I Tried This High-Tech, Liquid Beauty Supplement Brings The Glow From Inside Out

Skin, hair, & nails pop off on a cellular level.

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I’ve tried half a dozen or more vitamins that promise to pump up my fine hair, give me a dewy complexion, and strengthen the nails that I bite. I haven’t noticed much. When I learned, apparently, the majority of typical pills and gummies get peed right out when you take them, well, I was naturally a little annoyed.

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When I saw Beautiful Glow from 2x4 Nutrition, I was immediately curious because it’s easy to see this is something different (I mean, clearly — it’s a liquid). When I learned about the science behind it, though, I was so excited that as soon as I got it I made a beeline for the kitchen.

OK, What’s The Deal With The Science?

What sets Beautiful Glow (and all the supplements from 2x4) apart is the propriety biotech behind how the nutrients get delivered into your blood. Developed by doctor, chemist, and mom Mallory Blair, it’s called Nutristack Liposomal Technology and is actually based on breast milk (aka liquid gold).

How it works is lipids, or tiny liquid fat bubbles, are used to wrap up the desired nutrients into tiny packages that are easily absorbed into your blood stream. The good stuff travels from there to your cells — where the magic happens. This tech is clinically proven to increase absorption by up to 15x, allowing your bod to take in a massive 95% of the nutrients in the solution. Which is kinda the point.

What that means with Beautiful Glow is that a potent blend of body-boosting vitamins including C and A, along with biotin, folate, and natural herbs, get to work within minutes of being sipped down. The magic mix is formulated to hydrate and nourish skin, help maintain skin elasticity, and even help with hyperpigmentation. The formula also nourishes hair, promotes growth and moisture, and strengthens nails. It even has antioxidant support, which can help neutralize free radicals in the body. Yes, please, I’ll take all of that.

My Experience

First impressions: I squeezed some into a spoon and was struck by the rich, gorgeous color of the liquid. It’s like a deep, tropical sunset orange that manages to look packed with nutritious goodness that I want in my body. I tried it on its own to get a sense of what’s going on. Does it taste like candy? No. It does taste like there’s a lot going on in that little spoonful, though, and I’m not here for snack time.

Cassandra Seale

I like to start my day with a glass of lemon water (or, I try to) and Beautiful Glow turns it into a pretty, fruity-tasting orange drink. Wanting to take it also makes me more inclined to start my day with said lemon water. But, it’s also really tasty just on its own with water, or mixed into a smoothie — just be sure to stir it in after; don’t blend it. However it gets in, though, I swear I can feel the goodness permeating my body.

Cassandra Seale

Does It Work?

I think it does. The main difference I’ve noticed is in my face. I’ve generally had decent skin that leans toward dry and sensitive, not super problematic, though as I get older it’s not quite as “glow-y” as in earlier years. A few weeks into taking Beautiful Glow daily, it feels supple and looks dewy. The other week even my mom told me my skin looks great — she’s a Korean lady who doesn’t tend to dish out the compliments, so that felt like a real win.

My nails seem to be growing quicker with very white tips, and feel really strong. My hair is fine and also tends toward dryness. I daresay my strands are feeling more resilient, and overall my hair seems to be less dry and frizzy, even in this hot, humid summer, which comes as a real surprise.

The Takeaway

As I mentioned, I’ve tried tons of vitamins with not much visible success. I’ve tried even more serums, moisturizers, cleansers, creams — and leave-in conditioners, anti-frizz oils, and volumizing prays. Although I’m more up in the air with visible effects from these, I will do a 6-step skin routine till I die. Nevertheless, it feels really good to be giving something to my body that actually gets to work from the inside.

Not to mention, a decent amount of stuff I put into my body might not be considered the healthiest (pandemic lyfe, amiright?). It feels like I’m actually doing good for my body by first, making the time to start my morning with a cool glass of pumped-up water, and secondly, ensuring that nutrients are legitimately heading for my cells.

I already mentioned the benefits I’m seeing so far, and I really feel like that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m excited to keep taking Beautiful Glow and seeing just how far that glow can go.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve also been on the pills and supplements merry-go-round, without seeing much difference in your hair, skin, and nails, I suggest trying a round of Beautiful Glow. It just makes sense to get the most potent formula available, that’s proven to really get in your body.

If you have other areas of focus, whether it’s immune strength, detox support, more energy, or better sleep, chances are there’s a 2x4 supplement that has your number. Thanks to the magic of breast milk-based science, your cells just may show their thanks.

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