Weird Bras & Underwear On Amazon That Are Actually Genius
23 Weird Bras & Underwear On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

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When you get dressed in the morning, you probably don't think twice about your bras or underwear. Neither a stretchy triangle with three holes or a sling with padded cups are anything to write home about. Wrong. Amazon is loaded with weird but genius bras and underwear that are vastly improving upon your standard undergarment designs, and people are pretty psyched about it.

At first glance, these bizarre pairs of underwear and unusual bra designs might baffle you a bit. Upon closer examination, however, you'll find that people are buying them for a solid reason: whether they're extra comfortable, especially well-designed, or because they have unique features, they're making life just a little bit easier for those who wear them.

Personally, if one product solves multiple problems, I'm sold — and that goes double for articles of clothing. Whereas I used to struggle to find comfortable bras and practical panties in the department store, the internet has created a whole new platform for niche undergarments. Now you can wear any kind of neckline while your bra stays virtually invisible, prevents leaks from your period, and even stores your liquor right next to your chest. Intrigued? I don't blame you — these are some of the weirdest, most brilliant bras and underwear you'll ever see.

This Bra With Multiple Hidden Pockets For Festivals, Travel, Or Jogs

Whether you're at the gym, a festival, or the airport, this racerback pocket bra is both comfortable and unbelievably practical. It has multiple secret pockets for your keys, cards, and cash, as well as an additional drop-down pocket that'll fit your phone or passport. You can even use it as a "drinking bra" to keep all your essentials on you without having to worry about a bag, or as a key-holding sports bra for jogs — especially since it contains 30% moisture-wicking bamboo.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X-Large

One reviewer wrote: “This item was amazing for my travels to Honduras. I fit everything that I needed to, and you could not tell under my shirts. I also did not feel sticky, even in the 100-degree weather.”

These Genius Briefs With A Hidden Pocket

These Smuggling Duds briefs are ideal for travel, music festivals, concerts, or weddings. That's because, in addition to their soft, luxurious blend of stretchy fabrics like cotton and spandex, they have a hidden pocket in front. It's big enough to discreetly store your phone, money, wallet, passport, and more, and there's even a button to ensure safe keeping.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

One reviewer wrote: “Great design and fit, look good, feel good and very useful pocket.”

A Reliable Adhesive Bra For Those Tricky Outfits

I bought my first adhesive bra years ago, and I'm still continuously amazed by how effortlessly it pairs with bridesmaids' dresses, backless outfits, and things I wear every day. Due to its unique comfortable cups, it provides support and coverage while remaining backless and strapless. It stays up using a strong adhesive that can be washed and reused, and the center clasp allows you a bit more control over the push-up effect.

  • Available sizes: A — F

One reviewer wrote: “Probably the best sticky bra I’ve had. It held up for about 7 hours. There was dancing and lots of walking in heels and I didn’t have problems.”

These Absorbent Organic Period Panties That Prevent Leaks

These full-coverage period panties are made from extra-absorbent cotton to soak up moisture and leaks. In addition to their body-hugging design, they're also stretchy in all the right places to move with you, whether you're sleeping, working, or exercising. They can be used alongside pads or tampons, and people say they're soft, fit well, and wash easily.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

One reviewer wrote: “I found with my last 2 periods, I have only needed to wear these and nothing else! I'm shocked, and over the moon!”

These Breathable Bamboo Undies That Stretch To Fit Your Body

Bamboo products are on the rise for a reason: not only are they naturally antibacterial, but they're also softer, more absorbent, and more breathable than cotton. These TEERFU briefs are made from 95% bamboo fiber and have a stretchy fit to stay comfortable no matter what. Consequently, they're also great for people who hate getting skin indentations from their underwear.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large

One reviewer wrote: “These panties are the best underpants that I ever purchased!! They are extremely comfortable and fit like a hardly know you are wearing them. I highly recommend this item!”

This Adhesive Thong If You're Dealing With Sheer, Thin Fabric

When you're dealing with tight dresses and sheer fabrics, you might think your only option is to go commando. The Ultimate Thong gives you a little extra coverage without any lines whatsoever. Instead of straps, it has a skin-friendly cotton material with a body-safe adhesive, both of which cover your front and back without showing through clothes. It’s also reusable for future outfits.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

One reviewer wrote: “This thing was a miracle worker! The material is soft, but nice and thick. The adhesive is really strong. [...] Overall, this thong is well worth the money to avoid the risk of panty lines in comfort!”

This Brilliant Bra That Has Extra-High Sides

Using high sidebands, an extra stretchy fabric, and contoured cups, the Olga No Side Effects bra is designed for an ultra-smooth appearance under clothing. It also has front-adjustable straps for convenience and flat underwire that cradles your chest from center to sides. You can get it in your choice of nine different colors, and so far, it’s racked up over 6,000 five-star ratings from buyers.

  • Available sizes: 36C — 44DD

One reviewer wrote: “This is the most comfortable bra I own. I ordered 6 more in various colors after my initial delivery. [...] My favorite features are the extra material on the outside of the cups to provide support and no spill over for fuller chests.”

This Pair Of Carbon Underwear That Actually Neutralizes Odors

These Shreddies are made from a special carbon filter material (the same stuff used in chemical warfare suits). As a result, they actually absorb and neutralize unwanted odors. Reviewers are using words like "genius," "life-changing," and "effective."

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

One reviewer wrote: “They are especially great for traveling, and I wear a pair to bed every night so I can truly relax without alienating and horrifying my bedmate.”

This Strapless With A Longer Shape, So It Actually Stays Up

Because of its unique butterfly-shaped cups, this Wonderbra strapless bra is designed to actually stay up. It also has silicone piping and a wide structured band that prevents slipping, and while the cups don’t have underwire, they are molded for support. You can get it in black, beige, or brown — and unlike other strapless bras, this one goes as big as a G-cup.

  • Available sizes: 30D — 38G

One reviewer wrote: “This bra is actually so great at holding everything. I was skeptical as my cup size is large (size FF) so was unsure if anything could hold them up but this is great.”

This Convertible Plunge Bra You Can Wear In So Many Different Ways

The Nature Essentials plunge bra can be worn six different ways to suit virtually any outfit. The convertible straps can be adjusted for conventional, halter, or crisscross designs, and the band can be extended so you can wrap it around again, or pull it downward for low backs. Finally, the deep U style and wide-set straps stay out of the way for extra-low necklines.

  • Available sizes: 32A — 42D

One reviewer wrote: “This is such a magical bra! [...] It's super comfy and totally invisible under my low-back dress!”

This Ingenious Bra That Provides Back Support

To reduce back strain and even help with posture, the Playtex posture bra has an elastic X-shaped back to pull shoulders back and together. It also has magic rings technology in the cups to help with support, and the wire-free design, lack of tags, and thick padded straps ensure that you stay comfortable all day long. Finally, since it closes in the front, it’s easy to take off and put on.

  • Available sizes: 36B — 46DD

One reviewer wrote: “It’s always been a big challenge to find bras that fit and do what they advertise. THIS bra is the answer to everything. The back support feels amazing!”

This Comfy Pair That Prevents Chafing

Because they're seam-free, non-constricting, and cover thigh skin, these Undersummers lace shortlettes prevent chafing and rubbing under dresses and skirts. That being said, they're also soft and breathable, so you stay cool despite the extra fabric. People love the lace accents and say they stay put without rolling up or down. They also don't compress, so they're extra comfortable.

  • Available sizes: Small — 4X

One reviewer wrote: “The seamless inner thigh is a must. They do the trick for stopping thigh rub with NO COMPRESSION, and I prefer this prettier, silky fabric to other brands I have tried.”

These Antimicrobial Mesh Panties That Stay Dry And Fresh For Longer

Whether you’re traveling or hiking, if you don't have access to a washing machine for whatever reason, these ExOfficio Give-N-Go briefs are a must. The breathable mesh allows for optimal airflow and sweat-wicking abilities while the antimicrobial treatment reduces unwanted odors for long-term wear. They also dry super quick, are really durable, and are super easy to wash for travel, camping, workouts, or hikes.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — XX-Large

One reviewer wrote: “Update after 8 months of using them: they really don't smell. I've used them when hiking and camping and I was amazed by how well they worked.”

This Stabilizing Sports Bra For Larger Cup Sizes

With front-adjust straps, an internal chafe-free frame, and breathable mesh panels, this New Balance sports bra already has some great features. Throw in the stabilizing fabric and molded wire-free cups that stop all movement (even for larger cups), and reviewers are thrilled. It’s available in black or white, and it’s suitable for the most high-intensity activities.

  • Available sizes: 32B — 44E

One reviewer wrote: “Great for running. Nothing is moving when you are wearing this. I am a 36D and the adjustable straps were excellent.”

This Comfy Bra With Pockets So You Can Customize Your Own Padding

Ever wish you could adjust the padding on your favorite bra depending on the outfit? The MaxTara Special Pocket bra lets you do just that. It’s made from comfortable, breathable cotton with steel underwire, but instead of cups, it has sewed-in pockets so you can insert the silicone breastforms of your choice. It also has a pretty lace design and comes in four color options.

  • Available sizes: 34 — 42

One reviewer wrote: “This bra is perfect for silicone breast forms. At first I thought they would not fit in the pocket because the opening was so small. Not the case, perfect fit.”

This Bra Designed To Keep You Cool, Dry, And Chafe-Free

The Olga Play It Cool contour bra is specifically designed to keep you cool and dry in the hottest weather, and helps prevent dreaded boob sweat. The Chill Fx lining in the cups allows for airflow and wicks moisture away from the body, while the set-in wire-free design keeps you lifted and supported without chafing. It also has wider straps for extra comfort.

  • Available sizes: 36C — 44DD

One reviewer wrote: “Olga has really done a great job of creating a summer bra which wicks sweat away from your skin, looks cute even in DD size, and all without an underwire!”

These Padded Panties That Accentuate Your Butt

This unique pair of butt lifter panties has pads and quality fabric to accentuate your rear end. The body-hugging design provides a seamless look under clothing, and the soft material is breathable and comfortable. You can also get them in your choice of six different colors, and some even have crisscrossing elastic bands for further compression.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large

One reviewer wrote: “Wore this garment under a short black dress and it looked amazing, gave me the look I was going for. Going to try it in jeans to see what the results will be.”

This Wire-Free Bra That Supports Like It Has Underwire

For people with bigger breasts, wire-free bras don't always do the trick. Warner's Cloud 9 bra is here to change that. It has over 17,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars because it actually supports with contoured cups and side/bottom padding, which lifts the breasts to fill the bra. The straps are front-adjustable for added convenience, and it comes in a ton of gorgeous colors, all with sleek fabric that won't show under clothes.

  • Available sizes: 32A — 40C

One reviewer wrote: “Really could not believe how soft and comfy this bra is! I've tried so many top brands, but this is the bomb! This gives me good support without the underwire.”

This Drawstring Bra That Adds Two Cup Sizes Without Padding

This unique drawstring bra creates the illusion of adding two whole cup sizes, and it does so without any lining or seams. Instead, the rounded cups, wide band, and middle string pull breasts upwards and together while plunging in the center for lower necklines. It also comes in several pretty colors and designs and has earned over 19,000 reviews — plus the straps can be removed, too.

  • Available sizes: 32A — 40C

One reviewer wrote: “Best push-up bra on the market! [...] It seriously made me look 2-3 sizes bigger.”

This Handy Bra With Clear Straps

This Capezio clear-back bra is one of the best options when you don’t want to go with an adhesive, but you still want subtly under a backless outfit. The back and shoulder straps are fully transparent, plus the former sits low on the back while the latter pull to the sides. In the front, you’ve got nylon-spandex material (in your choice of nude or mocha) that offers double-layered support without seams.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large

One reviewer wrote: “The back has a thin clear strap and it comes with adjustable clear and nude shoulder straps. It has a surprising amount of support for how thin it is. Wasn't visible through any of my costumes.”

These Panties That Are Both Full-Coverage & Invisible

Hundreds of reviewers are loving these Jockey hip briefs because they're virtually invisible underneath clothing, even though they offer plenty of coverage. The combination of Tactel and Lycra offers a silky smooth feel that glides against other fabrics, and the unique binding stretches with your skin to prevent any panty lines. They come in tons of different colors (including multiple skin tones), and people are also calling them "the most comfortable panties" they've ever put on.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 10

One reviewer wrote: “I have tried different brands of underwear claiming to be line less. These really are. I hate wearing thongs, and I wear a lot of leggings and yoga pants. These are the only ones I have that don't show lines. I just bought two more pairs.”

This Minimizer Bra That Supports Without A Wires Or Padding

This WingsLove comfort minimizer bra has unique features that come together to create a bra that's skin-friendly, breathable, and supportive, all without wires. Full-coverage stitching and thick padded straps boost comfort while the no-padding material feels like you're not even wearing anything. Basically, if you're looking for support without any of the added fluff and volume, this one's for you.

  • Available sizes: 36B — 48H

One reviewer wrote: “I have been looking for a comfortable, wire-free minimizer bra for AGES. [...] I highly recommend these. Much better fitting and more comfortable than bras 2 and 3 times the price!”

This Sports Bra With Underwire For Incredible Support

Underwire is typically found on your everyday bras, but people are calling this wired sports bra the “sports bra dreams are made of!” The underwire is surrounded by soft fabric so it stays comfortable during your most intense workouts, and the foam-lined cups keep things in place during high-intensity training. Last but not least, there are the thick padded straps that are both adjustable and have a racerback design for even more security.

  • Available sizes: 32B — 42F

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best bra I've purchased in a long time. It's part sports bra and part regular bra. The straps are adjustable like a regular bra. The quality is good and it's very comfortable. I am large chested and it's hard to find good support for working out.”

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