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3 Zodiac Signs May Feel More Vivid, Creative, And Romantic This Week

Best. Week. Ever.

This week could feel full of emotion and fascination, but would you expect anything less from Leo season? This is the season of the lion, and the lion roars with wild intensity whenever the mood strikes. When the sun is in Leo, things feel more vivid, creative, and romantic. This is just one of the reasons why August 9, 2021 will be the best week for these zodiac signs — Aries, Leo, and Virgo — so if your sun or rising sign happens to make the cut, you’ve got something to look forward to.

However, that doesn’t mean this week will be perfect. After all, it begins with romantic Venus opposing disorienting Neptune, which could make it all the more difficult to read the people you’re involved with. Be careful who you decide to pour your heart out to and be even more careful about who you decide to trust, because things may seem far more lovely on the surface.

As Mercury — planet of communication and brain function — opposes expansive and exciting Jupiter on Aug. 10, you may feel thrilled by intellectual discourse and conversations that really get your imagination going. This is a wonderful opportunity to concoct big ideas and lofty plans. As Mercury enters organized and analytical Virgo on Aug. 11, it will be easier to put those ideas into motion and come up with a plan.

Aug. 11 is also when Venus forms a trine with intimate and transformative Pluto, which will drive your relationships to deeper, more emotionally connected places. You may feel uninterested in superficial relationships that aren’t based on true love and more interested in opening your heart.

Here’s what these beautiful zodiac signs can expect:

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Aries: You May Feel Wild With Creativity And Fun Thinking

Tap into your artistic side, Aries. Mind you, being artistic doesn’t necessarily mean pulling out your paintbrushes and creating a masterpiece. It doesn’t necessarily mean writing poems and musing about the meaning of life either. It can also mean concocting fun ideas with your friends and planning opportunities for play. It can be as simple as turning the music up really loud and dancing your heart out. Do what makes you happy, Aries. Don’t shortchange yourself but limiting yourself.

Leo: Your Relationships Are Giving You A Boost Of Inspiration

You may feel a strong desire to connect with someone you love this week, Leo. Socializing with your loved ones and rediscovering the joy of sharing yourself with someone could bring you so much joy. Even if you’re more introverted, setting aside the time to hang out with someone you admire or even just have a phone call with a friend you haven’t spoken to in forever could make all the difference. Don’t underestimate the power of hearing someone’s voice; of remembering how strong your connections truly are.

Virgo: The Romance Is Making Your Heart Beat Faster And Faster

You may feel pulled into a deeper love, Virgo. You may even be falling in love with someone in a way you never have before. The energy surrounding you is straight out of a romantic movie. However, love doesn’t always mean butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes it’s about remembering the love you have for yourself and your ability to create a deeper connection with the world you live in. Whatever happens, make a point of appreciating the present moment. Time is fleeting, but the romance of it all is always available to you.