46 Random But Genius Things That Are Always A Huge Hit On Amazon

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There are some things we all use Amazon for (read: household essentials we order on repeat), but then there are the deep cuts — those hidden gems you come across every once in a while that you just can't wait to tell your besties about, like these random but genius Amazon finds that are perennially huge hits.

Now, when I say random, I mean a very wide variety of things. For example, I'm including one of my all-time favorites: a steam cleaner for your microwave that gets rid of splatter and stuck-on food without you having to use any elbow grease at all. There's also this ring light that will bring new life to your Zoom calls, a personal blender that makes short work of your morning smoothie, and this UV phone sanitizer that eliminates germs. (If that's not a random assembly of stuff, I don't know what is.)

The one thing that unites all of these items? They're super functional and total reviewer hits. And while they may not be the first things you think of when you log in to Amazon, these random but delightful items are sure to be your new favorites.

This Mini Vacuum That Gets Into All The Cracks And Crevices

Ideal for cleaning everything from computer keyboards to car interiors, this miniature vacuum cleaner is the perfect weapon for dust-busting the crumbs from every nook and cranny that needs it. Cordless and lightweight, the rechargeable vacuum comes with three interchangeable attachments for added functionality: a flat nozzle, round nozzle, and an upholstery brush.

The Scrubber Gloves For Doing The Dishes & Washing Your Dog

Not only do these silicone scrubber gloves work great for getting your dishes clean in a jiffy, but they're also ideal for dog parents who want to give their pup a thorough wash-down after a romp in the park. Outfitted with hundreds of silicone bristles, they're heat-resistant and can be sterilized in the microwave.

These Hollywood-Style Lights For Your Vanity

Great for getting ready in the morning and performing your skin-care routine at night, these LED vanity lights transform any mirror into a camera-ready makeup station in just minutes. They adhere with ultra-strong adhesive and are equipped with a dimmer, so you can adjust the brightness to your liking. Plus, the string can be trimmed, so you can get the perfect size for your mirror.

The Microwave Cleaner That's A Consistent Amazon Favorite

She's definitely a hothead, but you'll be glad that this little Angry Mama microwave cleaner blows her top. Just fill her with vinegar and water, and set her in your microwave for five to seven minutes, and she'll steam clean the inside. Nothing could be faster, and you've gotten one chore off of your list while barely having to lift a finger.

This Stainless Steel Soap That Rubs Away Cooking Odors

Avid cooks know how annoying leftover odors on your hands can be when you've been handling fish, onions, garlic, or other strongly scented foods. This stainless steel soap, though, can remove those unwanted odors — simply rub it as you would a regular bar of soap (either with or without water), and your hands will smell fresh in no time.

A Dish Soap Dispenser That Gets Your Sponge All Sudsy

What could be better than this dish soap dispenser that combines several essential dishwashing steps into one? It has a sponge holder on top, and better yet, when you push down on it, it dispenses soap right into your sponge, so that it's all sudsed up and ready to scrub. The clear dispenser holds 13 ounces, so there's no need to constantly refill.

This Gold-Plated Chain That Keeps Your Glasses Close At Hand

Whether they're sunglasses or reading glasses, you can keep them on you at all times with this 18-karat gold-plated chain. The delicate, vintage-inspired chain features anti-slip buckles that stay put on the arms of your glasses, so they're guaranteed to stay put. Choose from seven different styles.

This Brow Gel That Adds Major Definition

They say the eyebrows are the frame of the face, and this brow gel is a great way to make yours stand out. The tinted gel shapes brows and fills in sparse spots with feathery fibers that look totally natural. Available in five shades, it's smudge-proof and waterproof to give you you long-lasting definition that lasts for up to three days. It's vegan and cruelty-free, too.

These Cooling Pillowcases That Keep You So Comfortable While You Sleep

Hot sleepers, rejoice: These cooling pillowcases will keep you comfortable all night long, and reviewers swear by them, reporting that they're "super soft" and"very cool to the touch." The double-sided pillowcases are made with silky-soft nylon on one side to keep you cool on hot nights, and breathable cotton on the other to keep you comfortable in the colder seasons.

A Facial Vacuum That Gives Your Pores A Thorough Cleaning

Cleanse clogged pores instantly with this tiny vacuum that applies gentle suction to remove blackheads and impurities. Along with six attachments to tackle different skin-care tasks, the rechargeable tool provides three levels of suction that you can customize to your comfort. It features an easy-to-read LED display, that makes the whole thing a breeze to use.

The Exfoliating Masks That Give You Baby Soft Feet

Restore your feet to their original baby soft condition with these foot masks that gradually slough off dead skin. The double-layered booties are soaked in exfoliating ingredients — wear them for an hour, then — over the next two to three weeks — your feet will gradually shed their rough layers to reveal the fresh skin underneath.

This Ring Light That Has Flexible Arms For Maximum Versatility

Perfect the lighting during your next Zoom call with this ring light. It has flexible arms that can be positioned to any configuration, and there are a variety of brightness and warmth settings, so you can get the look you like. A padded clamp attaches the light to the side of a table or to the top of your computer, and the other clamp holds your smartphone for hands-free operation.

These Charcoal Bags That Are Great Natural Deodorizers

Made from linen, these air-freshening bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal that absorbs unwanted odors the without the use of perfumes that simply mask smells. Stuff them inside your gym shoes, hang them inside the cabinet where you keep your trash can, put some in your closet to keep your clothes smelling new — the potential uses are endless.

The Minimalist Wallet That Keeps Your Personal Data Safe

Equipped with RFID- blocking technology to keep digital pickpockets at bay, this pared-down wallet is crafted from premium aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Ultra-durable, it can hold up to 15 cards and has a clip for cash. This is perfect for anyone looking for a wallet that takes up less space.

The Pocket-Sized Atomizer That Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

This petite atomizer is a mighty weapon in the battle to keep your skin hydrated. It releases nano-particles of water that are better able to penetrate skin, so you can hydrate and refresh your face throughout the day. The USB-powered atomizer shuts off automatically after 45 seconds and features a mirror on one side for convenient touch-ups.

A Pocket-Sized Diffuser That's Great On The Go

Ideal for delivering aromatherapy when you're on the go, this faux wood diffuser charges conveniently via USB and is so small you can carry it in your pocket. And although it's tiny, it's still powerful enough to use at home, too. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto one of the included diffuser pads.

A Solar-Powered Lantern For Outdoor Hangs & Preparedness Kits

Perfect for everything from lighting your campsite to stocking your preparedness kit, this solar lamp inflates to give you light, and then collapses down to a 1-inch disc for easy storage and portability. It's waterproof and offers up to 24 hours of a light on a single seven-hour solar charge.

The Slippers That Help Clean The Floor While You Shuffle Around

When you wear these cute bear slippers, you can shuffle around your house on a Saturday morning, enjoy your coffee, make a couple of trips back to the kitchen to top off your cup, and in no time you'll have cleaned your floors for the week. The slippers feature unique microfiber dusting loops on the soles that trap dust, dirt, and pet hair. Plus, they’re available in 17 adorable animal themes, like green frogs and pink bunnies.

A Rolling Pin & Pastry Mat That Any Dedicated Baker Will Love

Designed to take the guesswork out of pastry, this rolling pin set is a must for every baker. Attach the color-coded rings to the rolling pin, so you can roll your pastry out to the exact thickness your recipe requires, then use the generously sized silicone baking mat to get the perfect diameter.

These Soft Microfiber Sheets That Have 192,000 Reviews

With more than 192,000 reviews on Amazon, these sheets are easily one of the most beloved products on the site — and it's easy to see why: The soft microfiber fabric feels luxurious against your skin and resists fading and wrinkling. Buyers report that they're "a dream come true," and "without a doubt, the best linens..." Available in regular and deep-pocket sizes, these sheets come in more than 40 colors and patterns.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king
  • Available colors and patterns: 42, including navy polka dot, coral, and chevron gray
These Reusable Straws Made From Eco-Sustainable Bamboo

Made from sustainably harvested and renewable bamboo, these straws are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic versions. The 12-pack of reusable straws comes with a convenient brush for cleaning, and the straws are biodegradable once they've run their course.

The Moldable Glue That's Good For Just About Everything

This moldable glue can be shaped by your hands, so you can get it in just the right position to fix just about everything, from shoes to ceramics to frayed computer cables. Plus, it's waterproof and heat- and cold-resistant, so it can be used indoors or out. Even better, it comes in a variety of colors to match the fix you need to make.

A Little Blender That's Perfect For Smoothies & Protein Shakes

Don't let the size of this single-serving blender fool you: It features a motor that's powerful enough to crush ice, so you can enjoy your favorite protein shake just the way you like it, and the canister detaches to become a standard-size travel cup, so you can take your drink on the road. Choose from a variety of colors.

This Foldable Keyboard That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Workstation

Turn any smartphone or tablet into a workstation with this foldable keyboard that's easy to carry in your backpack, briefcase, or handbag. Type quickly and accurately on this full-sized keyboard while you're commuting, or anytime you have a minute to work, whether you're in the coffee shop down the street or waiting for an appointment.

These Trash Bags That Are Biodegradable & Compostable

Formulated from plant starches, these green trash bags are biodegradable and compostable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Unlike a lot of their competitors, these bags are durable and sturdy, made to stand up to the rigors of home trash, and they're completely non-toxic. If you're looking to green up your home, investing in these bags is a great step forward. The bags linked above are 1.2-gallon sized, but you can get bigger sizes on the same page.

The Colanders That Collapse Almost Flat For Storage

I love pasta, but I don't love the fact that my stainless steel colander takes up so much room in my cabinet. Enter these silicone colanders that collapse nearly flat when they're not in use, so you can save space in your kitchen cupboards. Available in four colors, they're BPA-free, heat-resistant, and perfect for rinsing fruits and veggies too.

A Bench Scraper For Making Pastry & Transferring Food

Crafted with a beveled stainless steel blade, this bench scraper is a must-have tool for baking: It's excellent when you're rounding up sticky dough from your work surface (hence the name) and features handy measurements as well as a conversion chart right on its face. But you'll find yourself using it for so much more — to cut pizza, chop softer foods, and to transfer items from the cutting board to the pan.

These Choppers That Make Food Prep Fast & Easy

Make a salad or scallped potatoes in a fraction of the time it usually takes with these choppers that work like scissors to make food prep a breeze. With silicone grips that make them comfortable to hold, these choppers cut through fruits, veggies, and proteins with much less effort than using a knife. Plus, this versatile tool also feature a built-in peeler, fruit knife, and bottle opener.

These Tools That Will Open Even The Toughest Jars In Your Pantry

These two opening tools give you the power to open all the tough-to-budge bottles, jars, and cans in the pantry. The large handles are designed to reduce stress on the wrists, so you can twist, unscrew, pop off, slice open bags, and tear off safety seals with ease.

The Water Bottle With A High-Quality Filter

Staying hydrated is important, and this Brita water bottle makes it possible to meet your hydration goals whenever you are on the go, thanks to the included filter. Available in six colors and two sizes, the bottle is BPA-free and delivers water that's free from any unpleasant chlorine, so you'll be tempted to drink even more.

These Safety Lights For Evening Walks & Runs

These safety lights are the perfect addition to your evening running, cycling, or dog-walking routine. With six lighting modes, including a strobe function, they're USB-rechargeable and feature hook-and-loop straps that you can attach to your arm or ankle, or even your dog's collar.

An Electric Hot Comb That's Gentle On Your Scalp

Equipped to deliver ultra-high heat up to 450 degrees, this highly rated electric hot comb straightens hair for a smooth finish, but just as important — it goes easy on your scalp. Also great for beards, the ceramic comb boasts dual-voltage, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

This Gadget That Makes Cleaning Your Blinds So Simple

Built like a sideways fan, this gadget slips into the spaces between your blinds, so you can clean them thoroughly without damaging them. Just use your favorite cleaning spray, then skim through the blinds, and the microfiber sleeves will pick up dust and grime. Once you're done, the sleeves can go in the washer and dryer so they're ready for reuse.

The Wireless Charger That's Also Portable

Designed to support any Qi-enabled devices, this wireless charger doesn't need to be plugged into the wall, so you can take it on the go, with no charging cables required. The charger is case-friendly, and all you have to do is juice it up before heading out the door.

This Rechargeable Hand Warmer That's A Wintertime Essential

Get a little warmth in the palm of your hand with this USB-rechargeable hand warmer that three heat settings. Great for skiing, outdoor sports games, hiking in cold weather, or just frigid winter mornings, it's made from aircraft-grade aluminum and feels smooth to the touch. Plus, it doubles as portable charger for your phone.

These Cute Scrunchies With Secret Pockets

In an age where even your light bulbs are smart, these scrunchies are truly enlightened. Not only are they crafted from a luxe velvet material, but, my friends, each one has a hidden pocket that's perfect for stashing your cash or lip balm when you're making a quick run somewhere. Available in solids and prints like black, leopard and tie-dye, they're the perfect throwback '80s accessory.

A UV Sanitizer For Your Phone & Other Small Items

This UV sanitizer works to eliminate germs on your smartphone (which, let's be honest, you touch constantly and hold right up close to your face). It's also great for disinfecting other high-use items like jewelry, keys, glasses, and earbuds. It's third-party certified to be effective, and you get 70 disinfecting sessions on just one charge.

A To-Go Cup That Brews Loose-Leaf Iced Tea

With a stainless steel mesh strainer, this infuser is designed to brew iced tea from from your favorite loose-leaf tea or tea bags. You can even combine your favorite tea with fruits or herbs like, like lemons or mint. The BPA-free tumbler features a flip-top lid for drinking on the go, and cleans easily in the dishwasher.

This Color-Changing Light Bulb With A Built-In Speaker

Controllable via the included remote, this Bluetooth light bulb can generate a veritable rainbow of colors to set a mood or get the party started. But wait, there's more: The bulb also features a built-in speaker that streams music from your Bluetooth or phone, so you can queue up your favorite playlist and listen from your, well, lamp.

A Super-Soft Blanket That You Can Wear

Warmth and comfort don't have to take a break when you get up from the couch, thanks to this wearable blanket that you can wear like a poncho. Available in eight colors as well as tartan plaid, this cuddly microfiber blanket will keep you toasty, and it even features a kangaroo pocket in the front to keep your hands warm.

The Heated Socks That Keep Your Feet Warm

With three warmth settings to choose from, these thermal socks let you bask in toasty comfort all winter long. The rechargeable socks last for nine to 15 hours on a full charge, and they can be worn with or without shoes, so you can sport them at home, or wear them while you're cold-weather hiking or running errands.

These Pumice Stones That Gently Exfoliate Your Feet

Give yourself a little self care with these pumice stones that gently exfoliate cracked, dry heels, working to uncover the soft skin underneath. Best when used with warm, soapy water, the stones are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and they have convenient loops, so you can hang them dry.

A Trimmer To Painlessly Remove Any Unwanted Hair

Designed for easy operation, this facial hair trimmer is battery-powered and features two interchangeable blades that can be used to do everything from shaping your brows to removing nose hair to eliminating any unwanted peach fuzz. It's water-resistant, so it can be used wet or dry, and the compact size means you can stow it in your makeup bag for use on the go.

A Clever Gadget That Gets Your Whisks Clean As A Whistle

Licking off a whisks just isn't the same as licking off a spoon. In order to get the last drop of your frosting or batter, get yourself one of these whisk wipers. It's available in six colors and comes with its own 11-inch whisk. Bonus: You can also use this to wipe clean any mixing bowls.

These Refrigerator Liners That Help Produce Stay Fresh Longer

Made from BPA-free foam, these refrigerator shelf liners help prolong the life of all your fresh produce by promoting air circulation inside your fridge. They're a great way to save on your grocery bill (since fruits and veggies won't go bad before you have the time to eat them), and they can be trimmed to size.

The Zipper Puller That Helps You Zip Your Dress

Slip into that cute dress without having to ask for help with this zipper pull. It clips securely onto the zipper, so you can tug on the strap to pull it up, instead of cranking your shoulders. It's also great for giving you more leverage when putting on hard-to-zip boots.

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