74 Excellent Gifts For Guys Who Are Hard To Shop For

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by Andrea Hannah
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Lots of people know a particularly hard person to buy gifts for: the guy who already has everything. And just when you think you've figured out a totally unique and special gift for them, you show up at their place only to find that exact sweater or speaker taking up space. Don't give up just yet: there's a secret to finding the best gifts for guys, and it's actually pretty genius.

Here's the secret: For a truly unique gift, think in terms of experience instead of item. Chances are your favorite guy isn't going to feel much when unwrapping a bland sweater vest or some generic cologne. But if you find something unique, you just might surprise them: For example, why not gift a silicone scrubber mat that provides a delightful massage during every morning shower?

When it comes down to it, finding a great gift for a guy that's tough to buy for doesn't have to be torture. Here's a round-up of some of the most ingenious gifts out there that are sure to be a hit. And even luckier for you — these gifts aren't just for guys, they're gifts that are perfect for any picky person on your list this year.

The Beeswax Wraps That Keep Food Fresh

These beeswax wraps are the perfect gift for the environmental activist or nature lover in your life. They come in a set of three reusable wraps that are completely eco-friendly — no plastics, toxins, or chemicals involved. Wrap up fruits, veggies, and even leftovers in these to keep them fresh, and they last for over a year before they start to wear down.

A Warm Beanie With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones For Runners

For anyone who spends time outside, this Bluetooth-compatible beanie has built-in headphones that can sync with your device to play music while keeping your ears warm. This set also comes with a phone armband that can hold an iPhone, so it’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves to run or walk, as well.

A Motion Sensor Light That's Perfect For Tight Spaces

Everyone has that one space that needs a bit more light, and these wireless LED lights are the perfect solution. They come in a pack of three, and you can attach them pretty much anywhere with the included adhesive strip or magnets. They work great inside closet, under kitchen cabinets, and in kids' rooms. Once they're in place, flip them on with the touch of a button, and they're rechargeable via USB.

A Lint Roller That's Both Washable And Reusable

This extra-thick roller removes lint and dog hair without all the messy papers, making it a perfect gift for the environmental enthusiast and pet lover in your life. The roller itself features a special glue that pulls up all the hair as it rolls. When finished, just wash this roller with soap and water — and when it dries, it miraculously gets sticky again.

A Miniature Air Fryer That Makes Food Extra-Crispy

This mini air fryer is an excellent gift for someone who cooks a lot of frozen foods or relies on quick meals. Instead of frying food in oils, this air fryer uses a convection method that still produces crispy results for frozen nuggets or egg rolls (or homemade breaded chicken). Plus, it's super simple to use and a major timesaver on fast-paced weeknights.

A Monitor Stand That Helps Organize A Space

For the guy with a desk job, this monitor stand is a total game changer. Just place it on top of a desk and put the laptop or computer monitor on top so that the screen is at eye level. This majorly reduces neck strain and all the aches and pains that come with working at a desk all day. There are even multiple mini shelves to keep organized.

These Insulated Mugs That Come With Lids

This insulated mug will keep coffee or iced drinks the temperature you want for way longer than a traditional cup, and has convenient handles so you can easy cary it around. It also comes with a frosted lid you can put on top if you’re traveling and worried about spills. These BPA-free tumblers are so useful, and make for a great gift regardless of his beverage of choice.

A Bluetooth Speaker That's Waterproof, Too

Give the gift of some shower jams with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It plays up to 24 continuous hours before it needs to be recharged, and it can hook up to any device via Bluetooth. There's even a small hook to hang it from a shower head. While reviewers love this little speaker for long, relaxing showers, others have also used it for camping, hiking, and days at the beach.

A Huge Duffle Bag That Won't Wear Out

At over 24 inches long, this huge duffle bag is a must for any guy on-the-go. It's made from water-resistant nylon that's extremely durable and puncture-proof, so use it for anything from trekking to the gym to taking it on an airplane. It also folds up into a small square that takes up less than a quarter of a suitcase, making it perfect to pack for an additional carry-on for the ride home.

A UV Light That Purifies The Air

This UV light plugs into a socket to naturally purify the air without any overwhelming scents. Here's how it works: the UV light actually eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses — even the flu virus — so it can keep everyone in the house cold-free all year long. It also reduces pet odors that tend to linger in the air.

These Storage Bags That Are Attractive And Durable

We all could use a little more space, and these durable storage bags actually make it more appealing to get and stay organized. They're large enough to hold everything from thick winter blankets to a pile of wool sweaters. They come in a set of three and each bag features a clear panel to actually see what's inside without having to unzip it. Plus, they're a stunning teal color.

A Mini Safe That's Easy To Take Anywhere

This mini safe is the perfect gift for a guy that needs a secure place for stuff. It's small enough to store in a glovebox or carry-on, yet it's large enough to hold other important items, like keys, a wallet, or a smartphone. It comes with its own combination lock that can be set with an individual code, and there's even a secure cable to attach it to a bag or other stable objects.

An Organizer That Keeps The Car Clean(er)

Anybody who drives with passengers would appreciate this backseat car organizer to help contain the mess. It hangs on the back of the driver or passenger seat, and features a clear sleeve to securely hold a tablet. It also has multiple smaller pockets to store items like pens and other devices, and there's even a fold-out tray for cups and video game controllers.

The Produce Bags That Are Good For The Planet

These mesh produce bags make excellent stocking stuffers for your nature-loving bestie. They come in a pack of three reusable bags that can hold tons of fresh fruits and veggies without tearing. They're also reusable to reduce single-use plastic consumption by thousands of produce bags per year, making this gift great for your guy and great for the planet.

The Eye Cream That Makes Anyone Look Well-Rested

Don't count this eye cream out — tons of reviewers swear it's a total miracle-worker. It's formulated with advanced peptides and amino acids that soothe inflamed skin and reduce dark circles. It also glides on over fragile skin more like a gel than a cream so it doesn't sit on top or feel too heavy. Plus, almost all the ingredients are organic, and this cream is completely cruelty-free.

A Water Bottle That Sets Reminders To Drink Up

Who doesn't need a water bottle to remind them to drink more water everyday? This 32-ounce bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and features a sealed, leak-proof lid, making this the perfect water bottle to throw in his bag on-the-go. The best part, though, is the timer marks on the side. Each notch notes where the water level should be by that time of day — an easy way to boost hydration.

A Deodorant Cream That Smells Like Citrus

Not only does this deodorant cream smell like heaven, it's completely organic and toxin-free. The base is made from silky coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax. It's also infused with magnesium hydroxide and grapefruit and lemon essential oils that are naturally antimicrobial. And even though it's all-natural, this deodorant is super powerful — one application lasts for 24 hours.

A Beard Shaping Tool For A Perfect Cut

This shaping tool is a unique gift that's great for your favorite beaded guy. Use it two ways: to trim or comb. It works as a trimming guide by lining up with a natural beard to create a smooth edge for trimmers. It also has both a vertical and horizontal comb embedded into the tool for grooming and trimming at the same time.

A Magnetic Bar That Holds Kitchen Knives

Give the gift of sleek and stylish kitchen organization with this magnetic knife holder. It has an extended surface, making it both longer and thicker than most magnetic holders, so it can be used for extra utensils like whisks and kitchen scissors. It's also made from neodymium magnets, which are super-strong and can hang onto even the heaviest knives.

A Fragrance-Free Oil That Keeps Beards Soft

For the guy in your life with extra facial hair to tame, this luxe beard oil is a total dream. It's unscented and made from only two ingredients: jojoba oil and argan oils. It's also completely organic and free of all additives, parabens, and GMOs. Plus, it only takes a few drops per day to fully condition facial hair and leave it feeling ridiculously soft.

A Tray That Makes Fancy Ice Balls

This ice tray makes beautiful spherical balls that look stunning in any glass. The tray makes four balls that are over 2 inches wide, and because of their shape and density, they melt a lot slower than traditional ice cubes. On top of that, the bottom tray is made from flexible silicone so it's easy to gently push on the domes and pop out the ice spheres without cracking them.

A Slicer That Makes A Hearty Salad In A Snap

This veggie slicer is a great gift to help the home cook all year long. It comes with five interchangeable blades that can literally slice, dice, chop, and julienne vegetables. There's even a spiralizer option for homemade zoodles. It comes with a container for easy storage, too.

A Digital Thermometer For Easy, Clear Temperature Reads

Your favorite chef (novice or expert) will love this easy-to-use digital meat thermometer. The probe can withstand temps up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cord is long enough for the small digital panel to sit comfortably on a countertop while meat cooks. It also features pre-programmed settings for each type of meat, and it has an alert when its reached the perfect temperature to prevent overcooking.

A Water Pitcher With Extra-Long Filtration Life

Replace an old pitcher with this high-powered water pitcher. For one, the filter features high-grade carbon — which is more effective at ridding water from chemicals — and also lasts five times longer than standard filters. This pitcher is also made from shatterproof plastic, so it's more durable than a lot of other options, and you both can feel confident knowing it'll be around for a long time.

A Wine Opener That Pops A Cork With Air Pressure

Pop a bottle and celebrate with this air pressure wine opener. Here's how it works: situate the opener over the mouth of the bottle, gently insert the needle all the way down into the cork, and pump a few times. Pressure builds in the bottle to push the cork out without any twisting or turning. It even comes with a bonus foil cutter to complete the set.

A Food Container That Warms Up Lunch

This mini crock pot doubles as a lunch container and a warmer. The ceramic food container portion can hold hearty soups, stews, and leftovers, and it has a thick carrying handle for easy travel between work and home. Set it on the included base and let it slowly warm up a meal until its ready to eat.

A French Press That Also Makes Tea

This gorgeous French press looks amazing on any counter space. But the best part? It makes morning coffee super fast: Just add coarsely ground coffee, hot water, then get to plunging. Coffee is done and ready to drink in minutes. Plus, this French press is eco-friendly — you'll never have to pitch another paper filter again.

An Extra-Large Hammock That's Easy To Set Up

Your adventure-loving guy will adore this lightweight hammock. For one, it's perfect for snuggling: it can hold two adults or up to 500 pounds. And when it's not occupied, it's made from extremely durable and water-resistant nylon that can be folded up into a portable pocket. The best part, though, is the easy-to-install clips at each end. Snap each carabiner onto a sturdy surface, or use the included straps to wrap around his favorite pair of (sturdy) trees.

A Popper That Makes Movie Theater Popcorn In Two Minutes

This hot air popper makes it so much more fun to stay in for movie night than to trek to a crowded theater. This popper can make up to 18 cups of popcorn in under two minutes, and it's way better that the stuff you get at the theater. And because there's no oil required, it's super simple to clean, too — just wipe down the chute to get it ready for the next batch.

A Hiking Backpack That's Super Affordable

This foldable backpack makes a top-notch gift for just about anyone. It's lightweight and foldable, and it even comes with its own attached pouch that you can stuff it in when you're not using it. It's also big enough to use for anything from a day hike to a carry-on, and it has tons of internal and external pockets to hold everything you need.

A Spot Treatment That Banishes Blemishes Overnight

We all get pimples sometimes, and this amazing spot treatment takes care of them in just a few hours. Each tiny dot has a layer of hydrocolloid, which is a natural antibacterial gel that pulls pus, dirt, and debris out of skin. The patches are also super-thin and clear so they're basically invisible, and some reviewers even wear them out during the day so they can treat a pimple while they're out and about.

A Mask That Revives Damaged Hair

This hair mask is a lifesaver for dry or damaged hair. It's made from ultra-hydrating argan oil that's full of essential nutrients, and it promises to restore shine and elasticity after only one use. Reviewers swear by this stuff, writing that it makes their hair feel like silk, especially during the drier, chillier winter months that can wreak havoc on everyone's hair.

The Gel Toe Separators That Relieve Foot Pain

These gel toe separators make the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved one that's dealing with foot pain. They work by gently pulling apart his toes and giving his ligaments a deep stretch. They also work to guide his feet into proper alignment. Wear them for 15 minutes at a time to give feet some much-needed pampering at the end of a long day.

An Adorable Device That Makes Flawless S'mores

We all know a chocolate lover that absolutely needs this genius microwave s'more maker. To use, just fill up the little chocolate bar-shaped reservoir with water, place two fully made s'mores on the platform, and pop the whole thing in the microwave for 30 seconds. The chocolate and marshmallow heat at the same time, and the graham crackers stay perfectly crisp.

A Cleansing Brush That Provides A Deep, Refreshing Clean

Any guy would be more than happy to open up this powerful cleansing brush. It comes with five massage intensities for every part of your body. It also pulses 8,000 times a minute to gently remove oil and residue, with a waterproof design that you can even use in the shower.

These Packing Cubes That’ll Bring Organization To Any Suitcase

Give your guy a little extra organization in his suitcase with this pack of packing cubes. It comes with four different-sized cubes that are deep enough to hold clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous items with ease. They even have a mesh-top panel so you can easily see what’s in your cubes without having to open them all.

A Power Bank That Charges Multiple Devices

There's nothing worse that dead devices when you need them, but luckily, this power bank always saves the day. Unlike other external chargers, this one is powerful enough to charge a device several times before it needs to be recharged itself. It also has two slots for USB cords to power up multiple devices at the same time, making it even more convenient — as if that's possible.

A Scrubber Mat That Turns His Shower Into A Spa

If you know a guy who's always on their feet, this scrubber mat is a gift that'll definitely be well-received. It features hundreds of silicone bristles that massage the bottoms of feet with ease. Add a few drops of his favorite soap or massage oil to the mat for a deep clean or a luxe foot massage after a long day.

The Reusable Lint Brushes That Keep Clothes Spotless

This three-pack of reusable lint brushes is a game-changer for anyone with furry friends at home. Reviewers swear by these brushes to remove lint and pet hair from their clothes, with many insisting they're way better than traditional sticky tape rollers. These brushes are double-sided, too, so they can also be used on sofas or rugs.

The Facial Sponges Made With Konjac Root

Your guy can use these facial sponges without a drop of soap — and they'll still save skin from pesky blemishes. They're infused with konjac, a plant that's known for its healing and antimicrobial properties, along with other all-natural acne cures like charcoal, green tea, and turmeric. To use, just apply a little water and gently rub over the face.

A Shower Mirror That Never Fogs Up

Not only is this shower mirror shatterproof, but it also won't fog up, even in the steamiest of showers. The key is in the attachable water basin: When filled with hot water, it prevents steam so the mirror won't become cloudy. It even has a small shelf to hold a soap or razor.

A Gel Mask That Can Be Used Hot Or Cold

For a guy that needs some extra TLC, this gel eye mask is a must. It's filled with soothing gel beads that give it a little extra weight, which helps to alleviate headaches and sinus pressure. Plus, it can be used hot or cold — pop it in the microwave or freezer for a few seconds before placing it over his eyes. Then, its finally time get to relaxing.

The Wireless Earbuds That Have A Huge Following

These wireless earbuds pack a big punch in a small box. For one, they easily sync with any phone and have up to 35 hours of battery life in them before they need a recharge. And they even take phone calls because they feature a tiny, high-powered microphone. On top of all that, thousands of reviewers swear these are just as good or better than huge name brands.

A Massager With Infrared Heat Therapy

Help your favorite guy alleviate aches and pains with this heated massager that works on both the feet and the back. To use for foot pain, slip feet into the heated muff and sit back for a truly luxe massage. If it's the back that aches, unzip the muff and lie down. It features eight different massaging modes and multiple pressure levels to choose from.

The House Slippers That Also Clean Your Floor

Make it even easier to clean with these microfiber slippers that stretch right over his shoes. The microfiber attracts dust, pet hair, and other debris, and the super-fine fibers cling to it all until removed. They come in a pack of four and they're machine-washable.

A Popular Electric Flosser

This electric flosser makes it so easy to floss — it's actually attached to a small water basin that shoots water straight between teeth to get out food and debris. It's a great way to improve dental hygiene and gum health, plus reviewers love that it's less painful than waxy floss.

A Fabric Freshener That Also Smooths Out His Clothes

This fabric freshener spray may not seem like a super exciting gift at first glance, but that's only because you probably haven't tried it yet. Not only does this spray freshen clothes and reduce odors, but it also removes static and releases wrinkles — without an iron. Plus, it comes in a pack of two so you can spread the fabric freshener love around.

An Outrageous Card Game For Horrible People

If you and your friends can't help but laugh at horrible jokes, this card game is made for your group. You play by choosing a placing a prompt card in the center of the table. Then, each player places a card from their pile that finishes or adds to the prompt — most of them outrageously inappropriate (and hilarious). Over 34,000 people rave about this game, making it a sure hit at your own game night.

A Foaming Cleaner For Sneakers

This foam cleaner is a great gift for guys who really, really love their sneakers. It works on all types of athletic shoes, including shoes made from highly-stainable fabrics like canvas. It also features a silicone brush head that lifts dirt from all parts of the shoe, and the foam cleansing agent works on both the upper and sole for an all-over clean.

An Electric Toothbrush That Applies The Perfect Pressure

Lots of people would appreciate an electric toothbrush — especially one that has a sensor that alerts when you're applying too much pressure. It even has a timer to let you know when you've brushed the dentist-recommended two minutes.

The Silky Sunscreen That Won't Clog His Pores

This mineral-based sunscreen is a excellent skincare essential for anyone, but it's especially great for guys who are prone to acne. The zinc oxide formula is silky, lightweight, and won't clog pores up — even while sweating. Plus, it's SPF 45.

A Phone Stand That Makes Watching Videos Easy

This cell phone stand is a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk. It's the perfect size for most smartphones, and it even rotates at various angles. Reviewers also love this little stand to prop up their phone while they're taking conference calls, and they especially love the anti-slip grip on the base to keep it firmly in place.

An Organizer That Keeps His Trunk In Order

You know your guy friend that has loose soccer balls and snacks rolling around in the car needs this collapsible trunk organizer ASAP. It's 22 inches long and 15 inches wide, and it features three huge inner compartments that can hold anything from groceries to luggage to a cooler. There are also tons of pockets on the outer shell, and it even comes with straps to secure it in place inside the trunk.

A Portable Chair That's Great For Games

Now your guy can say goodbye to a sore seat with this brilliant portable chair. It looks just like a regular chair —padded back and seat cushions and all. But instead of legs, this chair features a metal hook. This hook keeps the chair from budging when attached to the bleachers for incredible comfort. And when the game's over, this chair folds up in a snap and is easy to carry out of the stadium.

A Hot Sauce Kit That Comes With A Secret Ingredient

Now your spice-loving guy can create their own concoctions with this hot sauce-making kit. It comes with seven glass bottles, recipe cards, and custom labels. It even comes with a bonus gift box — and if you're feeling really adventurous, they can even experiment with this kit's secret ingredient: a ridiculously spicy ghost pepper.

A Super Slim Wallet That Prevents Identity Theft

At less than a 1/2-inch thick, this slim wallet fits into any back pocket. It has room for three to five cards and an ID, and the front pocket effectively blocks RFID signals — and prevents electronic identity theft. And since it's so discreet, this wallet makes a perfect gift for a guy who's an avid traveler, or anyone who's about to go on an international trip.

A Classic Digital Sports Watch

This affordable sports watch is perfect for the guy in your life who loves to run. It has a stopwatch feature to time splits while training, and there's also an alarm clock and calendar mode, too. Plus, this watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so it can go right in the lap pool, too.

A Grooming Set That's Actually Useful

This grooming kit has everything you need: It comes with 16 stainless steel tools to trim and buff the nails, clip unwanted nose hair, and tame eyebrows and facial hair. They all come in a sleek leather case to keep organized. This kit is also really lightweight and compact, too.

The Kick Mats That Protect Car Seats

These kick mat organizers make backseat kicking (if you drive kids around, you know) just a bit more bearable. At least these organizers protect the full length of his seat, and there's even a foot-height designated spot for kids to kick away while this ultra sturdy plastic mat takes the brunt of it. And if their legs ever get tired, his kids can reach into one of the pockets for a toy or tablet to keep them occupied.

The Facial Oil That Soothes Irritated Skin

This facial oil smells lightly of roses and feels like flower petals on dry, irritated skin — in fact, one reviewer wrote this oil "saved" his skin. That's because rosehip oil is chock-full of antioxidants and fatty acids needed to heal and soothe inflamed skin, too.

A Foam Roller That Massages The Feet

This foam roller is made just for foot pain, making it the perfect gift for anyone who spends long days on their feet. It's just wide enough for a foot, and it features dozens of small but firm foam nodes along the roller. Stand and use it on the feet, to roll over arches, or lie down to roll it over the calves and ankles for instant relief.

This Amazing Grill Set

If your favorite guy loves to grill, definitely snag this kit: It comes with high-quality silicone gloves that withstand intense heat, meat claws that shred protein with ease, and a digital meal thermometer for a perfect cook every time.

A Bundle Of Bitters That Spices Up Cocktails

For your whiskey-lover, this bundle of bitters is the ultimate gift. All four have been lovingly barrel-aged and carefully crafted so they pull out the natural flavors in bourbon or whiskey. The bundle comes with aromatic, spiced cherry, orange, and chocolate bitters so there are some very interesting options.

A Travel Mug That Keeps Drink Hot For Hours

This small but mighty rambler mug makes the perfect travel companion for everything from long office commutes to early morning hikes. It holds about two cups of coffee and keeps it piping hot for hours, no matter how cold it is outside. That's due to the double-insulated, vacuum-sealed walls that make this the top-of-the-line travel mug you'll need to gift.

A Spice Set That's Perfect For Grilling

He can spice up his next BBQ (literally) with this set of grilling spices. The set comes with five organic, gourmet spices that amp up the flavor of burgers and chicken with truly unique blends. There's a spicy habanero blend, fresh bay, citrus pepper, smoky southwest, and a signature "grill master" blend.

A Mug Warmer Set That Staves Off Stale Coffee

This mug and hot plate set is the gift your coffee lover never realized they needed — until now. The warming plate features an LED control panel that lets you program the temperature down to the degree, and the stainless steel surface is spill-proof and super easy to clean. The mug is constructed from food-grade stainless steel and it's made to withstand heat.

A Socket Grip Adaptor That Attaches To His Drill

For a guy that loves to tackle home improvement projects, this socket grip attachment will be a much-welcomed gift. Instead of pulling at nails, screws and hooks to remove them, this grip attachment utilizes the power of an electric drill to do the work— no elbow grease required. It works with all sized screws, nails, bolts, and hooks, even ones that have been damaged.

The Smart Plugs That Shut Off The Lights

These smart plugs shut off lamps and electronics via voice command. Just plug them in, hook them up to a WiFi network, and start using them with Alexa, Google Home, or other similar devices. And since there are four of them, you can use them all over the house.

A Magnetic Wristband That Keeps Nails Close By

This magnetic wristband is the kind of gift that'll make every handy guy's life so much easier. It's made from durable polyester that won't tear or puncture, and it's embedded with strong magnets so you can keep everything close by without fear of dropping them.

A Roll Out Dish Drying Rack That Is So Easy To Use

This dish drying rack is so genius, it rolls out over top your sync and drains into your sink’s basin. It’s a completely drip free way to dry dishes or wash veggies. And, since the entire thing rolls up, it can be stored in nearly any drawer or cabinet in between uses.

A Covered Trash Can That Fits In His Car

This miniature trash can is the gift most of us need. Instead of the weekly car clean out, this trash can attaches to your guy's center console for ease of use. It also comes with a covered lid to keep it tidy, and there are even several pockets on the outside to hold keys, wallet, pens, or other important items.

A Windshield Mount That Keeps The Phone In Sight

If your guy is constantly reaching for a phone to switch up the music or look at a map, this windshield mount will definitely help out. It easily attaches to a dashboard or windshield with the patented, one-touch suction lock, and it disengages just as easily and quickly. The cradle holds all smartphone sizes and models, and the angle is completely adjustable.

A Set Of Socks That Look Like Sushi Rolls

Gift your guy these unique sushi socks before you take them out for his favorite tuna roll. Each gift box comes with three pairs of textured, high-quality crew socks. The socks are folded to look like different types of sushi, and the best part? It's a surprise which type of "sushi" shows up in your sock box, making it fun for both of you.

An Indoor Herb Garden That Can Grow Year-Round

Herbs can be tricky to grow, but this herb starter kit makes it super simple to get started with an indoor garden. It comes with literally everything needed, including five pots, potting soil discs, wooden plant markers, organic seeds, and a 10-page growing guide. With a little love and attention, pots will be filled to the brim with fresh basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme.

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