45 Genius Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear Are Lifesavers

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"Thank goodness for Amazon" is a phrase I'm sure you've uttered a time or two. Whether you experienced a speedy delivery or scored a gadget that made your life simpler, the online hub was there for you — and it still is. Like a trusted friend, Amazon is home to various must-have items and products that quickly become essentials. If you're anything like me, finding those lifesaving Amazon products makes you want to scream their names from the rooftop (or at least leave five-star reviews so others can know the joy you're feeling).

I'm talking about things like the phone mount that fits in your car's cup holder, the colander that snaps onto the side of your boiling pot, and the honey dispenser that won't leave your fingers sticky. They all solve common issues that you might face regularly, and customers love them. Other fan-favorites include the waterproof phone pouch, the blind spot mirror for your vehicle, and the alarm clock that rolls around on wheels. These products are truly lifesavers, and they have the reviews to back them up.

All of these items have passed the test: They're endorsed by your fellow online shoppers, and they have the stars to prove it.

This Stand That Holds Your Nail Polish Bottle In Place

Reviewers cannot get enough of this nail polish holder. With the help of its sturdy base and flexible neck, the unit holds your favorite polish in place at the perfect angle so you don’t have to worry about spills. This version even works for holding glue bottles, small paint containers, and more.

The Drain Protector That Catches Hair Before It Clogs Your Pipes

Keep your pipes in good condition while avoiding clogged drains with this tub drain protector. Unlike traditional tub plugs, this one sits inside the drain and catches hair before it heads down into the pipes. Thanks to its mushroom shape and draining holes, water can flow through without taking the hair with it.

A Waterproof Phone Bag For Underwater Photos

Take underwater photos with your smartphone by using this universal waterproof bag. Reviewers have written that the snap-and-lock system is "incredible," allowing you to confidently submerge your phone up to 100 feet. You can also use it on a boat, by your pool, or on a hike — and there’s even room for your personal items.

These Grocery Bag Holders That Help You Carry Everything

Yes, it is possible to make it into the house with all of your groceries in one trip — and you can do so with these grocery bag holders. Each neon grip makes carrying up to 80 pounds at a time so easy: Just loop your bags onto the provided hooks and carry your items with two hands. These small tools are easy to keep in your car along with your reusable grocery bags.

This Stick-On Mirror That Eliminates Your Blind Spot

Believe it or not, $6 can change the way you drive. This blind spot mirror gives you better visibility when you’re on the road. It uses 360-degree rotation and 30-degree sway adjustability to give you the best look at what's behind you. It’s also made of real glass, so it probably won’t get hazy or rust. Plus, the ultra-thin design and adhesive mount make it easy to install.

The Frother That Makes Silky Milk Foam At Home

You can top off your morning coffee with a foamy finish, all thanks to this handheld milk frother. With the press of a button, this battery-powered device make creamy foam that's perfect for any latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or hot chocolate. The stainless steel whisk whips milk into light, cloud-like foam in just a few seconds, and the ergonomic handle is comfortable.

A Waterproof Doorbell That You Can Put Anywhere

Add a convenient alert to any entrance with this wireless door bell. Just install the waterproof device outside your home, office, classroom, or vehicle — and then, plug the mini receiver into a socket. When activated, the transmitter will go off (as long as it’s 1,000 feet within the doorbell). Choose from 52 chimes at five different volume levels for a custom greeting.

The Toilet Spray That's Made With Essential Oils

Leave the bathroom better than you found it with this toilet spray. It uses potent essential oils to eliminate odors mid-air — though the spray’s secret is locking odors below the waterline so they never escape into the bathroom. It’s also nontoxic, so spray away.

This Straw That Filters Water As You Sip For Hydration Anywhere

For the survivalist in you, this personal straw water filter is a must-have. As you drink, the straw filters over 99.9% of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics from the water. The secret is in the microfiltration membrane which traps debris so you can drink any water safely.

An Audio Adapter That Gives Your Car Bluetooth Capabilities

This hands-free device turns your car into a Bluetooth-enabled vehicle simply by plugging it in. It also transmits FM radio signals and can be used with an aux cable for more listening options. The plug even provides a big LCD display that shows battery voltage, incoming calls, and the current song that's being played.

This Jar That Makes Shells Melt Off Hard Boiled Eggs

Eat your boiled eggs faster with this egg peeler. Just stick your hardened egg and a little bit of water into the BPA-free jar, and then shake the container until the shell loosens. When it's ready, the egg will slide right out of its shell. It's available in seven colors, so choose one that matches your kitchen space.

These Sneaky Bra Clips That Keep Your Straps Hidden

If you don't want your undergarments to show, you can easily hide them with one of these easy-to-use clips. One strip attaches to each bra strap and lays flat against your back, bringing them inward and concealing them while you're wearing a tank top. They're simple to adjust and stay in place all day.

This Extremely Loud Alarm That You Can Keep On Your Keychain

Stay safe and ease your mind with this personal siren keychain, which you can activate by pulling a pin out of its side. Once that happens, a high-pitched whistle will go off at 130 decibels (and that's very loud). The added LED flashlight is an additional safety feature that you can use at night.

These Stick-On Lights That Detect Motion At Night

If you need some extra light in the closet, hallway, or bathroom, these stick-on night lights are easy to use and energy-efficient. The battery-powered adhesives can be mounted anywhere to provide soft light. Plus, the motion-detection setting saves energy while each bulb illuminates up to 10 feet of space.

A Batter Dispenser That Makes Perfectly Round Pancakes

You can make pancakes without the mess, all thanks to this batter dispenser. The easy-to-pour, BPA-free container has measuring labels on the outside, so mixing up your favorite cupcake or pancake batter is simple. Plus, the device features a durable handle which releases batter from the opening at the bottom, sending batter into the pan (and no where else).

These Towels That Erase Makeup With Just Water

This makeup-removing towel erases dirt, oil, and even waterproof makeup with ease. All you need is water to deep-clean your skin and wipe away the day’s cosmetics. In other words, you can stop using harsh chemicals or expensive wipes and opt for this machine-washable option that's made with Nanolon fiber.

This Clip-On Book Light That Lasts For 25 Hours

Read your favorite book at night without disrupting anyone around you with the help of this clip-on book light by Energizer. The bright LED light can clip onto a table, tablet, book, or laptop to provide the best shine for both privacy and visibility. Plus, the collapsible lamp can last for a whopping 25 hours — and it features a flexible neck to customize your lighting.

These Silicone Wine Glasses That Will Never Shatter

These silicone wine glasses are lifesavers when it comes to hosting parties. That's because they're lightweight and completely unbreakable. The glasses are also flexible, so you can carry them with ease. They're even dishwasher-safe, which makes cleaning them easy.

A Portable Power Bank That Has An Emergency Flashlight

Quickly charge your devices with this portable power bank. The dual USB output allows you to charge your phone and tablet simultaneously, and it’s so easy to carry in your purse or suitcase for on-the-go use. Plus, there’s a convenient flashlight on the side for emergency lighting.

The Phone Mount That Fits In Your Car's Cup Holder

With the help of this cup holder phone mount for your car, you can drive without constantly adjusting your device. The mount features 360-rotation and cradles most smartphones with ease. Plus, it fits perfectly into a standard cup holder and can adjust depending on the holder's width. With 14 unique locking positions and a soft grip, your phone will be secure and easy to view.

These Patches That Help Heal Blemishes Quickly

You can heal any unwanted blemishes with these pimple patches. The hydrocolloid bandages work while you sleep to absorb oil from your skin while reducing redness and swelling. They're both drug-free and waterproof — and they won’t dry out your skin. The small patches are also breathable and comfortable; you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

This 5-In-1 Kitchen Tool That Scoops, Flips, And More

Save space in your kitchen with this five-in-one kitchen gadget. It mashes veggies, flips patties, separates eggs, cuts fruits, and more. It's also heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, and it's made of durable nylon.

The Durable Screen Protectors Made With Tempered Glass

Protect your iPhone XR or 11 with these tempered glass screen protectors. Each one in this three-pack covers your entire screen without blocking your case. They also keep fingerprints and sweat residue off your screen without dulling the touchscreen sensitivity. Plus, these ultra-thin screen protectors are easy to install.

This Silicone Colander That Snaps Onto Pots And Pans

You can strain pasta with one hand with this snap-on silicone colander that's designed to fit most pots and pans. The two clips on each side snap on with ease for you to use time and time again. Plus, the small size and collapsible design make it easier to store than traditional colanders.

A Stylish Beanie That Has A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music while keeping your ears warm in this Bluetooth beanie. The knit hat has built-in stereo speakers to play your favorite music from your device. With controls on the side, it’s easy to pause or skip songs. Plus, it lasts up to 20 hours without needing to charge.

These Neoprene Chapstick Holders That Stay On Your Keychain

Never lose your chapstick again with one of these holders that attaches to your keychain. The cute and functional design ensures that your lip balm won’t fall out, all while keeping it close throughout the day. Each one is hand-made with a high-quality neoprene material.

An Ice Pack That Can Help Soothe Pain From Headaches

Use this cold pack to soothe pain from headaches or migraines. It's flexible and comfortably wraps around painful areas to help speed up recovery. Plus, the Velcro fastener keeps the ice pack in place. One size is made to fit most.

This Luggage Weight That You Can Use Before The Airport

Weigh your luggage before you haul it to the airport. This portable, handheld baggage scale is easy to use and super convenient for frequent travelers. The LCD display clearly shows the weight of any bag up to 110 pounds. It also features a temperature sensor and automatically turns off when it’s not in use.

The Strawberry Huller That Instantly Removes Stems

Remove strawberry tops instantly with this huller, which uses a stainless steel claw to twist stems out. The simple tool takes out the insides of a strawberry without having to use a knife — but you can use it on other fruits and vegetables as well. Just toss it in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning.

This Witch Hazel Facial Toner That Smells Like Roses

You can cleanse your skin with this 12-ounce bottle of rose petal witch hazel. The alcohol-free toner is made with aloe vera to sooth skin and restore hydration. It's also packed with vitamin C, so your skin will feel rejuvenated. Plus, it has a subtle rose scent that's super soothing.

An Alarm Clock On Wheels That Rolls Around Your Room

Now this is an alarm clock that'll wake you up with a smile. This bedside device will roll, hide, beep, and jump to get your attention when it's time to start your day. The battery-powered clock also has a loud sound that you won’t sleep through, and it allows you to set one snooze function before it starts running away and lighting up.

These Moisturizing Eye Patches That Are Made With Rose Gold

Moisturize your under-eye areas with these rose gold eye masks. Made with nano-active 24-karat gold, vitamin C, natural plant extracts, hyaluronic acid, and more, these patches reduce redness and unwanted puffiness while making your skin glow (without harmful toxins). One pack comes with 12 pairs, so you'll be set for a while.

This Brush That Blow Dries Your Hair While Styling It

Blow dry your hair while adding volume with this one-step hair dryer. The device safely brushes your hair into smooth, dry, and frizz-free locks without needing to switch between tools. It features three heat settings along with nylon bristles and negative ions to dry hair faster while making it shine.

These Packing Cubes That Help You Fit More Into Your Luggage

Pack three times as much stuff into the same suitcase by getting organized with these packing cubes. The high-quality zippers around these pouches lock clothes in so they're safe and compact. Plus, the cubes are waterproof and super lightweight — and they come with clothing labels to keep you organized.

These Smart Outlets That You Can Control With Your Phone

Connect your outlets to your smart devices with these smart plugs. The mini WiFi outlets allow you to control lights, devices, and appliances throughout your home from anywhere by using a smartphone app. They also sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Homes for voice control, and they're incredibly simple to set up with timers and schedules.

This Gadget That Gets Corn Off The Cob Within Seconds

Get corn off the cob easily with this corn stripper. It features stainless steel blades that separate the corn kernels from the cob in seconds — and it works on all types and sizes of corn. All you have to do is twist and push the corn stripper down the cob, and that's it. Wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher when you’re done.

An Oversized Sherpa Blanket That's Also A Sweatshirt

The ultimate cozy accessory is this oversized, reversible sweatshirt that's lined with sherpa. It’s part-blanket and part-sweatshirt, and it comes with a hood. Pull your legs under the sweatshirt for extra warmth, and then roll the sleeves up when you need your hands. It comes in 14 colors, so pick your favorite shade.

This Ice Wrap That Uses Compression Therapy To Heal Aches

Deliver relief to sore muscles or joint stiffness with this cold therapy wrap. It's made for hands, feet, wrists, or elbows — and it uses both cold therapy and compression therapy to reduce swelling and increase circulation while healing. Keep it in the fridge or freezer and reuse it over and over again.

The Silicone Brush That Applies Face Masks Without The Mess

Apply your face mask or body lotion without getting your hands messy by using this silicone brush. The soft applier is safe for sensitive skin and evenly spreads masks, peels, serums, and lotions. It can withstand high temperatures and be cleaned using just water.

A Honey And Syrup Dispenser That Won't Make A Mess

Keep your hands from getting sticky with this honey dispenser. The non-drip glass jar features puller that releases honey or syrup from the bottom. It also includes a cap for the bottom and a stand to hold the jar so you don’t have to worry about dripping or sticking.

This Cooling Pad That Keeps Your Laptop From Overheating

Keep your laptop from overheating with the help of this cooling pad. The slim, portable cooler has three high-speed fans the keep airflow around your device. The pad also features two USB ports, and it's made of durable metal mesh. The fans are ultra quiet, and the adjustable legs make it customizable.

These Sticks That Seal Your Food Bags So They Last Longer

Keep your food fresh with these sealing sticks. Each one slides onto bags of dog food, pretzels, candy, and even veggies while locking into place and creating airtight seals. They’re easy to store and can be used over and over — and they're nontoxic and odor-free. One pack comes with 16 clips, so your whole pantry will be covered.

This Kit That Helps Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home

You can get rid of gel nail polish without having to go to the salon with this nail kit. It comes with gel-removing pads that clip onto your fingers to help them soak in. The kit also includes a cuticle peeler to scrape remaining polish away, along with two nail files and a nail brush. These tools are washable and reusable.

A Wine Vacuum That Makes Your Bottle Last Longer

Don’t be afraid of wasting wine after opening a bottle; just use this wine vacuum stopper. The vacuum seal slows down the oxidation process so your wine tastes new for up to a week. Just put the wine stopper into your bottle and use the pump to click the seal into place, removing all the air throughout the process.

These Comfy Workout Shorts That Have A Side Pocket

In my opinion, workout clothes should be comfortable and functional — just like these high-waisted yoga shorts that are made with four-way stretch. The outside pocket is the perfect size for smart phones or music devices, and the high-waisted design is comfortable while staying in place during workouts. Choose from tons of different colors.

Available in sizes: X-Small - XXX-Large

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