51 Cheap Things Amazon Reviewers Say Made Them Look & Feel So Much Better

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, I'm a huge believer in this: The best purchase is a practical one that you can use day in and day out, and it'll actually influence your life in a positive way. Bonus points if it's also affordable and well-reviewed. Fortunately, there are tons of brilliant finds on Amazon that make you look and feel better, and all of them fit that criteria.

I'm not the only one who loves them, though. These cult-favorite beauty products have thousands of five-star ratings and are constantly trending on best-seller charts and user wishlists. People can't get enough of them because they're easy to incorporate into your day-to-day routine, and they work with minimal effort. (If you've ever wished you could apply falsies in seconds, smooth down stubborn flyaways on the go, or literally peel away calluses to reveal soft skin underneath, this list is for you.)

Last but not least, everything here is shockingly affordable. So scroll on to pick up a little luxury and treat yourself or shop for everyone on your list while still not breaking the bank.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

These Under-Eye Masks Made With Real Gold

The most luxurious ingredient in these under-eye masks? Real 24-karat gold, which has anti-inflammatory properties. However, each one also contains hyaluronic acid for moisture, antioxidant-rich grape seed extract oat, and collagen. Reviewers report that they "notice a huge difference!"

Some Stylish Hair Clips That Break Down To Mere Cents Each

For less than $20, you can grab this set of 20 fashionable hair clips for yourself or someone else. Each one has a base of sturdy, snag-resistant metal, but features different acrylic or resin embellishments that look like pearls, gemstones, and shells. Best of all, despite the price, reviewers agree they "look expensive and luxurious."

This Genuine Silk Pillowcase To Pamper Your Hair & Skin

Because it's made from real 19-momme mulberry silk, this pillowcase is hypoallergenic and much gentler on your hair and skin than standard pillowcases. Unlike materials like cotton — which absorb natural oils — this pillowcase evenly distributes them for improved hydration and less friction. Get it in six sizes and 30 different colors.

These Microfiber Towels That Absorb Moisture & Reduce Friction

Experts agree that wrapping your hair in a standard towel can cause breakage and excess friction, but these microfiber hair wraps are not standard towels. Instead, they're made from a super soft microfiber that's optimized for absorbency, so your hair dries faster with less damage. They're also lightweight, easy to secure, and come in your choice of six colors.

A Pack Of Stylish Velvet Scrunchies In Every Color

Two '90s trends that are back in full force: velvet and big scrunchies. Sport both styles simultaneously with this 20-piece set. Each one is a different color to match virtually any outfit, plus the durable rubber band is wrapped in smooth fabric to prevent breakage and snagging.

This Matcha Mask That Transforms Your Lips Overnight

When the average lip balm just isn't cutting it, Once Upon A Tea's matcha lip mask may be able to help. It uses green tea extract, coconut oil, and vitamin E to lock in intense moisture while you sleep so your lips are "smooth, soft, and actually HEALING" by morning, according to one reviewer.

This Simple, Satisfying Way To Peel Away Foot Calluses

The Bea Luz peeling foot mask doesn't require any filing, scraping, or buffing to work. Instead, it comes with booties that are infused with a special serum that penetrates deep into tough calluses. After a few days, the layers start to peel away by themselves, revealing the soft, healthy skin underneath. "My dead skin came off in large thin sheets that were super satisfying to peel," one reviewer wrote.

A Unique Tool That Exfoliates With Ultrasonic Vibrations

"This little gadget is the best thing I have ever purchased for my skin - hands down," one reviewer wrote, while another commented: "I've noticed a huge improvement to my skin." The rechargeable motor on this facial scraper and scrubber creates high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, while the stainless steel spatula is designed to loosen up blackheads and exfoliate flaky skin simultaneously. Silicone covers can be used for cleansing.

These Bath Bombs Made From Incredible Ingredients

Among the great ingredients in these Grace & Stella bath bombs, you'll find moisturizing oils like coconut, cocoa, argan, and olive. You'll also find real essential oils that give each one its soothing, subtle scent. Since they're fizzy and come in a gift box, you can either treat yourself or give them to someone who could use some self-care.

A Cult-Favorite Body Scrub With 12,000+ 5-Star Reviews

There are tons of scrubs on the market that use mineral-rich Himalayan sea salt to remove old, flaky skin. That said, this one also has lychee fruit and sweet almond oil for intense hydration. "Worth every penny," one reviewer raved. "All dead skin gone and left with super soft amazing looking skin!" No wonder it has earned more than 12,000 five-star reviews.

This Facial Steamer That Gets Deep Into Pores

This three-in-one facial steamer creates ionic particles to deep-clean pores, has a built-in warmer for towels, and can humidify both your skin and the room with its extra-fine steam. It also comes with a five-piece stainless steel extraction kit. No wonder it's a best-seller on Amazon.

An Essential Oil Diffuser & Statement Piece In One

This gorgeous unit uses ultrasonic vibrations to release hydration and your favorite essential oils into the air — but you'd be hard-pressed to find another diffuser that's as eye-catching as this one, either. The 3-D glass cover looks like an explosion of rainbow fireworks, while the silver base is sleek and sturdy. It can hold up to 120 milliliters of water in the BPA-free reservoir.

A Great Blow Dryer For A Great Price

In the market for a new hair dryer? At little more over $20, the Conair Pro won't break the bank — but it will speed up drying time and minimize damage with its tourmaline ceramic technology and ion generation. It has three heat settings, two speeds, a cooling button, and comes with a diffuser, but the best news? Thousands and thousands of reviewers think it works so well, "it pays for itself after one use."

This Pumpkin Honey Mask That Aims To Brighten Skin

Even though it has powerful healing and brightening benefits, this Andalou Naturals mask is surprisingly gentle so even those with sensitive skin can use it. Plus, it's hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, and made with certified-organic ingredients. Oh, and it has a honey and pumpkin scent that reviewers say "smells like pumpkin pie."

Some Of The Best Mascara You Can Get For The Price

This essence Lash Princess mascara has been my go-to for a few years now, and for several reasons: For one, the formula offers dramatic volume and emphasized lashes without clumping or flaking. For another, it's gluten- and cruelty-free. And, finally, each tube costs just $5, even though (in my opinion and the opinion of countless other buyers), it works just as well as high-end brands.

This Lip Repair Cream From A Fan-Favorite Brand

O'Keeffe's is one of the best-selling brands on Amazon, known for its Healthy Feet cream and Working Hands repair lotion. The brand's Lip Repair night treatment, however, uses the same moisture-trapping ingredients to heal lips overnight. It's also hypoallergenic and surprisingly non-greasy, according to reviewers.

These Satin Pillowcases In Just About Any Color

Give your bed an upgrade while simultaneously pampering your skin and hair. These pillowcases are made from polyester satin, which is durable, soft, cooling, and machine-washable. They come in four sizes and just about any color, all for under $20. According to past buyers, they're "life-changing" and they keep your hair in place "all night."

This Vitamin C Serum That's Lightweight, But So Nourishing

Eva Naturals' vitamin C serum helps repair damage from UV rays, but it also has additional ingredients to lock in moisture, reduce inflammation, and clear clogged pores. It soaks in well and is gentle enough for daily use, too. "This Serum REALLY works!" one reviewer wrote. "I was amazed by the fast results and I feel way more confident with my face and skin. I even cut back on makeup."

These Brilliant Lashes That Pop On With Magnetic Liner

Apply the magnetic liner, which goes on smoothly and creates a bold, clean line. Then apply the false-lash strip, which adheres quickly and easily to the liner using their built-in magnets. "Love love love!!!! So easy to apply! I had lash extensions for a long time and finally decided to remove them (too costly). Then I tried regular lashes with glue and it was a disaster every time," one customer raved. "Literally takes me 20 seconds to apply and they last!! So easy to take off too and I don’t have to deal with the mess of the glue."

A Remover For Really Stubborn Nail Polishes

If you’re having trouble removing stubborn gel polish, this polish remover is designed to tackle the task with ease. It doesn't require foil or harsh scraping, either, which is why some reviewers have called it "amazing."

This Super Easy Way To Smooth Down Flyaways

The BestLand hair stick consists of a mascara-like wand and a non-greasy formula that's transparent for all hair types and colors. And it makes it so easy to smooth flyaways, neaten up-dos, and tuck down short strands, so you always feel confident.

A Luxurious Way To Overcome Dry, Cracked Hands

If cold or dry weather often leaves your hands cracked, try these hand treatment gloves, which work in 20 minutes. They're infused with nutrients and plant extracts that lock in moisture to promote healing and soften cuticles before a manicure. Each order comes with five individually-wrapped pairs, so they make great stocking stuffers or additions to a DIY self-care basket.

This Set Of Facial Massagers That Are "So Soothing"

"I been using it for 2 weeks already and I can tell the difference on my face. I just love it plus is very easy to use," one reviewer wrote about this set of facial massagers. "Amazing," another customer wrote, "The rollerball is so soothing." Use it with or without serum. Plus, you can use it all around your body for a relaxing spa-like experience.

This White Noise Gadget That Buyers "Can't Sleep Without"

"I cant sleep without this thing now," wrote one reviewer, who's usually asleep within 10 minutes of turning it on. The REACHER white noise machine has 31 soothing sounds to choose from, which block out most disruptive noises in your environment so you can sleep better. It also has a built-in night light with color-changing options and a 100-setting dimmer.

A Cult-Favorite Growth Serum For Lashes & Brows

This Amazon cult-favorite has almost 40,000 reviews for a reason: The botanical-based formula aims to help grow brows or eyelashes that are thicker and fuller — all while remaining hypoallergenic and cruelty-free. It's also super easy to apply thanks to its precision brush.

This Moisturizing Eye Cream That Uses 3 Types Of Caffeine To Treat Dark Circles

Caffeine may reduce redness and puffiness, which is probably why this eye cream is super popular. Green coffee beans, coffee cherry, and green tea work together to brighten, and de-puff your under-eye area, while additional ingredients like rosehip oil, vitamin C, and aloe keep the delicate skin around your eyes looking dewy, hydrated, and fresh.

A Gentler, More Natural Way To Whiten Your Teeth

Unlike alternatives with harsh whitening chemicals, this Active Wow powder aims to whiten teeth without causing sensitivities. It uses coconut charcoal powder to absorb stains — and it does so while also freshening breath and remaining safe for your enamel. Judging by the reviewer-posted before and after pictures, it genuinely makes a difference.

This Rosewater Spray With Tons Of Different Uses

When it comes to my beauty routine, I'm all about versatility. I love when products check multiple boxes at once, and this Mario Badescu rosewater spray does exactly that. It can be used as a toner before makeup, a hydrating spray that won't impact your foundation, or even a hair spray that reduces frizz. Thanks to its floral extracts, it's nourishing and smells incredible.

These Pimple Patches That Shorten Healing Time

Speed up the healing process with these pimple patches from DERMAKR. Even though they're small, waterproof, and comfortable to wear, the hydrocolloid pads soak up blemishes. As a result, the skin stays protected, the inflammation goes down overnight, and the spot can heal much faster.

This Foolproof Hairdryer & Brush Hybrid With Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

This Aima Beauty tool is a blow dryer and a brush in one, so simply by pulling your hair through the rounded bristles, you're drying, styling, and volumizing, all in one simple step. Among its great features, you'll find a 360-degree swiveling cord, ionic technology, and multiple speed and heat settings. It even comes in multiple shades. No wonder thousands of reviewers have given it a five-star rating.

These Memory Foam Slippers That Are So Cozy

Pick up these Jessica Simpson house slippers, and reviewers write that you'll "feel like you’re walking on a cloud." Underneath the soft faux-fur lining, they have a thick memory foam insole — and underneath that, they have an anti-slip sole that's waterproof for light outdoor wear. Get them in your choice of nine colors and patterns.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
A Soothing Lavender Spray Made With Essential Oils

Moisturize dry skin, freshen up any room of the house, or spray it on your pillow, this spray from Gya Labs is made with real lavender essential oil, which is known for its relaxing properties. Plus, it smells "beautiful and gentle" and is "very relaxing," according to reviewers.

This Stylish Bracelet & Practical Diffuser In One

Bring the scent of your favorite essential oils anywhere you go. Plus, the Romanda bracelet looks like a stylish accessory, thanks to its leather band and stainless steel locket. That said, its colorful, interchangeable cotton pads absorb essential oils to release aromatherapy benefits all day long.

This Genius Mineral Sunscreen You Can Wear Over Makeup

Straddling the line between makeup and sunscreen, this translucent powdered SPF from DERMA-E gives you the best of both worlds, absorbing oils for a matte look while providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Because the sunscreen is a powder applied with the included applicator brush, you can apply it on bare skin or over makeup, without smudging or removing other products. And since it has green tea, chamomile extract, and vitamin E, it also smooths and nourishes your skin at the same time.

Some Sleeves That Hydrate Your Heels While You Sleep

Even though they're ventilated for breathability, these heel sleeves still pack a serious punch when it comes to moisture. That's because they're made with gel technology that releases oils and nourishment to soften thick calluses. "These are legitimately one of the best purchases I’ve ever made," one reviewer wrote, while others raved about how stretchy and comfortable they are.

"The Best Thing To Ever Happen" To Reviewers' Hair

"One of the best purchases I’ve made!" one reviewer wrote, and many others agree. In short, these scalp massagers has soft silicone bristles that stimulate circulation in the scalp, remove product build-up while shampooing, and just flat-out feel great on your head. Past buyers say their hair feels cleaner, they're getting new growth, and they're not losing as many strands.

A Hair Mask That Adds Serious Strength

"Made my hair so healthy after just [two] uses," one reviewer wrote. Another noted, "Provides moisture for great looking hair and it actually helps your hair grow." Basically, this Marc Anthony Grow Long hair mask strengthens strands to prevent breakage. It has ginseng, caffeine, and keratin to promote future growth, too.

These Face Towels That Are Make Removing Makeup & Dirt Easier

Towel Bazaar's premium washcloths are designed specifically for your face. For one, they're made from soft, absorbent Turkish cotton that's gentle on your skin. For another, they're black and labeled "makeup" so you don't have to worry about mascara stains or mixing them up with your other towels. Best of all, thanks to this six-piece value, each one comes out to under $4 each. "These black facecloths are great for removing makeup and not staining your white bathroom hand towels," one customer wrote.

This Rechargeable Tool For Curled Lashes

If your lashes won't hold a curl, the JDO lash tool could be the secret you need. It uses four temperature modes and quick-heating, yet burn-preventing panels to thoroughly volumize lashes — and it's USB-rechargeable so you don't have to worry about wires or batteries. "My lashes are so flat," one reviewer wrote, but now they "hold a curl all day until I take off my makeup."

This Cleansing Brush With 4 Interchangeable Heads

Due to its four gentle brush heads, the CLSEVXY brush helps you achieve the deepest, most thorough clean possible while washing your face — and it feels like a massage. It has a soft bristle brush for cleansing, a silicone brush for dry or sensitive skin, a more intense bristle brush for exfoliating, and a massaging head to help you relax. All of the aforementioned pop right on and can be set to either a high or a low speed. The brush is cordless and comes with a travel case so you can take it with you wherever you go.

These Steamers That Are Like Bath Bombs For Your Shower

These best-selling steamers are like bath bombs for your shower. They're made with real essential oils that, when placed under the stream of your shower, start to fizz, dissolve, and release their relaxing scents into the air. They also come in a gorgeous gift box, should you decide to give them away — but good luck parting with them once you smell them.

These Moisturizing Balms That Add A Hint Of Tint

Get moisture and color all in one easy step. These tinted lip balms from Sky Organics come in a pack of four different shades, and they have amazingly hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. "I love this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthy, beautiful and natural way to dress your lips!" one reviewer wrote.

Some Stylish Glasses That Block Out Blue Light

These are not your average glasses. Instead of correcting your vision, they block out harsh blue light — the wavelengths emitted by your screens and devices. As a result, they may help to prevent headaches and eye strain, while also improving sleep. This particular set of two comes in just about every color combination you could imagine.

These Fleece-Lined Leggings That Are Extra Cozy

For serious lounging, you can't go wrong with these leggings from BALEAF which have something others don't: A layer of warm, soft fleece on the inside, so you can wear them all winter long. Reviewers also love that they come in tons of colors, have a no-roll waistband, and have a hidden pocket in the waistband.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large
This Moisturizing Shave Oil Made With Shea Butter

Instead of parabens and other common skin-drying ingredients, this Tree Hut shave oil contains shea butter, which is loaded with nutrients and is super moisturizing. As a result, it provides a slick, irritation-resistant surface. So if you choose to shave, there'll be less discomfort. Plus, reviewers write that it "smells amazing."

These Makeup Blenders Made From Ultra-Soft Microfiber

I'm in love with my JUNO & Co. microfiber makeup blender, which (in my opinion) creates a super-smooth look with my foundation and concealer — much more so than with a brush or traditional blending sponge. The secret is the microfiber texture, which uses less product to create a fuller, more thorough coverage. Get four in this pack.

This Toner Made With Real Apple Cider Vinegar That Works On Skin & Hair

If you're a fan of versatile beauty staples, this WOW spray is one you can't miss. Because it's made from real apple cider vinegar, it does 10 things at once, including hydrating, toning, nourishing, and protecting. In addition to using it on your skin, you can also spray it on your hair to promote growth and reduce damage.

A Dry Brush You Can Use 2 Different Ways

When attached to its long wooden handle, you can easily reach your back, legs, and arms — but if you take the handle off and use the built-in strap, you can achieve optimal control while dry brushing. However you choose to use it, the natural bristles exfoliate away dry skin, promote lymphatic drainage, and encourage better circulation, all of which explain why this dry brush has a 4.6-star rating.

This Exfoliating Glove That Leaves Skin Ultra Soft

With a standout 4.3-star overall rating, customers can't get enough of the gentle but effective exfoliating glove. The glove fits on your right or left hand and can be used once a week for a vigorous scrubbing that removes dry skin to keep the rest of your skin soft, glowing, and exfoliated. “My skin has never felt softer,” reported one happy reviewer.

A Heated Pad That Reviewers "Can't Live Without"

"Can't live without it," one reviewer wrote about this Sunbeam heating pad. In fact, they use it "almost every day for [their] back, neck, and shoulders." It's extra-large, extremely soft, and has an LED controller so you can easily switch between heat settings. It also automatically turns off after two hours to keep you safe and conserve energy.

These Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Toothbrushes

These eco-friendly toothbrushes have bamboo handles and BPA-free nylon bristles, which are infused with real activated charcoal for deep-cleaning. Even though the wood materials are heat-treated for water-resistance, they're still biodegradable so you can do your part for the environment. And unlike some other brands, reviewers attest that the bristles "are nice and soft."

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