100 Genius Gifts On Amazon Prime When You Don't Know What To Give

You’re about to save so much time.

by BDG Commerce
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We've all been there before: that uncomfortable moment when you're gift shopping for someone and you're drawing a total blank when it comes to what to buy them. The great thing about shopping for genius gifts on Amazon Prime is that even if you don't really know someone that well, you're guaranteed to find something really clever that's also useful in everyday life.

If you're shopping on Amazon for gifts, you could start at the Movers and Shakers page, which shows how things are selling over a 24-hour period, this one can actually just tip you off to stuff that's super cool and building buzz online. Or you could check out this curated list so you don't have to do the guesswork anymore. Your choice!

When it comes to giving gifts when you're not completely sure what to buy, sometimes it's best to go with things that have universal appeal. From a set of soothing bath bombs to a beanie that actually plays music, popular products on Amazon can make for really memorable gifts. Best of all, you can practically wait until the last minute to get any of these, since these are all available on Amazon Prime and will arrive in 48 hours.

This Popular Tri-Fold Mirror With Multiple Levels Of Magnification For Different Tasks

When it comes to features, this vanity mirror is basically the best option you can buy. For one, the tri-fold mirror boasts three different levels of magnification — 1X is best for routine beauty tasks, while the 2X and 3X magnifications are ideal for detailed work like tweezing or eye makeup application. Not only that, the mirror has a bright, yet natural 36-LED light panel (it’s powered by USB or AAA batteries), as well as a swivel design for easy access. All of this for a price tag of less than $20? It’s a win-win.

This Stainless Steel Mug That'll Keep Your Drink Warm Or Cool For Hours

Never underestimate the usefulness of a really good travel mug. This stainless steel option has more than 6,000 rave reviews on Amazon, which alone should tell you just how good it is for the job. Durable and insulated, it can keep beverages hot or cold for up to 18 hours at a time — and comes with a wide mouth design, which means it can accommodate ice cubes.

A Timeless Bag For Storing All Your Toiletries

This brilliant toiletry bag is made with faux leather, but it looks like the real thing and exudes timeless sophistication. It comes with four internal pockets, the inside is canvas, and you can hang it or use it laying flat. "The bag looks amazing and it is really well made," wrote one reviewer.

A Funky Muscle Massager That'll Make You Feel So Relaxed

This seven-pronged body massager not only helps relieve muscle tension but also aims to provide deep tissue relief. Use it daily to unwind, improve your sleep, and indulge in a little self-care.

A Tactical Pen That Can Bail You Out Of So Many Situations

This tactical pen is a super useful thing to give — because it's essentially a few gifts in one. Heavy duty yet still light to hold, this military-grade pen is good for writing, but it also works as an emergency window breaker, flashlight, and bottle opener.

A Notebook That You Can Reuse

Tired of wasting paper and looking for a more eco-conscious way to take notes? This smart notebook from Rocketbook is exactly what you need. It comes with 36 reusable pages that you can completely wipe clean with a damp cloth. Designed to be used with Pilot FriXion pens, it also allows you to scan pages using the Rocketbook app — and save them directly in the cloud.

This Set Of Bath Bombs So You Can Unwind In Style

Need some self-care time — or know someone who desperately does? These 12 handcrafted bath bombs are an amazing way to wash away those stresses and relax in true comfort. Formulated for normal and dry skin, each bath bomb has shea and coco butter and are individually wrapped. The scents also vary: there's mango papaya, lavender, lemongrass green tea, and more.

This Aerator That Makes Wine Taste Even Better

Both wine novices and expert sommeliers will notice an improved taste in their wine when utilizing this aerator — it’s designed to infuse the optimal amount of oxygen into the wine, plus it allows it to pour nice and smoothly. The silicone base is totally leak-proof, so no precious vino is wasted. The set includes two aerators as well as a gift box for your convenience.

This Super Strong Pasta Pot With Sturdy Twist-And-Locks Handles

Built with steady, twist-and-lock handles, this sturdy pasta pot won't shake around or splash when you're draining the hot water. The handles are fully heat-resistant too so they will stay cool to the touch and eliminate the need for pot holders. The main chamber is constructed with robust titanium and non-stick ceramic, making it durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

An Adjustable Silk Sleep Mask For Uninterrupted Shut-Eye

If you're a troubled sleeper, this sleep mask is a cheap and incredibly useful thing to have. Made from 100% mulberry silk and totally adjustable, it's lightweight but still powerful enough that it can block out unwanted light anywhere you need to nap. Because this mask uniquely contours to your face, it's more effective than other options on the market that are designed to fit universally.

These Ultra-Comfortable Yoga Pants That Come With Pockets

Not all yoga pants are created equal — and these are the cream of the crop. Made with stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric, these high-waisted versions move with your body and the material is thick, so no one will see through them. Reviewers also say that the pockets on these pants are a huge selling feature — and they're surprisingly spacious.

A Bluetooth-Enabled Beanie That Music Lovers Will Especially Dig

There's so much to enjoy about this knit beanie hat, because not only does it look cute as hell and help keep you warm, but it comes with Bluetooth functionality. Using this you can listen to music and talk on your phone while going hands-free. One reviewer wrote, "[...] I really didn't expect much for that price and was quite surprised by the quality of the material and craftsmanship of the beanie. However the wow factor came when I bluetoothed it to my phone and started playing music. The clarity and quality of the sound is impressive. The convenience of not having to constantly adjust earbuds and lack of wires as well as clarity has created a satisfied customer. [...]"

A Fitness Tracker That Monitors All Your Daily Activity

This fitness tracker is half the price of other popular trackers. It monitors your sleep, logging your sleep duration and consistency so you get real quality data and can help make healthy lifestyle choices. It also records heart rate, steps, distance, and more — and you can connect the GPS to record maps of your workout routes. This also has a USB plug as well as call and message enabling, so you can stay on top of absolutely everything else in your life too.

A Table Stand For Your Laptop That Makes Working From Bed More Fun

If you're working remotely, a table stand like this one can be crucial: Whether you're in bed or you're chilling on the couch, it's ergonomically-designed with adjustable legs and a collapsible frame so you can move it to fit your needs. Another reason to love this stand? It comes with a USB port and two whisper-quiet fans, which help to reduce the operating temperature of your laptop.

These Essential Oils That Promote Greater Tranquility

Eager to explore the benefits of aromatherapy? This gift set features six oils that will absolutely help promote better thinking, concentration, and tranquility. It includes peppermint, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, orange, and eucalyptus, and it pairs perfectly with a standard diffuser or oil burner. You can also dab these oils directly on your wrist (with a carrier oil) or pillow to experience instant benefits.

A Portable Speaker So You Can Jam Out Anywhere

This portable Bluetooth speaker has incredible sound quality and is also powerful enough to provide 10 hours of playtime off of a single charge. It comes with a carabiner clip, so you can hang it from your bag or belt. It's even water-resistant, making it great for beach or pool days.

A Handy Car Mount That's Perfect If You Use Your Phone's GPS To Navigate

This phone mount comes with a disc that secures directly to the dashboard for extra security — and reviewers say it provides an excellent amount of visibility as well. It also pivots around and comes with a lock and release feature, and best of all, it's universally compatible with phones, so it's sure to fit yours.

This Magnesium Cream That Helps You Fall Asleep

If you have trouble sleeping, this easy-to-use magnesium and melatonin cream will feel like a miracle. The balm works like a charm, helping you drift off to sleep without using pharmaceuticals. "An excellent product to help you get to sleep faster," wrote one reviewer. "You just use one press of the pump to release the amount of product and then spread it on your skin. I put some on my temples and the rest on the inside of my arms. It is absorbed fairly quickly and does its job quickly, too. It helps me to get to sleep faster (nothing works all the time) and is a very effective product, easy to use, and not messy.”

19.This Plug-In Night Light That Turns On When Motion Is Detected

This plug-in motion night light is motion-activated, saves energy, and has three settings — so it can be used to add ambiance to a room if you want something brighter or you can dim it down. "Perfect for my bathrooms and the hallway to the master suite - just enough of a night light that brightens the area as one approaches, but the light is soft enough to guide one through the night/dark without it being shocking," described one reviewer.

A Bath Pillow So You Can Soak Up The Suds In Style

A simple but brilliant luxury, this spa pillow is two-inches thick, providing tons of support and comfort for your head it neck. This pillow is equipped with seven suction cups on the back, so it is sure to stay in place while you relax and unwind in the bath or hot tub, whether the edges are straight or curved. It's quick-drying and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it getting musty or moldy, too.

This Innovative Stick For Cleaning Jewelry

Cleaning jewelry is about to get a lot easier with this pen, which delivers a specialized cleaning solution to diamonds — and getting behind their mountings for a deeper clean. This contains a polymer-enhanced formula that can improve the look of gems without damaging or making them cloudy in the process.

A Radio Adapter That's Bluetooth-Enabled, So You Can Play Anything From Your Phone

This Bluetooth-enabled radio adapter is a great way to make your car even more enjoyable to ride in. Compatible with most devices — including Apple and Android smartphones — this comes with a huge LCD display and allows you to take calls while in use. It also comes with a 5-volt port, so you can charge devices while you're using it — making it a major must-have if you spend a lot of time in your car.

This Wallet-Sized Tool That Has 18 Different Uses

You'll want to file this 18-in-one multi-purpose tool under the category of best things ever. The Wallet Ninja is the first flat multi-tool and is designed to fit in most standard sized wallets. Made for heat-treated steel, this works as a nail puller, cell phone stand, can opener, box cutter, eyeglass screwdriver, and so much more. With an almost perfect five-star rating on Amazon, this is one nifty little device that virtually anyone can get use out of.

A Convenient Bedside Caddy That Keeps Everything Within Arm's Reach

If your bedroom tends to get messy and cluttered, this bedside caddy is a genius solution that will keep your things organized and off the ground. Plus, it allows you to have everything you use in bed to be kept within arm's reach. The convenient accessory features four roomy pockets designed to hold things like glasses, books, electronic tablets, phones, remote controls, and other items you want to keep close at hand.

These Flameless Candles That Really Set The Mood

Want to make your home a more calming environment but eager to avoid real candles because of the potential for spills and accidents? These flameless LED candles are the solution, since they cast an entrancing glow but they don't have real flames. Good for 50,000 hours of glow time, these come with a built-in timer and remote. Made from real wax, these candles are a real mood-setter.

A Waterproof Bag That You Can Take On All Your Outdoor Adventures

For hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures, this waterproof dry bag offers unbeatable protection. Available in a range of sizes, this comes with a backpack-style shoulder strap and sternum strap for extra security. It's rugged enough to endure all kinds of conditions, and will keep your items dry and secure.

A Splatter Guard To Protect You From Painful Oil Splatters While Cooking

This splatter guard will protect your hands and wrists from painful splatters as you cook — and it’ll also keep it off of surrounding surfaces (think: walls, counters, and appliances)... aka less cleanup for you! Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the splatter guard features extra-fine mesh, and it’s 13 inches in size to fit on most pots, pans, and skillets. The plastic handle is heat-resistant, so that you can hold onto it without worry.

A Set Of Shockingly Sturdy Kitchen Utensils For All Of Your Cooking Needs

This utensil set comes with everything needed to create delectable meals at home — this includes a variety of spoons, a square slotted turner, a ladle, a potato masher, a whisk, and tongs. Each of the utensils are made from one solid piece of stainless steel, so they’re much sturdier than your average set. And the included sleek utensil holder will keep all of the components organized.

This Scalp Massaging Brush That Can Help Reduce Dandruff

Dandruff can be a hassle, but this massaging shampoo brush from Vitagoods can actually help eliminate dead skin cells and oil build-up on the scalp — all while promoting healthy hair growth. Battery-operated and water-resistant, this has two speeds and comes in a variety of colors.

A Pair Of Rechargeable Book Lights For More Comfortable Reading At Night

Have a book that you just can’t seem to put down? These book lights will ensure that you’ll be able to read it all night long without any uncomfortable eye straining, since they put out the perfect amount of light to illuminate the pages. Each clip-on book light has a flexible neck that can be positioned exactly as desired, along with three different light settings — white, daylight, or amber. The battery is rechargeable (a USB charging cable is included), though it lasts 30-plus hours so you won’t need to do it often.

This Organizer That Can Make It Easier To Find Things In Your Purse

Tired of digging through your purse for things and never seeming to find what you're looking for? This bag insert can bring order to your messy bag and make it easier to track down things you really need. It comes with 12 pockets in total, including four exterior pockets, eight interior pockets, and a removable set of middle pockets. This insert is also lightweight and easy to swap between bags, and is made from soft felt material.

A How-To Guide To Dot-Grid Journals

Streamline your life with this how-to introduction to dot journaling. Featuring 208 numbered dot-grid pages, you can tinker with creative layouts and make easy to-do lists that'll keep you on track with big plans. You can also learn symbols that'll make these lists more effective and spreads to help plan your day, week, month, or year. It also comes with a flexible cover and elastic closure and ribbon to keep all your things in place.

This Hanging Organizer To Store A Bunch Of Purses

Any purse lover will surely be able to take advantage of this hanging organizer, which has eight generously-sized slots to hold a variety of handbags and purses. Each slot is clear, allowing the contents inside to easily be seen for fast bag selection. And the organizer boasts a hook on top, so it can be hung up in a closet.

A Double-Sided Lighted Mirror So You Can Get Up Close And Personal

More than 4,000 reviewers rave that this lighted makeup mirror is one of the best beauty investments around. This double-sided mirror rotates 360-degrees and offers intense magnification, so you can really get a good view. It also comes in a polished chrome finish.

This Journal That Tracks How Your Life Changes Over Five Years

Most of us have no clue where we'll be in five years. But if you've got this five-year journal, you'll know that at the very least, you'll still be answering questions in this little book. There's a variety of interesting prompts — On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you? — and a series of off-the-wall ones that you answer every day so you can keep a concise journal.

A Set Of Makeup Brushes For Professional-Like Results

This 14-piece set of makeup brushes are a steal at their price — and include everything you need to get the look you really want. Made with synthetic hairs, these are soft to the touch but also dense enough that foundation, powders, and other cosmetics blend easily. This includes nine brushes specifically for eye makeup application, plus five larger Kabuki brushes.

This Exfoliating Back Scrubber That Can Reach Everywhere

Whether you struggle with back acne or you're just looking to give yourself a good scrub down, this back scrubber is a shower accessory that can really get the job done. It has two sides: one is a loofah-like exfoliant, and the other is soft microfiber and can massage and buff exposed skin. Easy to use and designed to dry quickly, this scrubber won't get moldy in the shower and is machine-washable, so you can have it for years to come.

A Stylish Belt Made From Genuine Leather

A good belt is something that never goes out of style, and this genuine leather belt comes with 32 ratchet notches to adjust, so it'll last a long time and fit anyone. It also features a zinc alloyed buckle, which is resistant to scratches. Reviewers say it's good quality and easy to use.

A Fluoride-Free Toothpaste That Can Help Brighten Your Smile

Made in Florence, Italy, this fluoride-free toothpaste can deliver long-lasting freshness to your mouth, while also helping to invigorate your smile. Peppermint-flavored for an intense taste it works to remove plaque and tartar build-up. Since it's also completely vegan and free of parabens and gluten, it's a must for those with sensitive teeth.

A Set Of Travel Cubes So Your Luggage Is More Organized

Traveling can be stressful on its own, but if you're also spending most of your time sifting through suitcases trying to find what you need, it can be even worse. That's what's so great about this set of travel cubes — it comes with six lightweight containers in different sizes, which you can use to organize your bags easily. They also have mesh panels, so you can see through them and find what you need quickly.

This Cuticle Cream That’s Packed With Hydrating Ingredients

With hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, and Vitamin E, this cuticle cream goes above and beyond to nourish your cuticles for stronger, shinier nails... you’ll see visible results instantly! The precision tip makes for easy, mess-free application. And it’s recommended to use this pick daily for two weeks, then three times per week after that for best results.

A Stackable Lunch Box So You Can Pack Everything You Need

This stackable, all-in-one bento box is an amazing way to bring everything you need for lunch or dinner from home. It's safe to use in the microwave, freezer, or dishwasher, and it's BPA-free, too. Since it comes with built-in plastic silverware and the top container nests inside the bottom for better storage, you can also minimize clean-up time with this.

This Essential Oil Diffuser For Aromatherapy Lovers

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to explore the benefits of aromatherapy, but this device offers is something especially cool: It can flash in eight different LED light colors. This diffuser also has two misting modes and has an automatic shut-off functionality, so it won't overheat if it ends up running out of water.

An Ingenious Bathtub Caddy

Built to fit most bathtubs, this caddy has sides that can extend out to 41 1/2 inches and is fitted with a sturdy shelf, which can easily fit a book or tablet. There are also compartments for wine, candles, soaps, and other luxuries, too.

A Facial Cleansing Brush That Can Make Your Skin Feel Incredible

Whether you’re looking for a daily deep clean or exfoliating, this water resistant facial and body cleansing brush can do the job. This is the top-selling facial cleaning brush on Amazon thanks to its bristles that are soft but effective. This brush is great for traveling since it's powered by two AA batteries.

An Incredibly Soothing Way To Stay Warm Through The Cold

During the chillier months of the year, this heated throw blanket is one of the best snuggle companions you'll ever find. It comes with reversible sides — sherpa on one and ultra-soft mink fabric on the other — and has a controller that gives you the total ability to monitor heat levels. It even has an automatic shut-off function to prevent overheating.

A Chiller That'll Keep Your Beer Cool

Keep your brew chilled with these weird but genius chillers. To use, just freeze and insert into a standard beer bottle, then drink right through the top. Because it's made of resilient stainless steel, these chillers are also easy to use and to clean.

These Sleek Bottles To Dispense Olive Oil In Style

These sleek and slim olive oil dispensers are far more attractive than your average bottles — they’d look gorgeous displayed on your countertops or dining table. But looks aside, they’re also highly functional, since the brown-colored glass protects the contents inside from sunlight, preserving its freshness. Included with this set are four pouring spouts (two have a flip top to prevent drips, while the others have a dust cap for protection), and also a pair of caps and plug-in stoppers that provide an airtight seal.

A Portable Charger That'll Keep Your Battery Fully Loaded

It's never a good thing to run out of battery power on your phone, especially if you're on the go. That's what's so great about this portable charger — it can charge your phone or tablet as long as you have your USB charger with you. This charger is slim and lightweight, so it easily slips in your bag or pocket and can charge your phone from zero to 100 as many as two times over.

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker To Start Your Morning Off Right

There’s nothing better than starting your day off with an outstanding cup of joe — and this cold brew coffee maker will ensure that happens. It’s incredibly simple to use; just add in your ground coffee, pour in water, let it brew for 12 to 24 hours, and enjoy! The pitcher can make up to 4 cups of coffee, though smaller and larger options are also available.

This Continuous Mist Spray Bottle With An Abundance Of Uses Around Your Home

This continuous mist spray bottle is the ultimate multi-tasker — put your favorite cleaning products in it for a quick and easy scrub down, or fill it with water to take care of your plants, wet your hair, groom your pet... the list goes on and on. And the best part? It can be re-filled as often as you please. The bottle is made from BPA-free plastic, and it has a comfortable grip for easy holding.

A Himalayan Salt Scrub That’s Amazingly Exfoliating

This Himalayan salt scrub will give you a spa-like experience all from the comfort of home. The scrub provides amazing exfoliation for both your face and body, plus it’s packed with other skin-benefitting ingredients like collagen for skin cell longevity and hydrating aloe vera. This pick is backed by thousands of glowing Amazon reviews, with one commenter writing, “Best scrub that I have tried to date. It leaves my skin silky smooth.”

This Facial Spray That's Like A Pick-Me-Up To Tired Skin

For tight, dry skin that's dehydrated, this facial spray can bring soothing relief. Formulated with aloe vera, thyme, gardenia, rose, and rosewater, this spray is gentle on all skin types and can reinvigorate even the most damaged skin, restoring its dewiness and shine.

These Masks That Make Feet Feel Baby Soft

Say goodbye to dry, cracked, or callused feet — these peel masks are designed to make your feet feel baby soft. To use, simply slide your feet into the masks and wear them for 60 minutes. In 6 to 11 days, your feet will start to peel, leaving behind much smoother skin. This pick is backed by a whopping 4.6-star rating overall on Amazon after 64,500-plus reviews, with one reviewer calling this product “a total game changer!”

Bubble Clay Mask That More Than 5,000 Reviewers Love

This carbonated bubble clay mask has a cult-like following on Amazon — and it's definitely one of those skincare items that everyone should try at least once. Made in South Korea, this mask targets blackheads, removing them and exfoliating pores completely. It has a detoxifying effect thanks to the combination of clay mud and charcoal powder, and it helps to tighten skin and get rid of dirt. While technically it "turns you into a bubble monster," as one reviewer describes, it also delivers an incredible super-clean feel that'll feel like a treat for skin.

A Five-Star Rated Card Game Where You Conspire To Hide (Or Steal) Assets

This five-star rated game is one of the cleverest games you'll ever play. Designed to be highly competitive and easy to learn, the focus of this game is to battle to become the first millionaire to totally conceal your assets. You can steal assets from other players too, which gives this game a real edge. "Love this game! So interactive and unpredictable. This is great for a bigger group of people and only takes a few minutes to teach newbies," one reviewer raved.

These Fine Line Pens That Can Help You Stay Organized

Whether you're drawing or you're trying to jot down relevant notes for your daily planner, the fine-tipped pens in this set dry quickly and have minimal bleeding. Each set comes with 18 colors and are made with acid-free, non-toxic ink. They also come in a clear vinyl bag, so you can keep track of them no matter what you're doing.

This Streak-Free Self-Tanner That Won't Turn You Orange

This popular self-tanning lotion is a non-greasy solution that will give you a natural-looking glow on your skin within four to six hours. This tanner is free of parabens and other chemicals, and reviewers say it dries in minutes. It will leave your skin with an authentic-looking glow and without even a hint of orange.

These Budget-Friendly Pillowcases That Are Surprisingly Soft

These pillowcases are certainly budget-friendly (the pair only costs around $10!), but that doesn’t mean they sacrifice when it comes to quality. “These pillowcases are so soft and feel great against your skin,” remarks one Amazon reviewer. And another wrote, “One of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases.” The pillowases are made from microfiber, and they’re machine washable for ease. Choose from standard/queen and king sizes, as well as a variety of color options.

An Electric Blanket That'll Keep You Warm In Your Car During Chillier Months

Tired of feeling chilly when you're traveling in the car? This electric blanket can warm you right up. Designed to plug into a cigarette lighter, this 12-volt electric blanket heats up and comes with a 96-inch cord, so you can even hand it over even to people in the backseat. Reviewers recommend getting it with a two-way adapter splitter, and say it makes a terrific car accessory, especially if you're embarking on a long trip.

This Soap Made From Actual Beer And Ground Hops

Perfect for beer lovers, this scented soap is made from actual ground hops and real beer — and can leave your skin and hair smelling and feeling amazing. Available in a variety of scents — including hoppy IPA, honey pilsner, breakfast stout, and more — this soap is packed with minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, so it definitely won't dry out skin.

A Handheld Vacuum That'll Keep Your Car Super Clean

Your car can become a huge mess if you're not too careful — which is one of the advantages of having a handheld vacuum specifically for your car. It has several attachments to make it easier to suck up dirt, dust, crumbs, and other things that may be in the crevices of your car. The power cord that plus into your cigarette lighter, and it comes with a storage bag to stow all of the loose parts.

This Inverted Umbrella That's Built To Last

It's easy to lose track of umbrellas, but this double-layer inverted umbrella is one that's too good to forget. It's made from resilient cloth, and is designed to be durable and wind-proof, so it won't break easily in harsh climates. It also comes with a unique C-shaped handle, which you can put over your arm to hold other things as needed. It also has UPF protection built into it.

A Table-Top Game That Provokes Serious Questions

This compelling set of cards is great if you have a dinner party or soiree that you're hosting and you're looking for a way to engage everyone on a deeper level. It includes 135 conversation-starting questions — and can help people get to know each other a lot better.

This Sports Game That's Good For Folks Of All Ages

Whether you're indoor or outdoor, Spikeball is a thrilling way to pass the time and can make any backyard, beach, or tailgate get-together even more enjoyable. Seen on Shark Tank, this kit comes with a net, three balls, a drawstring bag, and a big rule book. You can fold it up easily for storage and you can play casually or with a larger group of friends. "Highly recommend to anyone looking for moderate to heavy outdoor activity! Spikeball is super engaging and will keep you moving until you work up a sweat," one reviewer noted.

A Microfiber Towel That Dries Super Fast

For a fast-drying, super absorbent towel that you can repeatedly use in a short time, this microfiber towel from Rainleaf really does the trick. It's antibacterial and safe to use on even the most sensitive skin. It's also compact and lightweight, and comes with a reusable carrying bag which makes it ideal for beach, camping, or gym use.

A Collapsible Water Bottle That Hikers Can Get Tons Of Use Out Of

If you love outdoor adventures, you know how essential it is to have a water bottle that's durable, ultra-compact, and incredibly portable. This collapsible water bottle is all that and more, because it's designed to roll up and loop around your wrist for easy transportation. That makes this BPA-free silicone bottle one of the best for any kind of trip or hike. It's also dishwasher-safe and easy to refill, so you can get plenty of use out of it.

A “Claw-Some” Utensil Holder That Attaches To Pots & Pans

It’s basically impossible to not chuckle every time you bust out this crab-shaped utensil holder... It’s seriously claw-some! Jokes aside, it’s actually quite a functional kitchen tool — the crab attaches to the side of pots and pans, and it can hold a spoon, tong, or ladle, so you’ll always have your trusty cooking utensil within reach. The crab is made from silicone that’s non-slip and heat-resistant.

An Atlas Filled With Fascinating Information About Obscure Places About The World

This Atlas is the perfect way to learn about hundreds of the strangest and most mysterious places around the world. It includes natural wonders (like glowworm caves in New Zealand), architectural phenomenons, strange events around the world, and eerie spots such as the eccentric bone museums in Italy. The book contains hundreds of photographs, charts, and maps for various regions around the world, and one fan says it’s “a perfect book for a two minute break whenever your spirit needs boosting.”

A WiFi Smart Plug That Lets You Control Electronics Right From Your Phone

With no hub required, this Wi-Fi smart plug can control various electronics throughout your home at just the touch of a button on your smartphone. While it is compatible with voice control through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant you can also simply sync it up by downloading the POPOTAN app on your smartphone. This device allows you to control many devices at the touch of a button.

A Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow That Regulates Temperature For The Perfect Sleep

Available in a standard, queen, or king size, this ventilated memory foam pillow includes a temperature-regulating gel that helps you achieve the ideal sleep conditions. The foam is gentle while also being firm, so you can experience pressure relief and maximized air circulation at the same time. It’s also super easy to care for, as the removable pillow cover is machine-washable.

This Glittery Top Coat That Turns Your Nail Polish Into A Hologram

Formulated with tiny holographic film particles, this unique top coat gives your nail polish a sparkling three-dimensional effect. It's easy to use, fast-drying, and doesn't have a weird smell. "The glitters they use are like crazy-bright tiny rainbow diamond fireballs in sunlight, but scattered enough that they don't interfere with the patterns I've worked so hard with tape/vinyls to create," wrote one reviewer.

This Large Water Bottle With Time Reminders To Help You Stay Hydrated

This water bottle will ensure that you stay on top of your hydration — it can hold up to 1 gallon’s worth of your favorite drink, plus it has time markers on the side, allowing you to easily track your daily intake. This pick comes with two leak-proof lids, one of which has a silicone straw should that be your preferred drinking method. Amazon reviewers are wild about this water bottle, giving it a solid 4.5-star rating overall on the site, after 20,300-plus reviews, so you can rest assured that it has widespread appeal.

A Car Charger With Five Different USB Ports

With this five-port car charger, you’ll never have to worry about choosing between your phone, tablet, and ebook ever again. Whether you’re on a long road trip or simply stuck in traffic, this charger has five different USB ports, so you can quickly charge all your various devices at the same time. The 5-foot cable provides extra flexibility, and the device is designed to charge your items up to twice as fast as most chargers.

A Nearly Indestructible Glass Loaf Pan

This loaf pan is made from tough borosilicate glass — it’s virtually unbreakable, even as you transfer it between the freezer, oven, microwave, and table. Its long, slender shape is perfect for making casseroles, meat loaf, and a wide variety of desserts. And when it comes time to clean up, the loaf pan can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. Also included with this pick is an airtight lid that’ll keep food nice and fresh.

A Moisturizing Lip Scrub Made From Natural Hawaiian Ingredients

This sugar lip scrub is a wonderful way to gently moisturize and exfoliate your lips. It’s made from natural Hawaiian ingredients including raw cane sugar crystals (for exfoliation) and Hawaiian kukui nut oil and shea butter (for moisture). The mixture is cruelty-free and also free of parabens and phthalates. One satisfied fan says this lip scrub “always makes my lipstick look 10 times better. I used to get that dead skin on the inner corners of my lips. This is a lifesaver!”

A Milk Frother That Lets You Make Beautiful Lattes Right At Home

Say goodbye to $6 lattes, because this handheld milk frother is the perfect way to make delicious caffeinated drinks right in your own kitchen. The battery-operated device will allow you to create a rich and creamy froth just like the professionals — and in a matter of 15 seconds or less. In addition to creating frothy cream, it can also be used to mix hot and cold drinks, cocktails, and eggs as well. The frother is made from rust-resistant stainless steel components, and is designed to operate with little noise.

These Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats That Don’t Require Any Coating

This pack of mats couldn’t make baking any more convenient. They don’t require any oil or cooking sprays, as they’re already made from a non-stick silicone material. They’re safe in the oven up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and one also comes with pre-established guidelines to make 30 macaron halves or uniform cookie shapes on each sheet.

A Dual-Sided Mallet To Tenderize Meat

Quickly and easily tenderize chicken, beef, or pork with the help of this meat mallet. The dual-sided pick is flat on one side for pounding, and spiked on the other for tenderizing. And since it has a top-heavy design, minimal effort means maximum results. The non-slip handle is easy to grip as you work.

An Acacia Cutting Board That’s Beautiful & Functional

The versatility of this cutting board is impressive — it can function as a cutting board, yes, but also as a piece of home decor or even as a serving tray for charcuterie, desserts, and more. That aside, it’s also a true stunner. The cutting board is handcrafted from premium acacia wood (which has moisture-resistant properties), and it has a long rectangular shape with a convenient carrying handle.

This Ointment That Rejuvenates Skin Using Natural Qualities From A Snail

This rejuvenating skin treatment is predominantly made up of — wait for it — snail mucus extract. And it’s for a great reason: snail mucus secretion has a thick, elastic texture (similar to honey) that soothes, hydrates, and nourishes skin while also providing nutrients. The formula contains cacao tree extract and five types of vitamins that soothe the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid that provides moisture. It’s free from parabens and artificial fragrances or colors, and requires only a small drop of the product with each use.

This Hair Mask That Promises To Repair Dry & Damaged Strands

Designed for all hair types, this hair mask is said to work on a molecular level, providing deep conditioning and moisturization in order to repair dry, damaged strands. Reviewers on Amazon stand by these claims, with one reviewer commenting, “This product has completely transformed my hair! [...] My hair looks super healthy and moisturized and the frizz is almost non-existent.” This hair mask is paraben-, mineral oil-, and sulfate-free. Plus, it’s vegan.

A Set Of Women’s Under That’s The Perfect Combo Of Soft And Breathable

This set of bikini underwear from Jockey is mid-rise and is stretchy and durable. Each set comes with three different colorsor designs, and every pair is machine-washable and dryer-safe. One satisfied fan summed them up as follows: “They are soooo soft, wash well, fit well, and don’t leave those “dents” in your leg, butt, and hip that other undies can do. They also breathe well… you pretty much forget they are on, which is awesome for underwear.”

A Whiskey Stones Set So You Don’t Have To Settle For A Diluted Drink

A watered down drink simply doesn’t taste as good — luckily, these whiskey stones ensure that doesn’t happen, since they keep your favorite beverage perfectly chilled sans ice (just make sure to stick the stones in the freezer so they get cold). The six stones are made from natural, machine-polished granite. And also included in the set are cool twisted drinking glasses made from crystal, two humorous coasters, whiskey cocktail cards, and a velvet bag to corral the stones in the freezer. This pick boasts a near-perfect star-rating on Amazon, after 1,000-plus reviews, with one whiskey connoisseur writing, “this mix set fulfills my whiskey needs.”

A Large, Heavy-Duty Wok Pan To Perfect An At-Home Stir Fry

This large, 13-inch wok pan can certainly be used to make a mean stir fry — but honestly, its usefulness extends beyond that since it can be used for steaming, deep frying, boiling, and searing, too. Made from three layers of stainless steel (with an aluminum core), the wok is extremely heavy-duty for use on gas, electric, or induction stoves, and the round bottom cooking surface is totally non-stick and scratch-resistant for your convenience. Also included are a stainless steel dome-shaped lid, as well as a spatula with a bamboo handle.

This Handy Car Trash Can To Keep Messes To A Minimum

This car trash can will become one of those practical items that you can’t live without — it is incredibly useful for keeping messes at bay inside of your vehicle, since it can fasten to a headrest, console, or door handle (using the included adjustable strap) for easy access. Made from a waterproof material, the trash can handles liquids without worry. And the magnetic lid ensures all of the contents remain inside it. This pick comes with disposable liners to help keep the can’s interior clean.

This Heat Cap That Makes Hair Conditioning Treatments So Much More Effective

Wear this heat cap during your next deep conditioning hair treatment, and you’ll be *shocked* by how much more effective it makes it! It’s simple to use — just apply a conditioning treatment to your damp hair, warm up the cap in the microwave, and place it on your head — and wildly convenient, since it’s totally cord-free. This pick is has been worn by thousands of Amazon reviewers, and they can vouch for how well it works. “This cap makes it so much easier to deep condition. [...] I’ve used it twice and can already tell a difference in my hairs moisture retention,” writes one.

A Humor-Based Card Game That’s Appropriate For All Audiences

Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, this is a family-friendly card game that (despite the name) is appropriate for everyone. It works as a fill-in-the-blank style card game that’s easy to learn and simple to play, and includes over 450 durable and long-lasting cards. It’s appropriate for ages eight and up, and can range anywhere from four to 10 players. One fan writes: “We took it out for the kids during a family BBQ and they had tons of old-fashioned fun, playing, talking to each other and laughing, instead of staring into screens. And, contrary to the name of the game, I approve as parent! We're definitely taking it out during the holidays.”

A Organization Caddy To Eliminate Clutter In Your Vehicle

Clutter getting a bit out of hand in your vehicle? This organization caddy can keep it contained, since it boasts nine storage pockets (including built-in cup holders) in various sizes to store all the things. The organizer has two handles, allowing you to relocate it throughout your vehicle as needed — some Amazon reviewers find it most useful in the trunk, while others prefer it within reach on a seat or the floor — and it collapses down to nearly flat when not in use. Choose from a few solid color options, as well as some fun prints like unicorns, geometric, or planets.

This Fallout-Free Glitter Gel For Your Face & Body

If you’ve ever tried applying loose glitter on your body, you likely know that more of it tends to end up on surrounding surfaces than your actual skin. However, this glitter gel is different — simply swipe it on your skin, and once dry, there will be absolutely no fallout. Plus, it’s made from some great ingredients, including aloe vera to hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving it overly greasy. Utilize this pick at a festival, for a Halloween costume, or even just daily wear... it’s sure to be a hit!

A Wine Chiller Set So Your Vino Remains At The Perfect Drinking Temperature For Longer

You’ll be glad to have this wine chiller set with you on your next outing to keep your favorite vino perfectly chilled — bring it to the beach, on a picnic, to the pool, or even just enjoy it from the comforts of home. This set comes with two cups and a large bottle-shaped holder, all of which are made from sturdy stainless steel (it’s nearly unbreakable!) with vacuum insulation technology. The sliding lids on the cups are nearly spill-proof thanks to a silicone seal. And the bottle boasts a screw-top lid that’s leak-free.

This Stretching Strap That’s Perfect For Yoga, Pilates, Healthy Muscle Recovery, And More

Made from a strong, woven nylon material with 10 individual loops, this stretching strap will help you perform various activities — including warm ups, pilates, yoga, physical therapy exercises, and more. It can even help you safely perform stretches on your own that typically require assistance from another person. As one fan writes: “I'm the least flexible person in the world. And all my muscles are constantly clenched because I sleep knotted up in a ball and keep all of my stress stored safely in my muscles. BUT – this thing is amazing for stretching, especially if you are not naturally stretchy. I hate exercise but stretching with this strap saves me from crumbling to the ground in a pile of snapped tendons.”

A Cult-Favorite Spray That Adds Major Volume To Hair

If you're giving someone a gift that loves living the glam life, try out this dry texturizing spray: It adds major volume to roots without feeling sticky or tacky, and also adds texture and removes build-up like a dry shampoo. Best of all, it's invisible, so it won't leave a white cast behind.

A Running Belt That’s The Ultimate Combination Of Comfortable & Functional

This running belt is compact enough to not get in your way as you wear it, and yet, it can actually hold a good number of necessities, including your phone, ID, keys, and headphones — plus, there’s a zipper to keep them secure. The pouch is made from flexible neoprene for comfort and durability, and there’s a reflective strip for better visibility. The waistband strap is adjustable in size.

A Pair Of Stainless Steel Racks That Help Food Cool Down Much Faster

These cooling racks are a necessity in the kitchen — whenever you pull food out of the oven or off the grill, you’ll want to transfer it to these racks (which feature a grid pattern for airflow) to help it cool down much, much faster. Made from ultra-durable stainless steel, the racks are oven safe up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit, and they’re even dishwasher safe, too, for super easy clean up.

These Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths That Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Smooth Clean

Made from a soft and non-irritating microfiber material, these reusable makeup remover cloths will lift makeup, dirt, and oil from your face as gently as possible. They eliminate your need for disposable makeup remover pads, which not only saves you money, but is friendly on the environment as well. You can use them with just water or combine them with your preferred facial cleanser or makeup remover. Once they’re dirty, just toss them right in the wash and you can use them over and over again.

A Derma Roller That Fans Say Makes Skin Smoother

If you’ve never used a derma roller on your skin, this is your sign to give it a try — Amazon reviewers absolutely rave about this handy tool, with commenters noting that it makes skin smoother and brighter overall. Plus, it helps with product absorption. “I cannot believe how a simple tool can make such a big difference, but it does,” writes one fan. The derma roller boasts 540 super short titanium needles (0.25 millimeters, to be exact), and the set comes with a case for storage.

A Silky Shampoo That's Made With Super Soft Argan Oil

This smooth and silky argan oil shampoo combines nourishing natural ingredients to make your hair soft and shiny. The keratin hair treatment is made with avocado oil, peach kernel oil, silk protein, and a mix of vitamins including A, D, E, and others. "My hair just loves this shampoo," wrote one customer. "I also find that it goes a very long way and have used the same small bottle for months."

A Stainless Steel Soap Bar That Removes Odors From Your Hands

For the person who loves to cook but also loves not smelling like garlic and onions, this stainless steel soap is a kitchen necessity. Using cold water, simply wash your hands with this like you would with a regular bar of soap. In just 30 seconds, the negative charge of the stainless steel combined with the positive charge of cold water will remove unwanted odors from your hands completely. It's science!

This Clever Fat Strainer And Measuring Cup

Made with BPA-free, heat-resistant plastic, this 4-cup measuring cup will separate unwanted fat from delicious juices while you're cooking. The removable strainer acts as a first line of defense to remove larger bits of fat, while the cup's unique design lets you pour out the juices while leaving the rest of the fat behind, to save or toss as you see fit.

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