Best Air Purifiers Under $100

The 4 Best Air Purifiers Under $100

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You can get clean air for less, and Amazon actually has a huge selection of budget-friendly air purifiers. But when looking for a cheaper model, it can be hard to separate the effective from the less effective models. When it comes to finding the best air purifiers under $100, you’ll want to consider the filtering abilities and the intended square footage, as these are the two features that are most likely to decline alongside a lower price tag.

In a scientific review of the effectiveness of various air filters, whole-house filtration often came out on top. That said, a whole-house system could run you into the thousands of dollars, so according to studies, a HEPA filter is the next best thing since it can filter out up to 99.97% of tiny airborne particles. In studies conducted since 2002, a HEPA filter showed decreased bronchial reactivity, reduced asthma symptoms, reduced mold levels, and better sleep quality. Needless to say, all of the options below are HEPA air purifiers — and they all have additional filtration layers that serve other purposes, too.

While the type of filtration is important, the size of your space also matters. You could easily drop $100 on a well-rated air purifier, but if it’s only designed to tackle 150 square feet, it won’t make much of a difference in a large, open-concept home. The options here range from the best air purifiers for small rooms to the best options for large and open spaces, and the intended square footage is listed. Keep in mind, though, that as the square footage goes up, size and price tend to follow.

If you’re on a budget, here are the best air purifiers Amazon has to offer.

1. The Best-Selling HEPA Air Purifier On Amazon

A best-seller in HEPA options, the LEVOIT air purifier has over 35,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. In addition to its HEPA filter (which removes more than 99% of fine dust, spores, and pollen), it also has a pre-filter for fur, hair, and fibers, and an activated carbon filter to help with odors and fumes. Reviewers also love the four timer settings, optional display light, multiple fan speeds, and filter indicator. Even though it’s quiet and small enough to fit on a side table, it still tackles up to 219 square feet. Get it in black or white.

  • Intended square footage: 219 square feet

One reviewer wrote: “Best budget friendly air purifier! This product is amazing! I've had it for 3 days now and I've noticed a tremendous difference in the air quality and the major improvement in my allergies.”

2. The Best Value

The TOPPIN air purifier purifies up to 215 square feet of fur, smoke, odors, allergens, and fine particles using its four filtration layers: true HEPA, nylon-pre filter, activated carbon, and sponge. Choose between three fan levels and three automatic timer settings. It also operates at as low as 21 decibels, so it’s a favorite among reviewers who use it in bedrooms, home offices, and nurseries. Currently, it has over 2,500 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. While the price is $90, you can get $30 off with the click of a button, making this the cheapest option on this list.

  • Intended square footage: 215 square feet

One reviewer wrote: “Immediately saw a difference! Been using this for over a month and we have dogs and layers of dust every other day. We keep the setting on low while we are sleeping and can barely hear it. [...] I would say it’s worth the buck.”

3. An Air Purifier With A UV Light

Yes, it has a built-in HEPA filter to capture tiny airborne particles (including some that may upset your allergies) — but the GermGuardian air purifier also has an optional UV-C light that helps tackle germs and viruses, and a pre-filter and charcoal filter to absorb odors and remove dust. While it can work in spaces up to 743 square feet, it’s most effective in smaller rooms of up to 153 square feet, wherein the purifier will filter the air 4.8 times an hour. Plus, many of of its 40,000-plus reviewers specifically call out how much it has helped with allergies and sinus irritation.

  • Intended square footage: Up to 743 square feet

One reviewer wrote: “I used to really struggle with sneezing, itchy nose and eyes every morning getting ready for work. The morning after I turned this thing on I didn't even have any allergic reactions like i normally do, and I haven't since. This has saved me from loading my body with medicine every single morning and night.”

4. The Best Cheap Air Purifier For Large Spaces

The price currently reads $140, but the Membrane Solutions A3 air purifier also has a $40 coupon you can apply at checkout. Since it’s designed for spaces up to 840 square feet, it is the best budget air purifier for large spaces. In addition to its true HEPA filter, it also uses a pre-filter and an activated carbon layer to remove odors, dander, pollen, dust, and hair. On its sleek touch-button interface, you’ll find loads of comprehensive settings, like an eight-hour sleep timer, a turbo setting, a child lock, and a light switch.

  • Intended square footage: Up to 840 square feet

One reviewer wrote: “This unit works great! Covers a large open floor plan area, my house hasn’t smelled this fresh, ever!

Also Great: This Stylish & Effective Purifier For A Little Over $100

The Blueair brand has several of the highest-ranking spots according to Consumer Reports’ breakdown of the best air purifiers, all due to the ease of use and effectiveness. While most of Blueair’s units cost a few hundred dollars, the Blue Pure 411 (which is rated for spaces up to 190 square feet) isn’t too far above a $100 budget. Using HEPASilent technology, it removes 99.97% of airborne pollen, dust, and viruses as small as 0.1 micron, all while remaining quiet and energy-efficient. It also has a washable fabric pre-filter and an activated carbon layer, and it’s as sleek-looking as it is space-savvy.

  • Intended square footage: 190 square feet

One reviewer wrote: “Love this air purifier! It has great design and I really like the auto feature with color indicator. It is super sensitive to changes in the air, which makes me feel good about how well it works.”

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