47 Damn Good Things On Amazon, Surprisingly Less Than $25

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Take a minute to think about your absolute favorite belongings. I'm talking wardrobe essentials, beauty products, bathroom accessories, kitchen goods — you name it. Now, think about how much they cost. Chances are high that the products you love the most are also those the ones that cost a little bit more. But that doesn't always have to be the case. Believe it or not, there's an endless array of damn-good things on Amazon that are surprisingly less than $25.

I know what you're thinking: What constitutes "damn good"? In this case, it all comes down to products that have four- and five-star ratings and thousands of promising reviews. From hair-friendly pillowcases and cleanser-free makeup removers to cabinet organizers and handy suede brushes, Amazon has you covered with dozens of highly-rated products that aren't too expensive.

To save you from sorting through the site's endless product pages, I'm here to lend a hand. Ahead, you'll find 47 genius products on Amazon, all of which are $25 or less (I'm not kidding). Plus, you can enjoy many of them just 48 hours after clicking "Add to Cart." That's the beauty of Amazon Prime, you guys.

So, what're you waiting for? Grab your wallet and treat yourself.

This Silky Pillowcase That's Good For Your Hair

Did you know that cotton pillowcases can actually wreak havoc on your hair as they snag your strands while you sleep? Outfitting your bed with these silky pillowcases will help prevent that from happening. They're made with silky-smooth polyester satin and can be unzipped whenever you want to clean them in the washing machine. They're also available in 26 colors, which means you can easily match your bedroom aesthetic.

The Drawer Organizer Shaped Like A Honeycomb

It's important to use organization methods that you enjoy. Therefore, this bestselling drawer organizer is a must-have. Simply snap the honeycomb-shaped divider together so it fits the size of your drawer, and then start adding your clothes to its compartments. Its adjustable design will help you organize socks, underwear, jewelry, and more. The plastic mold has a total of 18 slots, but you can use the spaces surrounding the honeycomb for more storage.

The Roller That Creates A Gorgeous Pastry Lattice

It doesn't matter whether you're making apple fritters, pretzel poppers, or even a batch of strudels — you can still use this roller to add a gorgeous lattice to your pastries. But the best part? It's available for less than $10.

These Cooling Socks Lined With Cold Gel Packs

Sore, swollen feet are never fun. To help curb discomfort on the spot, make sure you have a pair of these soft cool-therapy socks at hand. They're made with slots beneath the soles, around the heels, and on top of the feet where you can store cold gel packs for chilly relief. You can even buy them with compression straps, but those don't have room for ice packs on top. Either way, simply pop them into the freezer so they're ready to use whenever you need them.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium - Large
This Tiered Organizer That Will Double Your Cabinet Space

If you have limited cabinet space in your kitchen, then add this tiered sliding basket organizer to your pantry. It's 12 inches tall and boasts two deep drawers to fit your cooking necessities. Plus, the sturdy metal design ensures that storing heavier items (like cans) shouldn't be an issue. If you love the look and sound of this organizer, you'll be glad to know that it comes in three colors: silver, white, and bronze.

A Rust-Resistant Shower Caddy That Cradles Your Toiletries

This must-have shower rack will store your toiletries without taking up too much precious tub space. It hooks behind your showerhead and hangs in a balanced fashion that keeps your products from accidentally falling. Plus, the steel storage device is crafted with two small platforms to keep your bars of soap within reach. It can even fit loofahs and razors, all thanks to the handy little hooks on the bottom. It's sold in eight shades, all of which are rust-resistant.

This 100-Pack Of Disposable Masks

This value pack of 100 disposable face masks is made with a three-layer fabric for added protection and comfy, elastic ear loops for a snug fit. These masks have won more than 1,000 Amazon reviewers, with one describing these as "very comfortable." They come in black, as well as blue, green, and pink.

This Cold-Brew Coffee Maker That Will Save You So Much Cash

Instead of shelling out cash whenever you have a caffeine craving, consider adding this reusable iced coffee maker to your cart. It's designed to create four servings of cold brew in its BPA-free container. Simply add your favorite grounds into the filter, pour water into the cup, and then let it infuse in your fridge overnight. Then, once it's ready, you can use its silicone handle to start pouring.

A Clip-On Strainer That Saves You From Washing Large Dishes

If you don't like washing metal strainers (or if you don't have the space to store one in your kitchen cabinet), then you'll love this clip-on strainer. The BPA-free gadget is made with silicone, and it's designed to attach to the rim of just about any pan for easy straining. Plus, it's super durable, so it can work on pasta and potatoes alike. Buy it in three colors: red, green, or gray.

This 5-Pair Set Of Sparkling Earrings

Not only are these stainless steel stud earrings stylish, but they're also hypoallergenic and come in five different sizes so you'll have all your bases covered. In fact, these studs are so beloved, they've earned ratings from 8,000 Amazon reviewers — who give them an impressive 4.5-star rating overall.

A Clear Mug That Keeps Your Hot Drinks Hot

If you love sipping on both hot and cold beverages throughout the day, then add this insulated plastic mug to your kitchen cabinet. It's specifically made to keep hot and cold drinks at their respective temperatures while you're sipping them. Plus, it's BPA-free, as well as microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe. What's more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and is offered in different colors.

A Tiny Bluetooth Speaker With A 33-Foot Range

With five hours of battery time and a 60-song capacity, this portable Bluetooth speaker is super convenient for weekend adventures. It's compatible with various Bluetooth-enabled devices and can be used from up to 33 feet away. You can even use it for phone calls, which is a huge plus. The tech gadget is available in eight colors, all of which are lightweight for easy carrying.

This Ultra-Comfortable Bali Bra

People are obsessed with this number-one best-selling bra, which has over 18,000 reviews. Even though it fully skips the wires, it has contoured cups, thick, padded straps, a U-shaped back, and stretchy lining to provide ample support.

This Simple Syrup That Adds Sweetness (With Zero Sugar)

This simple syrup will give your drinks some added sweetness without the sugar. It get its flavor from GMO-free monkfruit, and one teaspoon tastes like the same sugar that you might use daily. You can use it in various drinks to add a touch of flavor, whether you're mixing coffee cups during breakfast or cocktails at happy hour.

A Racerback Sports Bra

There aren't many fashion items on Amazon that have made it into the closets of 26,000 reviewers. This racerback sports bra is one of them. With a 4.4-star rating overall, this workout staple has won over fans far and wide in part due to its comfortable and moisture-wicking design. It's even constructed with "Climacool" technology which provides superior ventilation to keep you cool and dry during your sweaty workout sessions.

A Glide-On Stick That Prevents Uncomfortable Chafing

Whether your thighs rubs together, your shoes cause friction against your heels, or your sports bra rubs uncomfortably under your arms, this fan-favorite anti-chafe balm will quickly become your go-to product. Simply swipe the natural, plant-derived formula over your chosen area and marvel at how well it works to prevent those nagging chafing sensations.

These Cute Floral Ice Packs For Your Work Lunch

Lunch boxes are typically small, and adding a bulky ice pack to the mix only reduces the amount of food you can actually bring to work. To prevent that from happening, add these flat, flower-shaped ice packs to the mix. They're non-toxic, BPA-free, and food safe, so you don't have to worry about them negatively affecting your lunches. And if you're not into flowers, you can buy them in butterflies, sunglasses, cars, and more.

The Acne-Absorbing Patches That Help Clear Blemishes

To help clear your acne (and prevent yourself from picking at your blemishes), add these absorbent hydrocolloid patches to your skin care routine. Place them onto your pimples as soon as you notice that they're forming. Then, the patches will work overnight to absorb the impurities on the spot.

A Natural Migraine Reliever That Rolls Onto Your Skin

Instead of reaching for your go-to over-the-counter medicine, consider trying this all-natural, roll-on migraine reliever when your head starts hurting. It's made with coconut oil as well as peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils to simultaneously soothe and invigorate your senses, which will essentially help your migraine fade away.

These High-Waisted Yoga Pants

With a high waist that won't roll down while you move, ever-handy pockets, and four-way stretch to keep things superbly comfortable, these yoga leggings have won over plenty of fans on Amazon. In fact, it's earned more than 31,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating overall. Choose from a rainbow of colors as well as space dye options.

This Lint Remover With 3 Interchangeable Edges

Fabric pills, pet hair, and random flecks of dust are no match for this lint roller. The tool is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, and it comes with three interchangeable heads to tackle various fabrics (including fleece, polyester, cashmere, wool, cotton, and more). Plus, it features fabric-safe edges, so you never have to worry about accidentally snagging your favorite tops.

A Silicone Popcorn Maker That Collapses When You're Not Using It

Are you tired of burning the kernels in the bottom of your popcorn bag? If so, then this silicone popcorn popper is the perfect kitchen device for you. The BPA-free container comes in 18 colors and pops kernels to perfection without the use of any additional oil. What's more, it boasts a collapsible design that won't take up unnecessary space in your cabinet when you aren't using it.

These Sticky Bug Traps To Replace Your Fly Swatter

To help reduce the amount of flies and gnats buzzing around your home, add one of these sticky fly traps to your decor. The bright yellow traps are coated in sticky surfaces that'll help attract the insects flying around your space. They can easily be stuck into planter pots, and you can use them inside if you want to. Either way, they're waterproof and resistant to UV rays.

A Dentist-Formulated Oral Rinse That Reduces Odor

An easy way to freshen your mouth is to swish with peppermint oral rinse each and every day. It's a dentist-formulated bestseller that's been approved by the American Dental Association. The mouthwash itself is designed to fight off odor-causing bacteria for up to 24 hours. With this deal, you can get two bottles for the price of one. Plus, it's already accumulated over 3,000 five-star reviews.

These Seriously Satisfying Pore Strips

In my opinion, there's nothing quite as satisfying as witnessing dirt and debris being ripped from deep within your pores (safely, of course). You can do exactly that with these deep-cleansing pore strips that've been approved by dermatologists. In just 10 minutes, you'll be able to strip your pores of impurities, effectively reducing blackheads and cleansing your skin.

A Cozy Eye Mask The Smells Like Lavender

Do you want to soothe your senses and block out the light at the same time? If so, then this lavender aromatherapy eye pillow is calling your name. It's designed with flaxseeds to lightly compress your eyes and temples for deep relaxation. It has a removable, washable cover and an adjustable strap so you can easily keep it on while relaxing.

This Sushi-Making Kit For The Perfect Rolls At Home

What if you could make the very sushi that you spend money on each month from the comfort of your kitchen? Well, with this all-in-one sushi-making kit, you can. All you have to do is load the BPA-free plastic cylinder with sticky rice and your favorite sushi mix-ins, and then press it onto the bamboo rolling mat that's including. Roll it to perfection and enjoy with the included chopsticks.

An Egg Cooker That You Can Use In The Microwave

Whether you like eggs that are sandwich-ready or scrambled, this microwavable egg cooker is a must. The microwave-safe plastic container is made to cook your eggs without the stove — and is so fast you can whip up one egg in just 45 seconds. After you're done cooking with it, you can toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher without a second thought.

A Chilled Headache-Relieving Cap With Room For Your Ponytail

Whenever a migraine creeps up, it's easy to curl up into ball and hide in a dark, quiet place. Since that's not always possible, I recommend adding this cooling head wrap to your cart. It's designed with built-in ice packs and flexible material to help cool your head while blocking out the light. The wrap is also made with a nose arc that won't impede on breathing. It's even topped off with an all-encompassing hat that pairs perfectly with ponytails and messy buns. To ensure it's ready when you need it, your best bet is to keep it in the fridge or freezer.

A Cold Pack That's Made To Soothe Aching Backs

Instead of using frozen peas to relieve your aches and pains, stock your freezer with this reusable cold pack that's designed specifically for your back. The double-sealed, leak-proof design is so flexible that you can even twist it around sore thighs, calves, ankles, arms, and sides — talk about versatility.

These Gel Toe Caps That Protect Blisters

Whether you have a blister or an ingrown nail, it can be super painful if bumped. To protect your injured toes, make sure to have one these silicone toe caps in your first-aid kit. The reusable, slim-fit pockets can easily slide over any toe and into any shoe, so they won't get in the way. Plus, they're available in beige and white colors (along with small and large sizes). If you're looking specifically for your big toe, make sure to opt for large.

A Pack Of Dishcloths That Won't Absorb Unwanted Odors

Since these dishcloths are made from a blend of sustainable cellulose and cotton, they're less likely to absorb any unwanted odors from food or mildew. They're safe to use on nonstick cookware, yet scratchy enough to tackle any stubborn bits that burned to your pan.

28. A Dozen No-Show Socks That Come In Tons Of Designs

If you're looking for a collection of no-show socks to replace your current footwear, check out this 12-pack. These soft, machine-washable socks are designed to hug the contours of your feet all day long (without showing above your ankles). They're made with a polyester-spandex blend for an extra-cozy fit. These socks are also available in animal print, neon shades, and other designs. Plus, a dozen pairs of socks for $10 is a total bargain, if you ask me.

These Smart Lightbulbs With 16 Million Color Changes

Do you want to turn your everyday lights into party lights and zen, color-changing amenities? With these LED light bulbs, you can. The bulbs work with various smart systems (like Alexa Echo and Google Home), so you can verbally request to change the color of your lights without having to pick up a single finger. The coolest part is that you can create up to 16 million colors, so you'll never get bored of the lighting possibilities.

This Cozy Beanie That Doubles As Headphones

This beanie might look like any other hat on the market — but upon closer inspection, you'll notice that it comes with built-in headphones. The headphones are rechargeable, the fabric is washable (when you take the electronics out), and the hat can project crystal-clear sound from the Bluetooth-activated device that you're streaming from.

A Food Chopper That Makes Meal Prep A Breeze

The most time-consuming part of meal prepping comes down to chopping the ingredients before cooking them. To save yourself the time, add this food chopper to your kitchen. It holds four cups of produce or nuts (though it also comes in a 2-cup option), and easily slices through soft and hard foods alike. All you have to do is fill the BPA-free bowl, put on the lid, pull the handle, and watch as the contents get perfectly chopped.

A Power Strip That Has Traditional Plugs And USB Ports

This multi-outlet power strip is a total life-saver for its dual-purpose design. No plug? No worries. In addition to three classic outlets, the power strips also features four USB ports. The overall device is designed to sense which products are being plugged in so it can charge them quickly and effectively. Keep in mind, however, that it's not surge protected. Still, the device is lined with four rubber pads that'll help keep it in place when you're using it.

This Silicone Kettle That Collapses When You're Not Using It

If you love making tea and instant coffee on-the-go, then you need to buy this collapsible kettle ASAP. It's made with food-grade silicone that's BPA-free. Plus, its dual-voltage and concealed-heating technology ensures that you can boil water wherever, whenever. And when you're done, you can collapse the kettle and store it while you travel.

This Flexible Phone Clip That Makes FaceTiming Hands-Free

If your arm gets tired from propping your phone up while FaceTiming, then it's time to buy this bendable phone clip. It's made with aluminum-magnesium alloy to easily hold the weight of your phone without dropping it. Clip it onto a table and look straight forward into your phone, or clip it on your headboard and hold it directly over your head for easy streaming of your favorite shows. It's available in black and white and has 28 inches of wiggle room for your optimal propping.

A Splash Guard To Keep Your Counters And Clothes Dry

Tired of walking away from the sink with little droplets all over your clothes? Just pop this splash guard onto your counter. The suction cups on the bottom keep it firmly in place, and the high-quality silicone easily wipes clean with a paper towel if it ever gets dirty.

This Tongue Scraper Made With Surgical Stainless Steel

To ensure that your tongue isn't covered in odor-causing bacteria, make it a habit to scrape it from back to front with one of these metal tongue scrapers. The dentist-recommended devices are meant to be used twice a day after you brush your teeth. And since they're made with surgical stainless steel, they won't get rusty in the process. They even come with their own carrying case for easy travel.

A Natural Face Cream Made With Sunflower And Rosemary

This simple, dermatologist-tested moisturizer — which originally launched in 1926 — has become a fan-favorite on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews. It's made with natural ingredients like pansy, sunflower, and rosemary to help hydrate skin. Not to mention, it's totally free of fragrances and preservatives. In addition to using it as a moisturizer, you can lather it on as a face mask or run it through your hair.

These Reusable Double-Sided Cotton Swabs Made With Silicone

To help reduce the amount of cotton swabs that you use, consider swapping your single-use swabs for these reusable, medical-grade silicone swabs. When you buy them, you'll get one swab with a rough (but gentle) tip for ear cleaning, as well as a second swab with a smooth exterior for makeup touch-ups. After using, rinse in soapy water so they're ready for next time.

A Handy Food Sealer That Helps Keep Food Fresh

To ensure that your leftovers and snacks stay as fresh as possible (for as long as possible), reseal their bags with this handheld heat sealer. Like a flat iron, the tool is designed to plug in and heat up. Once it's hot, you can clasp its edges around your open food bags to melt them shut. You can buy the device in four different colors, including green, pink, orange, and purple.

A Rechargeable LED Book Light That's Great For Traveling

If you love to knit or read while traveling, make sure to have one of these rechargeable LED neck lamps in your bag. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge — and once it's powered up, it offers six to eight hours of high brightness (and even longer if you don't use the highest light setting). Best of all, the flexible nature of the lamp lets you curve it around your neck for comfortable wear that doesn't seem bulky in the slightest.

A Washcloth That Removes Makeup Without Products

Would you believe me if I said you could remove a full day's worth of makeup without a single drop of cleanser? Well, you can do exactly that with this Magic Eraser. The super-soft wash cloth has one smooth side and one textured side to easily rinse away makeup with just water (seriously). Plus, it has over 500 five-star reviews.

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