Young confident woman standing outside on the luckiest day of August 2022.

The Luckiest Day In August Is Perfect For Manifesting

I’m counting down the days.

by Valerie Mesa

On Aug. 18, amid the sun’s journey through celebratory Leo — which has everything to do with rekindling the relationship you have with your inner child and your definition of happiness — Venus will collide with lucky Jupiter in Aries, combining the divine frequencies of both Benefic planets. Make a wish and seize the day, because it’ll be the luckiest for every zodiac sign in August 2022.

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Aries (March 21-April 19)

Despite the effects of Jupiter retrograde, urging you to go inward and reflect, you’re still in for a treat today, Aries. The sun and Venus are dazzling your festive fifth house of love, dance parties, and laughing until your stomach hurts, all the while harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in your sign. Being your most sparkly, authentic, and childlike self is your superpower today.

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