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These 26 Weird But Genius Amazon Kitchen Must-Haves Are Going Viral On TikTok

These game-changing products are $40 or less.

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Curating your dream house really begins in the kitchen. It’s where you cook every meal and even host your friends over for a wine night on Friday. Having a clean and clutter-free space is ideal, but sometimes, you need to take it a step further with some weird but genius Amazon kitchen must-haves that are game-changers.

These Amazon kitchen products going viral on TikTok not only make your space more Insta-worthy, but they can step up your cooking game as well. In fact, becoming the next Emily Mariko on TikTok may be in the cards for you with how much time you’ll be wanting to spend in the kitchen thanks to your new Amazon gadgets and kitchen must-haves.

Something like an herb saver and scissors could even inspire you to start growing your own basil and rosemary for restaurant-quality dishes. Meanwhile, an under cabinet motion sensor light will make your space look more bougie, but for a budget-friendly price. In fact, these 26 Amazon must-haves from TikTok are all under $40, so you can really give your home a makeover without going over your spending limit.

Since TikTok has been your go-to place for organization tips and recipe hacks, you know you can trust your FYP with these viral Amazon kitchen products. All you need to do is find the Amazon kitchen must-have you never knew you needed before, and add it to cart ASAP.

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Butter Crock

Making toast for breakfast will be “smooth like butter,” thanks to this butter crock. Over 2,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon are in love with this dishwasher safe butter crock. One customer even asked, “Where has this item been all my life?” TikToker @kelseyvenkov said this butter crock makes their butter “super soft and spreadable,” so what more could you want?


Gold Measuring Cups

TikToker @kelseyvenkov also recommended gold measuring cups from Amazon as a kitchen product “you won’t regret buying.” While the exact measuring cups in the TikTok video are cute, this 13-piece set has a much higher rating on Amazon with over 2,000 5-star ratings. Many reviewers have also commented on how “sturdy” these cups are, so they’re sure to last.


Herb Saver

Another Amazon kitchen must-have you won’t regret is this herb saver. This is exact one @kelseyvenkov recommends keeps your herbs “fresher [for] longer.” One of the over 1,5000 5-star reviewers mentioned that they also use this herb saver for their veggies as well. Before purchasing, you should also know that some customers found their pod a little hard to open, so watch out for that.


Storage Containers With Drain Trays

Another way to store your fresh veggies is with these stackable storage containers. They come with a drain tray for any excess water after you wash your fruits and veggies. One of the over 1,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon mentioned that these are “perfect for the refrigerator,” and they could help you get one step closer to having a fridge like Kris Jenner’s.


Batter Dispenser

Step up your pancake game with this batter dispenser. According to TikToker @julianna_claire, this Amazon kitchen must-have “holds, pours, and stores” any type of batter you have for cooking. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy clean up and a best seller on Amazon with over 10,0000 5-star review as well.


Bag Sealer

If your go-to snack is a bag of potato chips, you definitely need this bag sealer. Once you’re done snacking, just seal up your bag like it’s brand new, like TikToker @_catben_ demonstrates. With this one product, you can replace all your rubber bands and chip clips, according to one of the over 5,000 5-star reviewers.


Immersion Blender

If you love a good cold foam on top of your coffee, you need an immersion blender. However, this hand blender isn’t just great for Insta-worthy coffee drinks. It comes in handy whether you’re making soups, sauces, or even smoothies. As TikToker @healthylittlepeach says, “I couldn’t live without my immersion blender,” and the over 29,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon agree.


Marble Burner Covers

TikToker @julianna_claire also gives a shoutout to some marble burner covers. While these might not be the exact ones in the TikTok, this set of two burner covers does the same thing. They cover your burners for a more aesthetically pleasing look, while also serving as a cutting board space for your meal prep. One of the over 2,700 5-star reviewers even mentioned how these covers gave them more counter space. For anyone with a small kitchen, more counter space is what you’re always striving for.


Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder that can go over your cabinet door is an Amazon kitchen must-have, according to TikToker @everythingenvy. It’s such a must-have that it’s on their list of Amazon products they use every day. You can not only store your paper towel rolls in one place, but also hide them so your kitchen looks extra clean. One of the over 2,000 5-star reviewers said this holder is “perfect for limited counter” space.


Oven Liner Mats

If you struggle with cleaning out your oven, try getting some oven liners. As TikToker @_catben_ demonstrates, these Teflon mats even work when you drop cheese on them from your pizza. All you need to do is wipe them clean. They’re also an Amazon best seller with over 14,000 5-star ratings.


Jar Opener

The struggle can be real when you’re trying to open a jar by yourself. Especially if you live alone, you need this jar opener. It comes with five different sizes depending on which jar you’re struggling to open. This set with over 13,000 5-stars also comes with a bottle opener.


Strawberry Huller

While you don’t need this stem gem for your strawberries, it will come in handy and make your fruit prep so much easier. One of the over 9,000 5-star reviewers pointed out that it takes up very little space in your kitchen, is dishwasher safe, and they’ve been using theirs for four years. Another reviewer shared that it works on mini peppers as well.


Food Huggers

Another fruit-related Amazon kitchen must-have are these fruit huggers. TikToker @healthylittlepeach admits these covers have saved them from having to use plastic bags for all their partial used produce. While one customer mentioned that the covers can absorb the odors of the produce used before, one of the 4,000 5-star reviewers pointed out these can help you stop wasting food.


Oil Dispenser

Not only is this an olive oil dispenser, but it’s a measuring cup as well. This two-in-one product will really come in handy if you like to bake, and nearly 6,000 5-star reviewers swear by it.


Clip On Pasta Strainer

For the versatility alone, you need this pot strainer. It clips on to just about any pot, bowl, or pan you have at home to instantly become the perfect strainer. TikToker @brianaandersonmartin believes this is a kitchen find that you must have, along with the over 15,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon. One review even said, “This is the best kitchen gadget ever made.”


Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights

For a more lit kitchen, you need these wireless lights for under your cabinet. They work great, according to the over 5,000 5-star reviews, and will give your space a more expensive feel. Even TikToker @cweeens added these to their Amazon kitchen favorites.


Jar Scraper

While this may not be the exact same tool TikToker @julianna_claire uses in their Amazon home hacks video, this spatula works just as well to scrape out anything leftover in your jars. It has over 1,600 5-star ratings with one reviewer mentioning how sturdy they are.


FryAway Cleaner

If clean up is especially hard for you, you may want to get this FryAway cooking oil powder. According to TikToker @julianna_claire, this plant-based powder turns your leftover oil into a solid. This makes it easier for you to clean up, and avoids the mess of what to do with the leftover oil in your pan. One of the over 1,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon even said this is now their “go-to solution” for oil disposal.


Foldable Trivet

According to TikToker @brianaandersonmartin, these trivets will protect your kitchen counters from hot plates and pans. They’ll definitely come in handy when you’re hosting a potluck dinner party. Since they fold up, they’re easy to store in a drawer as well.


Beer Can Glass

TikToker @brianaandersonmartin also loves these beer can glasses for the kitchen. These simple glasses are not only great for your beers or soda, but they make your iced coffees and smoothies extra Insta-worthy. Many of the over 3,000 5-star reviews on Amazon even note how “sturdy” these cups are and how classic they look in just about any kitchen.


Glass Straws

Glass straws are great if you’re looking to be more eco-friendly, and they’re also an Amazon kitchen must-have according to TikToker @sydneymadams__. A glass straw can instantly make your at-home iced coffee more Insta-worthy. One of the nearly 5,000 5-star reviewers on Amazon said that glass straws are a better option than bamboo or stainless steel straws.


Marble Cutting Board

TikToker @sydneymadams__ says this is “the cutest cutting board you’ve ever seen.” A marble cutting board does bring a bit of bougie-ness to your space. It can be used for cutting or as a picture-perfect cheese board for your Bachelor watch parties. When it’s not in use, it can also just be great kitchen decor on your countertops.


Herb Scissors

If you’ve got a lot of fresh herbs at home or like to cook, you definitely need these herb cutters. According to TikToker @everythingenvy, these come in handy when you’re chopping up lettuce and herbs. They even come with a tool to make cleanup easy. One of the over 2,000 5-star reviewers even said these scissors were “fun to use.” However, you do need to be careful as they can rust if not taken care of properly.


Dissolvable Labels

If you keep a lot of fresh produce in your fridge, it’s helpful to know certain dates like a use by date. That’s why these labels are so helpful. You can jot down any notes or when you purchased your fruits and veggies. The best part of all is that these labels are dissolvable in water. According to TikToker @everythingenvy, they use their labels for decanting and each label dissolves in about 30 seconds. Other 5-star reviewers on Amazon use these labels for leftovers and freezer items, so the possibilities are seemingly endless.


Foldable Dish Rack

TikToker @everythingenvy also swears by this foldable dish drying rack from Amazon. You can easily roll it up when you’re not using it and even cut it to fit your sink at home. With nearly 25,000 5-star reviews, you know this is truly an Amazon kitchen must-have. However, some reviewers have noted that the space between the metal bars may be too large for certain items you want to dry.


Corner Drying Rack

If you don’t need a full drying rack, this one for your sink corner is also a kitchen must-have. It rolls up just like the foldable drying rack, and is perfect for just a few cups or fruits and veggies after washing them.