drink is. It comes with a straw lid for water and a sipper for coffee, but there even a screw-on lid if you fill this triple-insulated bottle with crunchy ice. This stainless steel, shatterproof bottle is also leak-free, no matter which lid you choose.

These Handy Car Seat Gap Inserts That Are Barely Noticeable

These neoprene inserts tuck right between car seats, and the sleek black design won’t look out of place. It fits around seat belt buckles to create a barely noticeable barrier that stops your phone, snacks, and keys from falling between the seats. They also come with a super thin light to check between the seats before installing them.

This Back Scrubber With A Chic & Exfoliating Design

This back scrubber looks chic hanging next to any shower curtain with its simple quilted design. This cotton honeycomb pattern makes this back scrubber super exfoliating. The fabric feels like a loofa, but it’s machine-washable. In addition to helping you reach the middle of your back, the small handles are perfect for hanging it up to dry after a shower.

A Chic Wine Stopper That Actually Seals The Bottle

This durable wine stopper has a compact design that still looks sleek on top of a wine bottle. The outside is coated in a shiny metallic finish, and the inside has a stainless steel core that won’t break off in the bottle. Meanwhile, the top has a small lever for a secure, leakproof seal that will keep your wine fresh for up to 10 days.

A Portable Massage Stick That You Can Use All Over Your Body

With free-spinning rollers, this massage stick can offer relief to anywhere on your body, whether you have aching feet, sore shoulders, or a cramp in your leg. It’s 17.5 inches long and has anti-skid grips on the handles, so you can roll without worrying about dropping your massager. It weighs less than a pound, too, so you can just toss this in your gym bag or suitcase.

A Nail Clipping Set With A Bunch Of Handy Grooming Tools

This compact grooming set comes with way more than a simple nail file — in fact, it has 15 pieces. It’s filled with extra tools for skincare, foot care, and a bunch of other unique grooming tools. Of course, you also get classic clippers, cuticle trimmers, and mini scissors. Plus, the case and all of the handy tools have a chic matching black finish with extra grip for precise grooming.

These Flashlight Gloves That Are Completely Water-Resistant

These unique gloves are super handy for DIY projects and mechanics with the built-in flashlights, plus they have a water-resistant design. Each glove has two LED flashlights and a simple button on top that’s easy to reach during a jog. These battery-powered gloves also have an adjustable strap to keep them comfy on hands of various sizes.

These 100% Cotton Sleep Pants With Super Deep Pockets

These comfy sleep pants with a drawstring waistband are great for lounging around the house because they have extra-deep pockets for tissues, your phone, and more. They’re made with a 100% cotton fabric with a jersey knit finish that’s lighter and more breathable than classic plush sweatpants. Plus, the loose-fitting cuff gives them a cooling fit that doesn’t feel constricting.

  • Available colors: 28
  • Available sizes: Small — 6X
A Mini Knife Sharpener That Fits On The Side Of A Counter

This knife sharpener has a miniature design, so it can fit in your kitchen drawers when not in use. Even with the compact size, it still has a two-step knife sharpening process to revive dull knives. The bottom of this durable kitchen tool has an angled shape that fits on the edge of your countertop for easier sharpening and extra support.

This Compact Data Hub Device That Gives You Extra USB Slots

This little data hub turns one USB port into four, expanding your laptop’s capabilities. This budget-friendly hub also has easy-to-use buttons to control which devices are me or off at any given time. These sleek buttons even have blue LEDs that light up when you turn each USB port on.

A Gentle Acupressure Mat & Pillow That Provide Relief

This acupressure set comes with a mat and a matching pillow, so yes, you just have to lay on it. Both the mat and pillow are covered in gentle acupressure points that help reduce tension in your muscles while you relax. This set is also made with a 100% cotton cover and plenty of comfy foam to keep you nice and comfy.

These Moisture-Wicking Liners That Makes Hats Comfier

This pack of 12 moisture-wicking hat liners tuck away inside the front of your go-to hats to make them a bit comfier and prevent sweat from staining them. Each liner has a breathable, moisture-wicking design with plenty of adhesive on the back to stick to hats or helmets, all while extending their life.

These Pen Multi-Tools That Are Perfect For A Desk Drawer

This is a multi-tool he’ll reach for all the time because it’s actually a ballpoint pen. Of course, it also has plenty of bonus tools, like a ruler, stylus, tiny level, screwdriver, and even a super compact bottle opener. With its classic pen shape, it also easily tucks into a bag or hangs out on a desk.

This Gentle Scalp Brush That’s Easy To Use

This scalp massaging brush is easy to work into a grooming routine because it works on wet or dry hair. It’s made with dandruff-reducing silicone bristles, and it’s lightweight enough to carry in a travel toiletry bag. The gentle bristles can help to get out any excess product, all while providing a soothing massage.

This Huge Trivia Game That Easily Tucks In A Drawer

This trivia game might come with 110 cards and over 400 trivia questions, but it also comes in a small case that’s super easy to tuck in a drawer. This compact design is also perfect for a dinner party because it’s easy to hold a trivia card and a cocktail at the same time. The basic but engaging questions will have you and your friends engaged in lively conversation in no time.

These Extra-Long iPhone Chargers With A Sleek, Durable Finish

All three of the phone chargers in this set are covered in a braided nylon cover for the sleekest finish that also gives them tear-resistant durability. Not only do these USB and lightning chargers look super nice, but they’re also 10 feet long, so you can use them anywhere.

The Fogless Mirror That Sticks Right Onto Shower Tiles

This fogless shower mirror is the perfect fit for the guy who likes to multitask. This unique mirror has a stick-on suction cup design, so it’s perfect for shaving in the shower. It has a clear frame that looks super sleek and a handy razor holder, freeing up precious space in the tub.

A Trimmable Dress Belt With A Unique Buckle

This dress belt is easy to trim to the perfect size without leaving behind a frayed or DIY’d finish. Instead, it comes with a unique buckle that’s completely removable and a stylish hole-free design. After you cut this leather belt to fit, the scratch-resistant buckle pops right on top for a sleek finish.

  • Available styles: 42
  • Available sizes: 20-44” — 44-52”
A Rechargeable Hand Warmer That Doubles As A Power Bank

No matter how you hold onto this USB hand warmer, the double-sided heat design is super cozy. The slim oval-shaped design is easy to tuck in jacket pockets, just like classic hand warmers, but this device has some smart features like three different temperature settings and a battery indicator light. Best of all, these anti-scald warmers are rechargeable, and they can even power up your phone.

A Waterproof Fanny Pack That Comes With A Protective Phone Bag

This waterproof fanny pack clips onto your waist just like any other trendy fanny pack, but it actually has a triple water seal and an airtight design, which makes it great for outdoor adventuring. Plus, there’s plenty of extra protection for your phone because it has a waterproof lanyard bag that still lets you see your screen.

A Glasses Case With A Separate Side For Your Contact Supplies

This genius glasses case has a double-sided design to store glasses and contact supplies. If it’s a contacts day, one side is packed with a neatly organized contact case, mini contact solution bottle, and a handy lens tool. Plus, it looks like a classic glasses case with a chic leather finish on the outside and padding to keep your lenses scratch-free.

The Bluetooth Tracker That Can Loop Onto A Keychain

Nothing is more frustrating than misplaced keys, and this Bluetooth tracker has a handy loop that you can attach to your key ring or bag with ease, though it’s also slim enough to tuck into a wallet. If you can’t find your keys, this water-resistant tile will ring if its within 350 feet; if it’s farther than that, the associated app will show you the last known location. This Tile also works in reverse and can make your phone ring — even if it’s on silent mode.

This Magnetic Flashlight Tool That’s Even Helpful In The Car

This miniature flashlight is made with a magnetic design that’s so handy and versatile. It, of course, works for grabbing fallen bolts during DIY projects, but it’s also helpful to keep in the car for grabbing fallen keys. The compact LED light is completely extendable and bendable, so this pickup tool can reach under seats.

These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Are Easy To Wash

These cut-resistant gloves are versatile for slicing vegetables on a mandolin or working on projects around the house. You can actually toss this level-five cut-resistant material right in the washing machine after chopping and prepping dinner. This unique fabric is also light, stretchy, and comfy to wear while cooking, even though it’s four times stronger than leather.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
A Car-Tidying Set With Between-Seat Organizers

This car-tidying set comes with headrest hooks and two unique organizers that slide right in between the front car seats. Each one gives you a bonus cup holder (a plus), and they’re easy to remove and clean out if a drink spills. They also have a large storage slot with a built-in spot for your travel phone charger.

These Memory Foam Slippers That Feel Secure

These memory foam slippers are made with the classic slide-on design, but they also feel super secure. The back has a small raised collar, so your heels won’t slide around. These machine-washable slippers even have built-in massaging beads in the arch support and a water resistant outer shell. This unique slipper is finished off with a non-slip rubber design, which makes these great for everyday, all day wear.

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 5-6 — 9-10
This Easy Beard Straightener With A Bunch Of Grooming Tools

Grab this beard straightener for a super unique grooming gift that’s actually so easy to use. It has a brush design that’s as simple as adjusting the heat settings and then using it just like a brush. It also comes with classic tools like two combs and little scissors.

A Slim Leather Wallet That Blocks RFID Signals

This easy-to-carry wallet might be super slim, but it actually protects all of the eight cards inside. It bocks RDIF signals while the leather finish looks chic enough to pair with any outfit. Of course, it also has an easy-to-access spot for an ID and a pocket for cash, making this a super practical thing to slip into your pocket.

  • Available colors: 29
These Color-Changing LED Lights That Can Sync To Music

This LED light kit is a super versatile gift that can add a color-changing vibe anywhere and everywhere. It comes with 50 feet of Bluetooth-controlled lights to wrap around the back of a TV or line a hallway or under the kitchen cabinet in fun lighting. To amp up the trendiness of this gift, this light strip can even sync to music.

This Classic Hoodie That’s Lined With Plush, Warm Sherpa

Take loungewear to the next level with this pullover hoodie. Though it looks like a classic sweatshirt from the outside, on the inside it’s lined with warm, plush sherpa that makes this an ideal layer for especially chilly days or cozy nights in. This pullover still has all of those classic hoodie features you know and love like a roomy front pocket and an adjustable drawstring at the hood.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • Available styles: 15
These Bluetooth Earbuds With 157,000 Five-Star Reviews

These Bluetooth earbuds have a small design but mighty sound. Despite their budget-friendly price, they have every feature you could ever want, including a wireless charging case, smart touch controls, a powerful bass, and a waterproof build. Lightweight and comfortable, it’s no wonder why these headphones are an Amazon shopper favorite with over 157,000 five-star reviews.

This Sleek Measuring Spoon That You Can Adjust

Save a ton of drawer space and streamline the cooking process with this six-in-one measuring spoon. Able to be adjusted from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon, this handy kitchen gadget can be used for wet and dry ingredients. Made of food grade zinc alloy and plastic, its Champagne-colored finish is also quite sleek.

This Set Of Golf-Themed Pens That Double As A Desk Toy

For the golfer in your life, it’s hard to beat this set of pens. These slim yet sturdy pens with a soft grip come in three colors and three golf club designs, but that’s only the start of what makes this so fun. The carrying case also has tiny golf balls, a green felt, and a tiny flag that allows you to play a little putt-putt whenever work is slow.

A Luxurious Espresso Maker That Fits In Any Kitchen

Espresso makers always feel like a luxurious gift, and this stainless steel espresso maker is a go-to because it doesn’t clutter up the countertop. Instead, it has a stovetop design that pops right in the cabinet after you make two easy cups of espresso with it.

This Mess-Free Grooming Glove That’s Easier Than A Brush

This mess-free grooming glove is covered in massaging bristles that are the perfect swap for the usual de-shedding brush. These easy-to-clean bristles are super gentle, and they’re even helpful for bath time or puppy and kitty massages. Plus, this super calming glove has an adjustable strap to keep it secure during grooming sessions.

This Concentrated Shoe Cleaner With A Scrubbing Brush

This concentrated and long-lasting shoe cleaner works with any of your washable shoes that need some serious love. The kit comes with an easy-to-hold brush to really get the dirt off of canvas, cloth, leather, vinyl, nuback, suede, and more. It’s the best gift for the sneakerhead in your life.

This Fast-Acting Quesadilla Maker With Removable Plates

The guy in your life can have a hot, gooey quesadilla in just about five minutes once you gift them this quesadilla maker. Though the chili pepper handle looks cool and quirky, this gadget has a ton of practical features, namely the non-stick plates that you can remove for easy, efficient cleaning and a drip tray to catch any grease, keeping the kitchen nice and clean.

This Tire Pressure Gauge With A Sleek Finish & A Light

This tire pressure gauge might be a practical tool, but it actually feels super sleek with the digital design. It has an illuminated nozzle to easily see the tire if it’s dark outside, and, of course, there’s a little LED screen. This battery-powered gauge also has a silver finish that looks nice in any center console.

A Hat Rack That Hangs Right Next To Jackets

Solve the weird problem of “where to store baseball hats” with this hanging hat organizer that hooks right onto the rack in a closet like a standard hanger. It has 10 large compartments that can fit hats of any size, and there’s even bonus mesh pockets ont he side to store other essentials, like scarves, totes, and sunglasses,

This Kit To Grow A Bunch Of Hot & Sweet Peppers Indoors

Grab this pepper-growing kit for the guy who loves an indoor gardening moment. It comes with a six different varieties of sweet and hot pepper seeds like frying mix peppers, cayenne, and even a unique chili peach habanero. Of course, this budget-friendly kit is also complete with pots and mess-free peat discs.

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