You can stay overnight in Bad Bunny's big rig on Airbnb, and get VIP tickets to his show.

Bad Bunny Is Renting Out His Iconic Big Rig On Airbnb For Only $91 A Night

And VIP tickets to his sold-out tour are included.

by Andrea Hannah
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Courtesy Of Airbnb/Eric Rojas

Global superstar Bad Bunny might be best known for his iconic music and eclectic style, but the souped-up 53-foot semi truck he travels in while on tour also commands its own legion of fans. As he prepares to wrap up his lastest tour, the Grammy award-winning musician announced on Thursday, March 24 that he is tacking on one more title to his resume: first-time Airbnb host. Fans, rejoice, because Bad Bunny’s big rig Airbnb stay is available for bookings for three separate nights, and the $91 stay comes with free VIP tickets to his sold-out tour.

ICYMI, the musician has been traveling the world for his El Último Tour Del Mundo 2022 tour, and will wrap up the experience with one final stop in Miami. Following the tour’s end, guests can stay in Bad Bunny’s matte black big rig overnight to immerse themselves in the space the star lived in during this important time in his life. And the best part? A single overnight stay is only $91 per night (a nod to the star’s 9.1 billion streams on Spotify), and VIP tickets to his sold-out Miami show are included.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you also get a photoshoot with the one-of-a-kind big rig and a virtual greeting from Bad Bunny himself just for booking your stay. You’ll also get to take a tour of the chart-topping artist’s favorite spots throughout Miami, all while riding in the back of the big rig.

Courtesy of Airbnb/Eric Rojas

This isn’t any ordinary big rig, either. The inside has been specially designed to reflect Bad Bunny’s style and personality, with inspiration drawn from his native Puerto Rico. Filled to the brim with eye-popping pastels and vibrant florals, this deeply personal space reflects imagery that has inspired some of the artist’s most popular music videos, including Yo Perreo Sola. And some of the most iconic details on the outside, including the custom grill and chrome flames, were designed by West Coast Customs to make this truck truly special.

Luckily, it’s super easy to book Bad Bunny’s big rig on Airbnb. You can stay in the truck on April 6, April 7, or April 8, 2022, depending on your preference. Up to two guests are permitted per stay, and you can only book the truck for a single overnight stay, giving multiple guests the opportunity to experience it. If you’re more than ready to hit the streets of Miami, here’s how you can book your stay in this once-in-a-lifetime listing.

Courtesy of Airbnb/Eric Rojas

How To Book Bad Bunny’s Big Rig On Airbnb

Starting on Tuesday, March 29 at 1 p.m. ET, guests can request to book Bad Bunny’s Big rig at airbnb.com/badbunny on a first come, first serve basis. In other words, you want to make sure you’re on the site as soon as the booking opens so you can grab your date before it books up, just like any other Airbnb listing. Keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for your travel to and from Miami, as well as other travel expenses. In addition, since Bad Bunny’s Big Rig is hosted by Airbnb, you are required to follow Airbnb’s safety practices as well as local, state, and federal rules and guidelines.

Staying in Bad Bunny’s rig for one night would be more than enough reason to shell out $91, but this Airbnb partnership will also include a donation to the Fundación Good Bunny to support young artists in Puerto Rico. That means that by booking a stay in the truck, you’re helping to support up-and-coming artists. It’s just one more reason to tack onto the mile-long list of perks that come with staying at Bad Bunny’s limited-time Airbnb listing.

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