61 Gifts For Men Under $50

Shopping for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world — after all, there are things like root canals, automated insurance tellers, and trying to dig your phone out when it slips into that aggravating space between the driver’s seat and the console. However, finding gifts for men is definitely not an easy task.

Now, that is not to say that every guy on your list is hard to shop for, but for those who are, it can be frustrating to even know where to start. A lot of the go-to gifts are either boring (think: socks, sweaters, ties) or they're incredibly expensive (I'm looking at you, guy who asked for a drone).

Well, there is good news. There are actually some gifts in existence that those hard-to-shop for men in your life might in fact enjoy, and they won’t even leave you broke for the next two months. We’ve done all of the research and made a list of these cool, useful gift ideas. Whether you're shopping for your brother, your dad, your best friend, your partner, or just some random guy in your office, check these ideas out — we promise there's something here he will love. (Plus, because these gifts serve a number of purposes — and simplify so many of life's problems — these gifts would also work for the women in your life, too.)

Lifestyle — 61 Gifts For Men Under $50

1. A Handheld Device That Makes Espresso Without Electricity

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, $41, Amazon

Espresso aficionados will love, this amazingly lightweight handheld espresso maker. It uses a semi-automatic piston to precisely control how much coffee is extracted, delivering a perfect shot of espresso customized to his taste. The hand-operated machine will work even if the grid is down, so he'll never have to worry that electricity being out will interfere with his beloved morning java. The compact MiniPresso features extra-strong extraction pressure and doesn't require compressed air or N2O cartridges to work.


2. A Pillow That Gives Him Massages

Zyllion Pillow Massager, $40, Amazon

This deep-kneading pillow massager employs four rotating nodes that deliver an ultra-relaxing shiatsu massage around his upper and lower back, abdomen, calf, and thighs. With a slender, 3.5-inch design, the compact device works on knots and tension, automatically changing directions every few minutes. The textured leatherette pillow is super soft and comes with an advanced heating function to soothe sore muscles. Adjustable handle straps, along with a safety function that shuts it off after 20 minutes, make the massager both versatile and convenient.


3. A Grooming Kit With Everything He Needs

Remington Body Groomer, $20, Amazon

This self-sharpening body groomer set with high-end surgical steel blades comes with eight attachments including a full-sized trimmer, a foil shaver, a nose and ear trimmer, a vertical body hair trimmer, a hair clipper comb, and three beard and stubble combs. All of the attachments are sink-washable and can be stored on the stylish charging stand. The kit can be used to clean up his neck and jawline, hone his sideburns, comb his beard, or remove unwanted body hair. The beard trimmer features three length settings — 3-, 6-, and 9-millimeter — and the haircut comb ranges in length from 2- to 16-millimeters. Additionally, the durable lithium battery provides 70 minutes of cordless runtime.


4. A Charging Station To Keep His Cords From Tangling

G.U.S. Dock & Organizer, $40, Amazon

This simple, elegantly designed device charging dock is made with 100 percent eco-friendly bamboo. The patented design stores a myriad of electronic devices including laptops, tablets, e-readers, and smartphones, charging them all in one convenient place. In addition to preventing lost chargers, it also mitigates tangled cables and doubles as a professional organizing dock. The G.U.S. charging station comes in his choice of bamboo finish, white gloss, high gloss cherry, or walnut veneer colors.


5. A Nutrient-Rich Facial Cleanser With Willow Bark

Rugged and Dapper Men's Facial Cleanser, $25, Amazon

This plant-based men's facial cleanser uses natural exfoliants to lift dead skin cells from his face, getting the skin razor-ready for a shave. The two-in-one rinse is chock-full of fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients including aloe vera, vitamin C, willow bark, and burdock root that work together to both clean and exfoliate, invigorating the skin and revitalizing his complexion. The cleanser is effective for all skin types including sensitive, oily, dry, acne-prone, and combination complexions.


6. A Sophisticated Stainless Steel Knife Set

Rada Stainless Steel Knife Set, $43, Amazon

Whether he's a professional chef or a home cook, he'll love this fine cutlery stainless steel knife set that features seven razor-sharp specialty knives. It including a cheese knife, granny paring knife, heavy-duty paring knife, steak knife, utility knife, stubby butcher knife, and a serrated slicer. The made-in-America set is manufactured in Waverly, Iowa, and, although hand washing is recommended, all of the black stainless steel resin handles can be put in the dishwasher after a big meal. Best of all, they come in a good-looking gift box so you don't even need to wrap them up.


7. A Magical Tray That Defrosts Meat Without Electricity

Canary Defrosting Tray, $26, Amazon

Coated with HDF, an alloy used in aerospace engineering, this amazingly simple yet high-tech defrosting tray takes advantage of thermal conductivity to defrost food several times faster than other comparable materials. That means you can pull meat out of the freezer and have it ready to cook quickly without using batteries or electricity, making it more eco-friendly than the microwave or other electric defrosting devices.


8. A Warm Hat With Wireless Headphones Inside

Topple Beanie With Headphones, $35, Amazon

This cozy headphone-beanie hybrid is essentially a warm hat with a slim Bluetooth ear speaker that slides inside. The cozy double-knitted beanie is an acrylic-cotton combo and the dynamic Bluetooth headphones offer ultra-crisp HD sound with CVC noise cancellation. The pairing is fast, flawless, and has stutter-free streaming up to 33 feet. A rechargeable lithium battery plays eight hours of continuous music before recharging quickly with an included micro USB cable. The control panel on the left earpiece allows him to answer calls, adjust volume, and skip songs while the built-in microphone allows hands-free calling. It's the perfect setup for jogging, running, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


9. A Neoprene Belt To Hold Water While He Runs

Fiber Road Hydration Running Belt, $17, Amazon

This super durable neoprene hydration running belt has two 6-ounce BPA-free water bottles with ergonomic, easy-access squeeze-tops and a handy pouch available to stash his phone, keys, or a little bit of cash. Made for running, walking, hiking, or other outdoor activities, the comfy belt adjusts from 27 to 43 inches, depending on his waist size, ensuring a snug, comfy fit that won't bounce around while he moves. The moisture-wicking belt is strong and durable yet also lightweight. As a bonus, it has two reflectors so he can safely exercise outside at night.


10. A TV Antenna To Save On Cable Costs

1byone HDTV Antenna, $25, Amazon

Boasting an amplifier that helps users reach a 50-mile-range, this paper-thin indoor HDTV antenna offers stellar, top-of-the-line reception, allowing you to tap into digital over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts without paying a penny for cable or satellite fees. The antenna can be painted to match his home without interfering with the reception. The sleek, unassuming antenna comes with a detachable signal booster, USB power supply, and 10-foot coaxial cable


11. A Five-Star Fitness Tracker Everyone Likes

Homogo Fitness Tracker, $24, Amazon

This high-tech, multi-feature fitness tracker is overflowing with health and nutrition functions — a pedometer, distance tracker, sleep monitor, calorie counter, text reminder functions, incoming call ID, camera remote control, find your phone, and more. It has a sturdy, durable band, a bright, 0.86-inch display screen, and a long-lasting, USB-rechargeable battery. One enthusiastic Amazon user gave the device five stars, saying: "Love that this tracks my sleep. Something a normal fitness watch doesn't do! It monitors sleep, counts steps, (of course) tells time, and tracks workouts! The watch Part plugs straight into the USB. which is different. But convenient, since you don't have to remember a cord!"


12. A Flexible Tripod That Will Bend In Any Direction

JOBY Gorilla Flexible Tripod, $42, Amazon

Unlike so many static tripods on the market, the GorillaPod uses rubberized foot grips and wrappable legs to grab a hold of virtually any surface. This sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight tripod is designed for professional grade SLR cameras weighing up to 6.6 pounds. Coming in a bundle with the tripod and ball-head, along with a standard mount and 3/8-inch adapter, the stand features two dozen leg joints, and is capable of 360-degree panning. With medical-grade ABS plastic, stainless steel, and German TPE materials, the tripod will last for years.


13. A Wicked Fast And Accurate Meat Thermometer

GDEALER Meat Thermometer, $14, Amazon

This lightning-fast, hyper-accurate digital meat thermometer can get a meat readout within four to six seconds and is correct within 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The 11-centimeter, stainless probe is full of fancy functions such as a battery-saving auto shut-off, a Fahrenheit to Celsius switch, a detailed temperature chart, and a spacious LCD screen. The compact, easy-to-store thermometer can read temperatures ranging from -58℉ to 572℉ and is perfect for gas barbecues, turkey fryers, deep fryers, and craft ventures like brewing beer, wine-making, or cheese-making.


14. A Handsome Laptop Bag That Offers Serious Protection

Tomtoc 13 Laptop Bag, $29-32, Amazon

This soft yet sturdy Tomtoc 13 laptop bag is padded inside and out with to keep devices safe and secure. On the outside, fully reinforced edges and corners protect against damage from being dropped or banged around while the inside is covered with a ridge of soft, thick lining to prevent zipper scratching or other dents and dings. The adjustable, detachable shoulder strap features cushion-y material and a synthetic leather handle. On top of the main compartment, the bag has two sealed accessory pockets for items like phone and computer chargers, adapters, cables, wallets, pens, and more. The bag comes in four sizes ranging from 11.6 to 15.6 inches, as well as light gray, burgundy, and black colorways.


15. A Game Where Pictionary Meets Cards Against Humanity

Drawing Without Dignity Game, $25, Amazon

Uncensored and rather unsavory, this adult party game is perfect for a guy who loves to be raunchy and doesn't get offended easily. In the same spirit as Cards Against Humanity, the game is essentially a dirty version of Pictionary where players draw "naughty" clues from its deck of 670 NSFW cards. With four categories cards and twelve "cockblock" cards, the game is self-described as using "over-the-line words and phrases that you and the rest of humanity will wish you never typed into your search engine." It also claims to be "more than most deplorably bad people can handle."


16. A Device That Makes Instant Breakfast Sandwiches

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker, $24, Amazon

This convenient, super fast breakfast sandwich maker produces delicious morning meals in five minutes. Simply add eggs, cheese, meat, and some veggies, close the hatch, and boom — he's got the most important meal of the day before he can even finish brewing his coffee. The awesome, compact kitchen appliance is dishwasher safe, features an audible timer, and comes with a book of scrumptious, easy-to-make recipes.


17. An Ultra-Bright Light For Night Excursions

Lone Wolf LED Safety Light, $18, Amazon

With 150 lumens of light, this waterproof, battery-free LED light will blast a trail of illumination in your path whether it's clipped to your clothes, backpack, armband, helmet, tent, or dog leash. You can select your choice of constant or flashing light and its sturdy magnetic closure guarantees it's securely attached. The gadget is a total game-changer for visibility during nighttime activities.


18. A Sleep-Foam Pillow That Keeps Him Cool At Night

CR Memory Foam Pillow, $26, Amazon

Give the gift of a good night's sleep with this soothing, contoured memory foam pillow. It's engineered with top-grade ventilated air cell technology and gel memory foam to increase airflow for guys who tend to get hot while sleeping. The ice fabric-polyester materials feel soft and cool while also aiding respiratory function and enhancing breathing. Not only are the fabrics refreshing to touch but also feature antimicrobial and allergen-resistant properties. The comfy, contoured pillow with dual side covers is all but guaranteed to reduce stiffness and sore muscles while promoting a good night's sleep.


19. A Set Of High-End Culinary Sauces With Some Kick

Bushwick Spice Trio, $40, Amazon

This mouthwatering tangy trio of Bushwick Spices is probably the best gift you can give a guy who's a spice lover. The savory sampling of this handcrafted hot sauce line includes the Bees Knees Spicy Honey, Trees Knees Spicy Maple, and Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha. Every reviewer on Amazon gave this set five stars with one proclaiming: "This was a gift for my husband's b'day. He loved it. The one that surprised him was the spicy honey. He usually doesn't care for honey. He really liked this one with crispy chicken and pancakes."


20. Fitness Bands With Tons Of Cool Accessories

Fitness Insanity Resistance Band Set, $25, Amazon

This color-coded resistance band set features five bands made of high-quality latex and is an incredible deal for how many extras you get. Unlike many fitness band sets that are essentially just five basic bands, this set comes with four guided exercise e-books and three accessories, including cushioned handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor so you can truly isolate muscles and achieve a head-to-toe workout. The combination of band options allows you up to 150 pounds of resistance and each 1.2-meter band is marked with weight indicators.


21. Gold-Plated Ice Cubes That Chill His Whiskey

Osleek Gold Edition Whiskey Stones, $46, Amazon

This sexy eight-piece set of gold whiskey stones features cubes made from titanium gold-plated stainless steel that comes wrapped in a posh velvet bag and wooden gift box. With a formula designed specifically for whiskey, bourbon and wine, he can use them in lieu of ice cubes to ensure his drinks stay cold without water melting and diluting his drink. The odor-free, taste-free cubes will keep his liquor smooth at an even, consistent temperature, allowing him to enjoy a glass of bourbon at slow sipping pace.


22. A Camping Lantern That's Also A Phone Charger

SIMKAY Camping Lantern, $30, Amazon

Not only does this solar camping lantern offer illumination outdoors for up to 10 continuous hours, it can also charge your phone or tablet. It features 40 mega-bright LED light bulbs and a hefty 4000mAhe battery charge so it quickly charges, either by solar panel or 110V outlet. He can hike with the compact lightweight device on his backpack to charge in the sun and then use it all evening for added campfire glow.


23. A Baking Stone That Makes Perfect Pizzas

Old Stone Pizza Stone, $30, Amazon

When it comes to making pizzas with crunchy, chewy cursts, this clay baking stone is the holy grail. It's specially designed heat core distributes heat evenly and delivers meticulously perfect, restaurant-quality pizza that is warm in the middle and free of soggy centers. It measures in at 14.5- by 16.5-inches and also works on non-pizza items like breads or even turkey.


24. A Strong Mini Blender With A Handy Travel Cup

Aicok Personal Blender, $21, Amazon

Small but powerful, this amazingly compact, 300-watt personal mini blender boasts super forceful blades that will crush fruits and vegetables quickly. The sturdy, BPA-free travel cup features sealed blades and pops off of the single-serve mixer at the base. The temperature-resistant bottle is stronger than many similar cups on the market, not to mention spill-proof, shatterproof, and dishwasher safe. The bullet-style blender is ideal for morning smoothies or protein shakes, as well as on-the-go blended beverages for traveling or camping.


25. A Spiral Notebook He Can Upload To The Cloud

Rocketbook Everlast Eco Notebook, $28, Amazon

This is not your average notebook; this reusable, polyester composite smart notebook features 36 pages that integrate with Pilot FriXion pens, allowing him to take notes or draw, upload them to the cloud, and wipe the pages clean with a damp cloth. His documents can be synced with Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and other platforms, as well as the company's user-friendly Rocketbook app. Multiple Amazon reviewers raved about this product, with one person saying: "This product amazed me and exceeded my expectations. It works exceptionally and as described. ... Each scan takes less than a second, and you can combine multiple pages into one scan and upload them as one document. This is brilliant and I am so glad I purchased this product."


26. A Cutting Board That Bends To His Will

Hashi Cutting Board, $19 (Set of 3), Amazon

Unlike most cutting boards, this scratch-resistant cutting board can actually be sanitized completely by running it through a microwave. The rubber-like surface is flexible and can be bent to funnel food into a bowl or frying pan. The material won't get knife marks on it like plastic and wooden boards do, so less bacteria can build up. This makes the board stays cleaner and look better, too. Coolest of all, it has little "juice grooves" that keep liquids from meats, fruit, or other items on the board and free of running all over the place.


27. A Massage Tool That Helps Relieve Muscle Spasms

Body Back Buddy, $30, Amazon

Thousands of users are raving about this unique trigger point massage tool. Unlike the majority of back canes which have rounded shafts which make it slippery and hard to grip, this lightweight, 1.25-pound tool has flattened sides so it's easier to dig in to pressure points without it sliding. The handheld design is based on the I-Beam with rectangular cross sections that are three times stronger than similar tools. With 11 strategically placed therapy knobs and a thorough 12-page guidebook, this is the ultimate self-treatment tool for practicing Trigger Therapy, Myofascial Release (MRF), deep tissue massage, and other ways of releasing muscles spasms.


28. A Cool Desktop Toy That Helps Relieve Stress

Cuby Desk Toy, $10, Amazon

Desktop toys like this, stainless steel magnetic desk toy, are fantastic for boosting creativity, brainstorming, relieving stress, and simply having something to play with at work when he's feeling fidgety. Featuring 160 balls of varying sizes, this desk toy will not only be great for fidgeting at work, but looks like a sleek, abstract sculpture when not in use.


29. Natural Clay Humidifiers You Don't Have To Plug In

Collections Natural Stone Humidifiers, $8, Amazon

These earthy, moisture-producing stone humidifiers showcase ebony-colored ceramic bowls with porous white clay balls that slowly evaporate when you fill the bowl with water. This seeps soothing moisture into the room's atmosphere and gets rid of dry air without having to plug anything in or use electricity. Perfect for small rooms or offices.


30. Flip Flops That Massage His Feet While He Walks

GEXKO Massage Flip Flops, $18, Amazon

These magical, nodule-filled massage flip flops are so amazing you probably want to get a pair for yourself, too. Based on reflexology methods that target points on the feet that correspond to different organs, the idea is that he can stimulate reflexes throughout the day while simultaneously keeping his feet relaxed.


31. A Vertical Laptop Stand That Frees Up Desk Space

UPPERCASE KRADL MacBook Stand, $30, Amazon

This handy Macbook laptop stand, engineered from sturdy aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, is a chic way to clear up space on his work desk while also keeping his computer safe from spills and other flat surface threats. Customized to fit both 13- and 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pros, it is also sand-blasted and hard-anodized to match the machine's finish, leaving the whole unit looking sleek and well put-together. It's fitted with a rubber silicone foot pad underneath to offer grip and make sure his desk doesn't get scratched up. Lastly, the gadget is up to 60 percent smaller than similar vertical-style stands so it won't take up a bunch of room on the table.


32. A Mini Container That Keeps Salt Fresh

Chef'nDash Salt Cellar, $20, Amazon

The salt bae in your life will love this compact, minimalist-style salt cellar that features a quick-slide cover that allows easy access to salt or other spices. The spacious, spoon-sized opening means he'll never have to deal with clogged-up salt shakers again and the seal will keep it fresh and free of kitchen contaminants. With a solid plastic base that won't slide around and a sleek stainless steel cover, he can go crazy on the baked potatoes.


33. The Most Iconic Pen Of The Twentieth Century

Fisher Space Pen, $23, Amazon

Having been exhibited in New York's Museum of Modern Art, and even the "star" of a 1998 episode of Seinfeld ("TAKE THE PEN!"), the Fisher Space Pen is so much more than just a common writing utensil, in fact, it's arguably the most iconic pen in the 20th Century. This stylish fisher pen features a high-performance ink cartridge that's hermetically sealed and pressurized with nitrogen gas, leaving a pen that can write in widely varying temperatures ranging from 30 below up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also capable of writing at any angle, upside down, or in zero gravity. The high-performance writing utensil, built from a brass-steel combo, has a tough tungsten carbide ballpoint that's made from the same type of heavy-duty metal used to make armor-piercing ammunition. In conclusion: one badass pen.


34. Sneaker Laces He Doesn't Have To Tie

Lock Laces, $15, Amazon

These supremely simple yet downright genius locking laces let him tie up his gym sneakers with one easy tug. The affordable little gadgets instantly convert any pair of tennis shoes into a quick, slip-on sneaker, giving him convenience as well as a stretchy, ultra-custom fit. The patented, one-size technology is water-resistant with easy installation and handy, adjustable lace tension.


35. A Unique Massaging Kit Inspired By Ancient Chinese Medicine

Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tools, $26, Amazon

For aches, pains, and general soreness, these gua sha (a traditional Chinese healing technique) boards are here to help. Each one is a different shape and size — for different parts of the body — and you scrape them against the skin to relieve tight muscles, soothe headaches, and activate trigger points. Made of traditional buffalo horn and super easy to keep clean, they can also help detoxify skin, ease dizziness, and regenerate blood cells.


36. A Gel-Filled Mat To Put On Top Of His Pillow

Mindful Design Cooling Pillow Mat, $7, Amazon

This pillow cooling pad is a thin external mat he can put on top of his regular pillow to keep from overheating while he sleeps at night. Made from a refrigerator-safe, non-toxic, medical grade cooling gel, he can pop it in the fridge for even more relief from the heat. The soft and cushy mat helps reduce headaches and produces higher quality REM sleep.


37. A Circular Knife That Makes Chopping Faster

YMY Rolling Knife, $12, Amazon

This clever, ergonomically designed rolling knife is overflowing with reasons to use it instead of a regular, straight-edge knife, the biggest of which is that you don't have to use as much force. This makes things faster, safer, and far less likely to produce tired wrists. With grade-A Japanese stainless steel and durable ABS housing, the wheel-style knife grips well in his hand and won't slip while chopping veggies. The cool kitchen utensil lets him cut meat, vegetables, fruits, pizza, pastries, and other items quickly and efficiently, making dinner prep fly by. For easy cleaning, just open the housing and rinse under the faucet.


38. A Sweet Pair Of Sunglasses With Bamboo Frames

Ynport Bamboo Sunglasses, $23, Amazon

These hand-crafted, polarized wooden sunglasses feature carbonized bamboo frames with a chic wood grain aesthetic. The high-end materials are exceptionally strong while still offering flexibility. Lens-wise, the glasses deliver top-of-the-line visual clarity with UV400 protection and a scratch-resistant coating. The stainless steel "flex" hinges are capable of hyper-extending to reduce the risk of snapping, as well as offer him a comfier fit. Each set comes with a bamboo case, cloth pouch, and a soft, microfiber cloth.


39. A Cooling Towel To Keep Him From Getting Too Hot

Mission Enduracool Towel, $11, Amazon

This 13- by 37-inch mystical, hyper-evaporation cooling towel boasts Mission's proprietary Enduracool technology which cools up to 30 degrees below the average person's body temperature. Simply soak it with water, wring it out, and snap it in the air for maximum chilling impact. The chemical-free, machine-washable fabric is reusable and offers UPF 50 sun protection too, meaning he can keep it on his face outside when basking in the sun as well. It's lightweight, breathable, and comes in five color options.


40. A Fragrant "Mandle" With A Rustic Aesthetic

Old Factory Scented Candles, $29 (Set of 3), Amazon

This set of three rustic, rich-smelling candles come in a variety of fragrant aromas that really capture the senses. Available in leather, straight razor, and mahogany, these candles are made with natural soy wax. They deliver an aromatic, rugged feel to any room or office space. As a bonus, each ample-sized candle can burn for up to 30 hours at a time.


41. A Handy Multi-Tool Just For Grilling

Amethya Grilling Multi-tool, $18, Amazon

This amazingly cool and convenient multi-tool for grilling features six premium stainless steel barbecue accessories including a grill spatula, meat fork, knife, silicone basting brush, corkscrew wine opener, and bottle opener. The lightweight device is versatile and handy — even capable of splitting into two separate tools so he can use the fork and spatula together in opposing hands. The pocket knife-style tool comes in a portable carry case and is perfect for a grill-savvy dude to bring camping, tailgating, picnicking, and traveling.


42. A Genius T-Shirt Folder To Help With Laundry

Box Legend T-Shirt Folder, $20, Amazon

This unique little device is a T-shirt folder that makes folding infinitely easier, faster, and more precise. The simple contraption is made from sturdy, durable material and is accompanied by a diagram that carefully explains how to fold virtually any garment in about three seconds. He can use it to fold T-shirts, trousers, shorts, pajamas, and other clothes swiftly and more beautifully than he ever could by hand. One Amazon reviewer said: "I love this thing! Why haven't I been using it before now?"


43. A Pair Of Exceptionally Badass Grilling Gloves

Bruella BBQ Gloves, $25, Amazon

Constructed out of the same safety fabric that firefighters and military personnel wear, these über-sturdy, synthetic Kevlar barbecue gloves are like the mothers of all grill mitts. The hand-wear extends 2.3-inches farther up his arm than standard grill gloves, offering extra protection from heat and burns. The materials, while durable, are nevertheless soft and stretchy with unbelievable flexibility in the fingers — enough to crack a beer even, according to the product page. With textured, silicone spider grips, his hands won't let hot items slip. The gloves work great for campfires and as fireplace tools as well.


44. A Set Of Reusable Caps To Save Beers

KegWorks Beer Savers, $10, Amazon

These genius beer savers, which pop on top of icy beverages to keep them safe and carbonated for later, might just be one of the coolest inventions ever made. The soft silicone caps, which come in sets of six, are food- and dishwasher-safe. They are fully reusable and will fit most standard beer bottles, as well as some specialty brews.


45. A Shampoo Bar Made With Beer To Moisturize

Real Beer Shampoo Bar, $14, Amazon

This leatherwood honey Aussie shampoo bar is made with Tasmanian-brewed beer said to moisturize and condition the scalp without the heaviness found in some traditional ingredients. The personal hygiene item is incredibly convenient, containing two full bottles worth of liquid shampoo in one small, soap-sized bar. Featuring hops beer, Mount Wellington spring water, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, and honey, this men's formula is particularly effective for treating dandruff or scalps with oily, fine, or thinning hair. The sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free blend has a rich ginger-cinnamon scent.


46. A Magnetic Wristband So He'll Never Lose A Screw

Mag-Band Magnetic Wristband, $16, Amazon

With this magnetic wristband, he’ll never lose a screw, nut, or drill bit while you’re working again. It acts as an extra helping hand, holding on to all the little things you might normally place on the ground and never see again. The one-size-fits-all wristband is lightweight and breathable, making it quite comfortable, and it wraps around just tightly enough to not fall off. It could be a serious asset during home improvement, car repair, or even when you’re getting your DIY on.


47. A Mini 3-In-1 Home Gym That's Easy To Store

Odoland 3-In-1 AB Wheel Roller Kit, $17, Amazon

This ab roller set, which includes a push-up bar and jump rope, is ideal for anyone who wants to get in better shape, with the focus aimed at your core. The ab roller can handle up to 800 pounds and has a long handle instead for added stability, with a knee pad to protect your knees while you’re working on your abs. The push-up bar provides consistent support to help you perfect your form, while the jump rope gives you another method to get your heart pumping.


48. A Indoor Grill For Countertop Cooking

Excelvan Indoor Electric Barbecue Grill, $49, Amazon

With this indoor countertop grill, he can prepare meat, fish, vegetables, or whatever else his heart desires without stepping foot outside. If features a non-stick stick drip tray that collects all the drippings to protect your counter. The grill has an adjustable temperature that can be set low enough to keep food warm and high enough to sear a stake.


49. A Wallet Tool That Might Just Save His Life

moda seya 11-in-1 Survival Pocket Tool, $7, Amazon

This survival card features an astonishing array of handy gadgets, yet can fit in a wallet. It’s seemingly endless functions and features include a knife edge, bottle opener, saw blade, a butterfly screw wrench, keychain hole, can opener, and so much more.


50. The Perfect Popcorn Popper

Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper, $16, Amazon

Although anyone who appreciates popcorn would love this microwave popper, it’s a particularly great gift for people who conscious of their oil and fat intake since it pops popcorn sans oil or butter. The food-grade silicone bowl can be collapsed down for easy storage, it’s dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free.


51. A Low-Maintenance Coffee Maker That Works With K Cups

Pamapic Portable Coffee Maker, $35, Amazon

Unlike a lot of portable espresso machines, this low-maintenance model is manually operated and resilient AF. All he needs to do is add hot water and, voila, at the push of a button it brews the perfect cup of espresso, especially on the go. "This is perfect for when I am traveling," wrote one reviewer.


52. A Beard Kit With Instructions For Beginners

Buffalo Beards Beard Shaping Tool Kit, $13, Amazon

Not only does this grooming kit include a beard shaper, a beard comb, and a beard brush, it also comes with a user guide with tips in case he’s new to the art of beard maintenance. The shaper will give you sharp lines around your jawline, neck, and cheeks. This kit is a reliable alternative to paying to get your beard professional touched up.


53. A Flexible Smartphone Stand That Works Anywhere

B-Land Cell Phone Stand, $19, Amazon

Wrap it around your car steering wheel, your bike handles, wear it around your neck, prop it up on the bed, or floor, this multi-functional phone stand can be set-up almost anywhere. The stand is ideal for watching videos or for keeping your phone in safe place when you use its GPS. It can hold up just about any smartphone that’s less than four inches wide, and it’s made of sturdy aluminum magnesium alloy.


54. A Knife Block That Fits In Any Drawer

Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block, $25, Amazon

Sized to fit snugly in any standard kitchen drawer, this knife block holds up to 12 knives and has space for a knife sharpener, too. It’s designed to keep knives safely in place, so even if you slam the drawer a bit too hard, you won’t have to fear a knife coming at you. The block was tested with tons of knife brands, meaning it can securely hold any collection. And since the knife block is made of high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo, it’s extra durable and will serve you for years.


55. A Clever Key Holder That Stores 14 Keys

KeyMate Key Organizer, $17, Amazon

This gadget makes it easy to locate all of your keys while also preventing jingling, bulging pockets, and pants holes. It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum, holds up to 14 keys, and is super easy to assemble. And, since it comes in a nice black box and includes a bonus bottle opener, it actually makes a great gift.


56. A Genius Luggage Storage System

Grand Fusion Housewares Stow-N-Go Portable Luggage System, $25, Amazon

Whether the man on your shopping list is a frequent traveler, college student, or total neat freak, this portable luggage system is guaranteed to please. It expands into a three-tiered hanging organizer with shelves, steel hooks, and a zip compartment for dirty laundry. Not only does it save a ton of space, but it also helps prevents wrinkles and makes it much easier to locate whatever’s packed away inside.


57. A Handheld Massagers Reviewers Are Raving About

MOJI Mini Pro Massager, $30, Amazon

For men who need some serious R&R, consider this mini handheld massager that alleviates aches and pains caused by sore muscles. It features a strap for your hand, so it won’t slip during use, as well as seven top and bottom spheres that target different parts of the body. Reviewers liken its massage technique to that of deep tissue, so you know it must really work.


58. This 3-In-1 Carabiner That Has Endless Uses

Heroclip 3-in-1 Clip Hang Carabiner, $20, Amazon

With endless uses, a carabiner is one of the most practical gifts around. This one combines a clip and folding hook that rotates 360 degrees, and has a rubber tip to ensure it doesn’t slip. It can hang or rest practically anywhere, and it has a rubber tip to ensure it doesn’t slip. Made of heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum, it holds up to a whopping 50 pounds.


59. A Travel Pillow That Offers Superior Support

Kingta Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $21, Amazon

Unlike other travel pillows, this one has raised sides and a sunken back, and offers 360 degrees of head and chin support. It's also machine-washable, coated in soft velour, and molds to the natural contour of your head for extreme comfort. It actually has a perfect five-star rating, and as a little bonus, it comes with a handy carrying case and slot for your phone.


60. A Back Razor For Hard-To-Reach Hairs

BaKblade Back Hair Removal And Body Shaver, $28, Amazon

For men who prefer to groom their backs but are frustrated by how difficult it is, this genius hair remover solves the struggle once and for all. The patented design combines a giant handle and razor to produce an incredibly close — but safe — shave, which you can use wet or dry on any hard-to-reach body part. “Not many things work as well as advertised these days,” says one happy reviewer. “The BaKblade is definitely one of the exceptions.”


61. Funny But Effective Toothpaste Called "The Dirt"

The Dirt All Natural Tooth Powder, $20, Amazon

A natural alternative to toothpaste and mouthwash, The Dirt is an extra-fine tooth powder made of bentonite clay and other paleo-friendly ingredients. It supports the mouth’s re-mineralization process, which whitens and freshens teeth, and has a spicy taste reminiscent of Chai tea. This one comes in a travel-friendly glass jar and is super easy to use, only requiring a toothbrush and water.

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