A woman makes a Absolute Registry for Me on Elfster for Galentine's Day.

Create Your Own Galentine's Day Gift Registry With This Absolut Collab

Because single people need gifts, too.

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Thanks to Galentine’s Day, February isn’t just for couples anymore. Now, friends can get together on Feb. 13 to celebrate each other, whether they’re single or taken. That’s just the first step, though. Single people deserve to treat themselves just as much as their paired up besties, and the Absolut Valentine’s Day gift registry is here to make that happen.

Raise your hand if you’ve had to shell out tons of money on wedding registries over the years. Of course, you’re happy to celebrate your friends finding love, but it can get expensive over time buying a present off your friend’s registry as well as attending the wedding in general. With a rise in weddings this year, according to The Knot, you deserve to be celebrated just the same. You may even argue that you should be getting all the gifts since you’re not the one getting to split utilities and rent each month with someone else.

That’s where Absolut comes in with its new concept, The Registry for Me, which allows single people to create their own gift registry just in time for Galentine’s Day. The Absolut Galentine’s Day gift registry was created in collaboration with Elfster. If you’ve planned a gift exchange recently, you may be very familiar with Elfster. The Secret Santa site has made it super easy for friends to plan gift exchanges not just for Christmas but the rest of the year as well — including Valentine’s Day.

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In fact, if you’re currently making Galentine’s Day plans and a gift exchange is what you’re thinking of doing, you may want to use Elfster and Absolut’s Registry for Me to make the whole process a lot easier. The way it works is like a traditional gift registry, where you can create a wish list featuring gifts you’d love to receive. One specialty gift that would perfect for any Galentine’s get-together is the Absolut Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit ($66), which comes with everything you need to make a Carrie Bradshaw-worthy Absolut Cosmopolitan. There’s also everything from yoga pants to must-have makeup.

Even if you’re not planning a Galentine’s gift exchange, you can still create an Absolut Galentine’s Day gift registry to share with your friends. As the single friend of the crew, you definitely deserve something in return for all those plates, dish towels, and rice cookers you’ve bought over the years. Absolut’s Registry for Me is super easy to share with your friends as a wish list they need to see. It even makes it easy for you to buy items for yourself, because it was Parks and Recreation that also taught you to “treat yo’ self.”

If you need some ideas on what to add to your own Registry for Me, Absolut has asked internet personality Serena Kerrigan to create her own registry of top tier gifts. Kerrigan’s wish list includes the Absolut Cosmopolitan Cocktail Kit, some lipstick, an adorable sherpa bucket hat, and Jimmy Choo shoes. Elfster even has a Valentine’s Day-themed gift registry with a manicure set, mini fridge, and under eye masks for even more inspiration for what to put on your list.

Courtesy of Absolut

Instead of date nights, you may prefer a good girls’ night in with cocktails and DIY crafts. If that’s true, check out Absolut’s gift registry wish list, which includes martini glasses, a mixology kit, and a diamond silicone mold to make the fanciest ice cubes for your drinks.

Feeling inspired? If you said yes, to get started, all you need to do is sign into Elfster and click on “create registry” to begin. Add in the gifts you want, and afterwards, feel free to share that list with your friends, followers, and even the bad dates who deserve to compensate you for time wasted. Absolut’s Registry for Me is available now through Feb. 13.