Why Zodiac Signs That Don't Align Can Make The Best Relationships

by Zoya Gervis
Jayme Burrows

You may be new to the dating scene and trying out online dating for the first time, or you've come to your first argument with your current partner and decide it's way too early in the relationship for a fight.

Let's analyze this frost scenario: You match up with a handsome guy based on his cleverly mastered profile. So you delve deeper and find him on Facebook, without much staking you discover his birthday and begin upon the potentially disastrous journey of discovering whether or not the stars are aligned for you and this mystery dude.

And then it hits you like a ton of bricks: the astrological gurus have determined that your two signs are incompatible. You're a Cancer and he is an Aries. Meaning, you are soft-spoken and crave stability, while he is terribly spontaneous and impatient.

Perhaps you desire stability and crave a routine, while your "match" would prefer to drop everything and fly to Australia on a whim.

So, is the relationship doomed before it can even begin? Maybe not.

1. Go on that first date.

At this point, you've probably relegated this guy as someone with zero relationship potential, but I urge you to drop that mentality.

Astrology seems to be viewed and adhered to more by women than men. And while I find myself identifying with the characteristics of a typical Cancer female, I am aware that not all people identify so closely with their zodiac signs.

As someone who reads about astrology is my spare time, I know very well that there is more to a person than their zodiac sign. True astrologers examine a persons birth chart to really be able to "read" an individuals characteristics, compatibility and career aspirations.

In the end, we can all get along with any sign. Some relationships, however, may simply take a little more work.

Take my mom and I for instance. I am a Cancer, my mom, a Leo. We love and care for each other, and we are the best of friends. My mom and my dad were married for 20 years, he a Cancer, she a Leo. They aren't supposed to work, and somehow they found a way to create a family and continue to get along.

Were there roadblocks and obstacles? Absolutely. But their core values were there from the beginning, and those shared values allowed them to endure a wonderful marriage that created beautiful memories for our family.

2. The ones that were supposed to work but didn't.

Now, I give you permission to think about all of your exes. We're there any that you were supposed to be compatible with but it just didn't work out?

For instance, I dated a Taurus for a while, it was one of my longest relationships, and I ended up cheating on him. And then there was a Pisces who couldn't commit. All these past relationships with people that were seemingly compatible, never really were.

It's a bit arbitrary to eliminate potential partners based on the potential incompatibility of your two zodiac signs. In a way, you're just closing yourself off from having opportunities to even meet other people.

3. Relationships are our very best teachers.

All relationships serve a purpose in our lives. We come out of every relationship knowing ourselves just a little better. Whether that person was astrologically compatible with you or not, they taught you something about relationships and possibly even yourself.

My past relationships have taught me how strong I am, how fast I fall in love, how guarded I am and how to love myself even more. So when I begin a new relationship, or am in the early stages of dating, I try to go slow and be a better version of myself each and every time.

Relationships are never black and white. They are a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. Some push you way out of your comfort zone, some feel like home, and others challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

In this digital age of meeting people online, knowing nothing about them, dating becomes more like a job interview than a relaxed experience.

Just because we can filter so many qualities to the surface doesn't necessarily mean that we should. The fun about dating is getting to find out about who people are by going on multiple dates with them.

I am a huge believer in intuition. As a Cancer, I've been told that I have a strong intuitive side. And so I try to trust my gut in all areas of my life. Especially in dating, where a variety of factors make up who is a good partner for us.

So, before you cancel that dinner date with the cute Aries because you're incompatible, remember that he may actually be more of a Pisces, and could be the person who makes you the very best version of yourself.