62 Cheap Products On Amazon That Are Straight Fire

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The impact of small upgrades, especially when it comes to things around the house, can be huge. Whether it's cutting down on prep time in the kitchen or finding ways to keep your cabinets in order, these little changes can make you feel better and more productive by solving everyday problems with almost no effort. It's even better when these solutions are cheap, which is why I've rounded up 62 products on Amazon that are absolute fire — and they all cost $30 or less.

Some of these items will help you get the most out of your outdoor adventures (hello, portable hammock), while others will let you upgrade your existing tech for about the price of a latte. There are genius hacks to help you keep your cabinets clutter-free, maximize your home workout space, and keep your surfaces sparkling clean.

Every item on this list is highly-rated and super useful. Check them out below, and get ready to click "add to cart."

A Countertop Egg Cooker With Thousands Of Fans On Amazon

The Dash egg cooker is beloved by Amazon shoppers, who are obsessed with how quickly it makes perfect eggs, every time. Choose from poached scrambled, soft boiled, hard boiled, and omelet settings, then pop your eggs in the cooker and press a button. It can cook up to six eggs at a time in their shells, and two eggs at a time in the poaching tray.

This Knife Sharpener That Lets You Customize Your Edge

There are few things more irritating than trying to cook with a dull knife, but with this knife sharpener in your kitchen, you'll never have to. It has two different guides (coarse and fine) so you can fine-tune your knife's edge. The base has nonslip feet, and the ergonomic rubber handle is easy to hold.

A Magnetic Screen Door That Closes By Itself

If you have an indoor/outdoor pet, or just hate having to constantly close and open your screen doors, get this magnetic mesh screen door instead. It installs in mere minutes with the included thumbtacks and hook and loop backing, and the magnetic seam in the center means that it opens and closes on its own whenever someone walks through.

A Smart Plug That Lets You Control Appliances From Your Phone

This wildly popular smart plug has over 380,00 five-star ratings on Amazon from shoppers who say that it is an absolute game-changer when it comes to setting up a smart home. It's compatible with Alexa devices and installation is a breeze. Just plug it into any outlet, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and do everything from turning on fans to setting a timer for your crockpot from your smartphone — even if you're not home.

This Silicone Sandwich Bag That Will Help You Ditch Single-Use Plastic

This Stasher silicone bag is great for anyone who is looking to make small but meaningful steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Made from silicone with a press-zip seal, this leakproof bag has a 15-ounce capacity and is safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. If you really want to get fancy, it's also great for sous vide cooking.

A Highly-Rated Drain Protector That Won't Stop Up Your Sink

Some drain protectors cause your sink to fill up with water, but this OXO drain protector actually lets water through. Made from sturdy stainless steel and flexible, durable silicone, it keeps hair, small objects, and food scraps from clogging your pipes, but still allows water to freely flow through. It boasts over 16,000 five-star ratings on Amazon from shoppers who love the quality for the price.

A Can Cooler That's So Much More Effective Than A Standard Coozie

Your coozie should do more than just look good and keep your drink insulated. This stainless steel can cooler actually keeps your drinks 20 times cooler than a neoprene coozie, according to the brand. It's designed specifically for 12-ounce slim cans, so it's great for craft beer, kombucha, energy drinks, and more.

This Adorable Kit That Lets You Grow Your Own Mushrooms

De-mystify mushrooms with this mushroom growing kit, which lets you harvest your own organic oyster mushrooms in just 10 days. It comes with everything you need to get started, so all you have to do is open the box, place it in indirect sunlight, and keep the growing medium moist by misting it daily. Each kit can grow two crops of mushrooms.

A Cutlery Organizer That Will De-Clutter Your Kitchen Drawers

Stop rummaging around in your kitchen drawers and get them in order with this cutlery organizer. Each compartment has a unique slanted design that lets you fit more cutlery in less space, freeing up room for larger cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets. Over 38,000 Amazon shoppers have given this product a five-star rating.

A Flameless Mosquito Repellent That's Perfect For Pools And Patios

Keep mosquitos from ruining your summer with this mosquito repeller, which creates a 15-foot mosquito-free zone by using naturally-occurring plant compounds. It comes with a fuel cartridge and three unscented, heat-activated mats that last for four hours each, meaning you get 12 hours of mosquito-free fun.

This Oscillating Sprinkler That Will Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine

Keep your lawn evenly-watered with this oscillating sprinkler, or just set it up and run through for some old-fashioned summer enjoyment. It has a durable steel base, and can cover areas of up to 3,600 square feet with its 16-nozzle design. It also comes with a cleaning tool in case any of the nozzles become clogged.

This Viral Fidget Toy That Will Keep You Entertained For Hours

If you love popping bubble wrap, you'll be obsessed with this push pop fidget toy that you can reuse over and over again. Made from soft, flexible silicone, it's designed to withstand hours of use, and is perfect for keeping kids entertained, or for adults who want a quick way to relieve some stress.

A Thick Exercise Mat That Folds Up To Save Space

Upgrade your at-home workouts with this exercise mat, which is made from an inch and a half of high-density foam that's super supportive. It's covered in puncture-resistant vinyl that's easy to wipe down, and though when fully extended it measures 6 feet long, it folds down to just 2 feet for compact storage.

A Bamboo Cheese Board That's Perfect For Picnics

This bamboo cheese and charcuterie board has a hidden drawer that holds a set of four cheese knives, which makes it especially good for picnics and entertaining on the go. It features two indented compartments for holding add-ons like crackers, dried fruit, and nuts, and the bottom of the board has two integrated side handles for easy carrying.

This Sleek Can Opener That Requires Absolutely No Hand Strength

Perfect for anyone with hand-mobility issues, or those who don't like wrestling with old-fashioned can openers, this electric can opener works at the touch of a button. It's powered by four AA batteries, which are not included, and opens cans without leaving any sharp or jagged edges. It's available in four colors, so you can find one that goes with the rest of your kitchen gadgets.

A Simple Sun Shade That's Easy To Install In Any Outdoor Space

This sun shade is made from durable polyethylene fabric, which blocks up to 95 percent of UV rays. It comes with steel D-rings and 20 feet of rope for easy installation, and is backed by a 5-year warranty. The shade above measures 6 feet by 10 feet, but it's available in a wide variety of sizes.

A Lightweight, Portable Hammock You Can Toss In A Tote Bag

This camping hammock weighs just over 2 pounds, and is small enough that you can throw it in your tote bag and set it up whenever you want to relax in the great outdoors. It includes a carrying bag, two carabiners, and and two hanging ropes, so all you need are some trees.

A Tiered Organizer That Can Tidy Up Any Small Space

Whether your bathroom cabinet is overflowing with skincare products or your spice rack is in a state of constant chaos, this tiered organizer will help you get things in order. Made from durable plastic, each individual shelf also features nonslip lining, so once you put something on a shelf, it will stay put.

A Set Of Waterproof Pillow Covers To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Soggy cushions are the worst, so keep your outdoor accent pillows dry with these waterproof pillow covers. Made from polyester canvas with zippered closures, they come in 21 colors and six sizes, so there's sure to be a set that's perfect for your patio. They boast an impressive 4.6-star overall rating from over 6,000 Amazon shoppers.

This Cult-Favorite Blender Bottle

The Blender Bottle has a dedicated cult following, with an overall 4.8-star rating from over 49,000 Amazon shoppers. Made from durable plastic with a leak-proof flip-top lid and a stainless steel blending ball, it's perfect for mixing protein smoothies, matcha lattes, and other powdered drinks while you're on the go.

This Inexpensive Showerhead That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

This massage showerhead comes with six different settings that range from a rainfall-like shower to a water-saving mode. It's made from sleek chrome with self-cleaning silicone nozzles, and comes with a 59-inch stainless steel hose, washers, Teflon tape, and an overhead bracket, so you'll have everything you need to get it set up right out of the box.

A USB Hub That Will Keep All Your Tech Charged

Even if you're blessed with a home that has plenty of outlets, it can still be hard to find enough space for USB chargers. This four-port hub solves that problem, since it has four charging ports. The hub itself can also be plugged directly into a USB port, which makes it great for travel.

A Portable Stove So You Can Cook Almost Anywhere

If you have access to an electrical outlet, then you can cook on this single burner portable stove. With 750 watts of power, it heats quickly so you can boil, sear and sauté your favorite foods, whether you're in a tiny dorm, a hotel room, or glamping in an RV. It comes in black, white, and stainless steel, and costs just $12.

This Bluetooth Receiver That Turns Any Car Into A Smart Car

Kiss your aux cable goodbye and get this Bluetooth car adapter, which can wirelessly connect up to two devices with your car's speaker system so you can listen to music, make calls, and more. It connects via a 3.5mm auxiliary adapter, and also works with motorcycle sound systems as well as speakers that aren't already Bluetooth-enabled.

This Handy Tracking Tile That Ensures You'll Never Lose Your Keys Again

Stop rummaging around in your bag or wandering your home trying to remember where you put your keys. Instead, attach this Bluetooth tracking tile to your keyring, pair it with the app on your smartphone, and you'll always know the price location of your valuables. The tile has a 200-foot range, and can be attached to everything from keys and backpacks to wallets and phones.

A Salad Spinner That Will Keep Your Greens Crisp And Grit-Free

Nobody likes a gritty, sandy salad, but it can be challenging to thoroughly wash and dry your greens without them going limp. This salad spinner makes the task easy — just put your washed greens in the basket, pop the lid on, pump the top to spin, and use the push-button brake when it's done. Your salads will be crisp and perfect from now on.

This Riser That Turns Any Workspace Into A Standing Desk

Improve the ergonomics of your workspace with this laptop riser, which helps to position your laptop's screen at the optimal angle to prevent discomfort. It's compatible with laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches in size, and is made from durable aluminum alloy with nonslip rubber on the feet and on the pad where your laptop will sit.

A Motion Sensor Light Bar You Can Mount To Most Surfaces

This LED light bar is motion-activated and installs with double-sided 3M tape, so you can put it almost anywhere in your home. It's ideal for spaces without electrical outlets where you need a little extra light, like closets, bathrooms, and underneath your kitchen cabinets. It also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.

This Set Of Color-Changing Tumblers

These cute plastic tumblers change colors when you add cold liquids or ice cubes, making them perfect for summer parties, beach days, and hanging out by the pool. The set comes with seven cups that include lids and straws, as well as a straw cleaner and a separate cleaning tool for the cups.

A Fun Game That Mixes Up Your Workout Routine

Don't get stuck in a workout rut, get these fun workout dice. One die has six different exercises, and the other has six different time frames or numbers of reps, so you can take the guesswork out of deciding how many crunches to do. Use them by yourself or get some friends involved for a group activity that all fitness lovers will enjoy.

This Genius Pantry Organizer Specifically For Canned Goods

This stackable wire rack is perfect for keeping your canned goods from crowding in the back of your kitchen cabinets. Each rack can to hold up to 36 cans, and you can stack multiple racks on top of one another for even more storage space. It comes in four finishes, including bronze and chrome.

A Set Of Clear Drawers That's Great For Cosmetics Or Accessories

These clear plastic drawers stack on top of one another, so they save space while providing ample storage for everything from skincare and beauty products to small accessories or nail polish. If you don't want to stack them, you can also separate the drawers so you can use them in two different spaces.

A Cute Band That Keeps Your Yoga Mat Rolled Up

If you don't love bulky yoga mat straps, try one of these Gaiam yoga mat bands. Similar in style to an a hair tie, these low-profile elastic bands feature cute wooden beads and a toggle-style closure that's easy to use — and at just $5, it's a solid investment in your yoga practice.

This Laptop Cooler That Keeps Your Computer From Overheating

When your laptop overheats, it's can take a while for it to come back to a normal temperature, which can slow down your workflow. This laptop cooling pad features five built-in fans that help to prevent overheating in the first place, so you never have to stop what you're doing and wait for it to cool.

A Set Of Silicone Baking Mats That Make Any Pan Nonstick

These best-selling silicone baking mats have an overall 4.8-star rating from over 40,000 Amazon shoppers. They fit standard half-sheet baking pans, and are oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only do they ensure that your baked goods won't stick to the pan, they make cleanup easier, too.

This Soft, Foam Mat That Reduces Fatigue

Place this anti-fatigue mat anywhere you tend to stand for long periods of time, whether it's at a standing desk or near your kitchen counter. With a foam core and an ergonomic design, it can help improve your posture and relieve discomfort almost instantly. It comes in ten colors and three sizes.

An Exercise Ball That Won't Roll Around On The Floor

If you like using an exercise ball as a chair, this clever yoga ball chair actually has stability feet on the bottom that prevent it from rolling around. It comes in four different colors, and can be used for workouts as well. It has a 30-inch diameter, and a ribbed, nonslip surface.

This Food Storage Container With An Airtight Seal

Keep your food fresher for longer with this airtight storage container from popular kitchenware brand OXO Good Grips. The 2-liter container has a transparent base and a white lid with a pop-top that you press down to ensure a tight seal, and then press again to release. It's made from BPA-free plastic, and is dishwasher-safe.

A Pack Of VELCRO Fasteners You Can Use In So Many Ways

Yes, you do need 15 feet of VELCRO, because it's incredibly useful in so many places. The hook and loop closure has a self-adhesive back that sticks to almost any smooth surface, and it can be cut down to any size you need — so it's great for keeping your home, office, or classroom super organized.

A Cleaning Kit That Keeps Your Screens Fingerprint-Free

Considering the amount of time people spend on their phones, laptops, and tablets, it's not surprising that those screens tend to get dirty. This screen cleaning kit comes with everything you need to keep your tech looking fresh, including a microfiber cloth, a cleaning brush, and an anti-static, streak-free cleaning spray — all for just $14.

These Resistance Bands That Will Help You Get A Great Workout No Matter Where You Are

There's no need to skip leg day even when you're on vacation with this set of resistance bands. Each of the five bands has a different level of resistance, ranging from 2-4 pounds to 10-12 pounds. Thanks to their double-handled design, these bands are super versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of exercises. A convenient drawstring carrying bag is included.

The Only Grater You'll Ever Need

Once you start using a microplane, you may never go back to a box grater again. Designed for zesting citrus, the sharp blade of this useful kitchen tool is also great for cheese, garlic, nutmeg, ginger, and more. This one costs just $11, and boasts over 14,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

A Self-Adhesive Decorative Mirror

This moon phase mirror has a sticky self-adhesive back, so it takes almost no effort to install and instantly upgrades the aesthetic of any room. It comes with five individual pieces that you can style however you want to make this statement piece your own. The mirror is made from acrylic, and the wood frame comes in three different finishes: black, white, and gold.

An All-Purpose Cleaning Paste That Amazon Shoppers Love

This cult-favorite cleaning paste boasts over 29,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who can't believe how well it removes stains from almost any surface. It's especially great for those stubborn places in your home, like stovetops and bathtubs, where standard cleaning products just won't cut it.

This Pitcher That Makes Perfect Cold Brew Coffee

You'll save so much money when you start making cold brew coffee at home with this iced coffee maker. Simply place your coarsely-ground coffee beans in the included filter, add water to the pitcher, and let it steep in the refrigerator overnight. It's made from borosilicate glass with a nonslip base, and a fine mesh filter that keeps the grounds out of your coffee.

These Wildly Popular Water Shoes

A pair of cute water shoes is essential for summer adventures, and this pair is not only inexpensive, they're also beloved by over 39,500 Amazon shoppers who have given them a five-star rating. They have a sock-like design that's easy to slip on and off, and a treaded rubber outsole that offers traction and stability, even on slippery surfaces.

A Set Of Feel-Good Affirmation Cards

Start and end each day on a positive note with this set of 50 affirmation cards, which make a perfect gift for just about anyone — including yourself. Choose from seven different sets with themes like love, family, and creativity. Each card as a quirky illustration as well as a message of positivity.

The Smartphone Stand You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

Turn your smartphone into a hands-free device with this adjustable phone stand. It has a weighted base for added stability, and the aluminum rod extends up to 8.5 inches in height. It works in both portrait and landscape configurations, and is compatible with most smartphone models. Both the base and the pad where your phone sits are lined with nonslip backing for extra security.

This Color-Changing Backlit Mouse

Whether you're an avid gamer or just want to make your workspace feel a little futuristic, this backlit gaming mouse is a great cheap tech upgrade. It has an ergonomic shape, near-universal compatibility, and plugs in via USB with no need to install a driver. There's also an adjustable DPI switch so you can easily control the speed.

Some Lemon-Scented Gel That Will Actually Get Your Keyboard Clean

Cleaning between the keys of your keyboard doesn't have to feel like an impossible task with this universal dust cleaner. The putty-like gel formula is perfect for keyboards, car vents, and other items with deep grooves. It has a refreshing sweet lemon scent, and nearly 17,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

A Spiralizer That Can Make Noodles Out Of Almost Any Vegetable

This highly-rated spiralizer comes with five blades for making flat noodles, spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccini, and papardelle — out of vegetables. The blades are made from durable steel, and the base of the unit has suction cups that keep it secured on your countertop. The ergonomic handle is easy to use, and reviewers say that even those with mobility issues can turn it without a problem.

A 2-Pack Of Color-Changing Lightbulbs

Set the mood and then change it with the touch of a button once you've installed these LED color-changing lightbulbs. They come in a pack of two, and the remote-control is included. Choose from 16 different colors as well as strobe, fade, flash, and smooth light settings. They install just like regular light bulbs, but can have a much bigger impact on the vibes in your space.

This Sturdy Cast-Aluminum Garlic Press

If you hate mincing garlic, then you need a garlic press. This one is made from lightweight, durable cast aluminum, and has an ergonomic design that's easy to hold and doesn't require too much hand strength to use. It has an oversized hopper that fits large cloves of garlic as well as knobs of ginger, and includes a cleaning tool that helps you remove debris after use.

An Indoor Herb Garden That Includes Everything But The Sun

Even if you aren't great with plants, you can still grow your own herbs with this indoor plant kit. It comes with the growing medium, seed packets, plant markers, and some adorable pots made from sustainable bamboo fibers. There's also a handy instruction booklet, so you'll know exactly how to grow and care for your new herb garden.

These Aerators That Make Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

Bring out the flavors of your favorite wines with this pack of wine aerators, which attach directly to the tops of cork wine bottles with a leak-proof rubber stopper. They're designed to draw in oxygen, enhance taste, and facilitate a smooth pour, so you can impress your friends even with a $10 bottle.

A Pair Of Nonslip Yoga Gloves.

If you have sweaty hands, or just want a little extra stability in your yoga practice, these grippy yoga gloves are the perfect solution. They have a fingerless design that won't inhibit your range of motion, and have nonslip detailing on the palms that will help your hands stay put, no matter how slippery your mat gets.

A Fun Word Game That's Perfect For Groups

Reviewers call Ultimate Catch Phrase a fun twist on the classic game, and it’s designed to test your quick thinking skills. The game unit has a built-in 15-second timer, and if nobody on your team guesses the word in time, you have to toss it to another teammate and start fresh with a new word. The game features 5,000 words and phrases and it’s fun for ages 12 and up.

This Aerobics Platform That's Cheaper Than Taking A Studio Class

Step up your home fitness game with this aerobics platform, which you can use to add intensity to barre, HIIT, and cardio-based workouts. It's made from lightweight materials with a nonslip surface, and comes in four different colors, so you can choose the one that makes you most excited to get moving.

Some Warm White Twinkle Lights That Turn Any Wall Into An Instant Photo Backdrop

Whether you want an easy photoshoot backdrop or are just looking for a whimsical way to light up your space, this twinkle light curtain is a great option. It's highly-rated on Amazon, with an overall 4.7-star rating from over 55,000 shoppers, and comes in both warm white and color-changing options.

A Bowl That You Can Use To Make Popcorn In The Microwave

Amazon shoppers love this silicone popcorn bowl, which has over 6,700 five-star ratings. You can use it to make popcorn in the microwave, then eat it straight out of this reusable bowl. Reviewers love how easy it is to use and clean, and that it works with bulk popcorn kernels.

This Genius Screen Magnifier That Turns Your Smartphone Into A 12-Inch Screen

Perfect for anyone who watches a lot of video content on a smartphone, this screen amplifier turns even a tiny 4-inch smartphone into a 12-inch screen. It's compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, requires no batteries or electrical outlets to use, and has a compact roll-up design that's ideal for travel.

A Mini Donut Maker That You'll Want To Use Every Day

When making fresh donuts at home is this easy, you'll want to use your Dash mini donut maker all the time. Just plug it in, add your batter of choice, and wait a few minutes for them to cook. If you don't feel like going through the hassle of making donuts from scratch, it works great with boxed brownie or cake mixes.

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