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A couple films a seflie video to add to their 2022 recap TikTok for the year.
2022 Season Comes To An End TikTok Trend Shows Your Yearly Recap

Share your year with Harry Styles or Taylor Swift!

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It seems like just yesterday you were blasting “22 (Taylor’s Version)” at your New Year’s Eve party and planning out your goals for 2022. Now, you’re picking out which sparkly ‘fit to wear on Dec. 31 again. This year has flown by, but before you say hello to 2023, you might want to do the “2022 season comes to an end” TikTok trend.

Scrolling through your FYP, you may have seen a few 2022 recap videos pop up already. While there are still some days left in December for epic adventures and memorable moments, many TikTokers are sharing some of their favorite memories through this TikTok trend. Similar to the romanticizing your life trend on TikTok, in which you cut together clips of your life to make it appear more extraordinary, this trend requires you to edit your best 2022 moments into a montage. Think of it like your 2022 trailer of everything epic in less than 30 seconds.

If you’re wondering how to make a 2022 recap TikTok, you’ll first need to start with your music. Your song choice really defines what kind of montage you create and the speed of your edits. The one thing that remains consistent with this trend is that all the remixes use the same sound bite of TikToker and sportscaster Sammy Levitt saying, “And with that, the 2022 season comes to an end.” There are versions with Harry Styles’ “As It Was” for fun montages and others using Coldplay songs like “A Sky Full of Stars” and “Paradise.” You really just have to find the song that matches your year’s vibe, and here are a few to choose from.

“A Sky Full Of Stars”

The most recent addition to the 2022 recap trend is TikToker @itsjovynn’s remix with “A Sky Full of Stars” by Coldplay. The OG video already has over 3M likes in just four days, and it’s no wonder why. The emotional song really picks up the way an epic trailer would. One way to create your 2022 season TikTok is to edit different videos that change at the beat of the song.

You’ll need to first pick about 15 videos from your photo album. The first one should be about four seconds long to last until Levitt says, “good night.” Then, you’ll trim each one of your videos down to about .5 seconds each in the editing tool. That way they are timed with the beat of the song. TikToker @cristinaverdu has a great example of this with about 15 travel videos to showcase her 2022. If you’d like to get fancy, include text at the beginning as well that says, “And with that, the 2022 season comes to an end.”


Another popular version of the trend uses Coldplay’s song “Paradise,” but slowed down a bit. For this version, you’ll edit just the same but to the beat of this song. However, you don’t have to be as precise or perfectly timed as TikToker @angelaliggs demonstrates. You could also get creative with this trend like TikToker @alythuh, who does an “artist edition.” If you created a lot this year, show off your before and after photos to the beat of the song.

“The Nights”

An uplifting version of the 2022 trend uses the song “The Nights” by Avicii. The song says, “He said, ‘One day, you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.’” Going off this lyric, you want to show off the memories you’ll want to look back on for 2022. TikTokers @claireandpeter did a version of this with the prompt, “Our future kids are gonna be like, you did what without us?

“As It Was”

If you took more photos in 2022 than videos or Harry’s House was on the top of your Spotify Wrapped, you may want to do the “As It Was” version of the trend. Following TikToker @tipsforcreatorstutorial, edit together 44 photos that are on screen for about .2 to .8 seconds long.

Of course, you can also use video clips with this song. In fact, a few TikTokers like @heartofhao used this sound to show off all the concerts they went to in 2022. This is a great idea if you ended up going to one of Styles’ Love On Tour concerts this year.

“You’re On Your Own, Kid”

This year might have been your first after graduating or moving to a new city. If that’s the case, you might want to try this trend with Taylor Swift’s “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” This version is also great for Swifties who want to share their favorite moments that include the Midnights release. This version works really well with photos that are edited to the beat of the song, like TikToker @capcutdeyy’s.

“Pursuit Of Happiness”

For a year of major success and partying, you might want to use the 2022 season remix with Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp used this song to show off clips from his year, which included traveling and doing press for Season 4 with his bestie Millie Bobby Brown. For this one, you could even just let TikTok do a sound sync with your clips so it edits everything for you.


Coldplay must be the sound of 2022 recaps, because their song “Clocks” has also been remixed for a 2022 season sound on TikTok. TikToker @annnnerr used this song to showcase all the concerts, parties, and traveling done in 2022. Just make sure you have a clip up front that you put text over before editing together your montage.