Zendaya's New Favorite Beauty Product Is Seriously Going To Gross You Out

Frazer Harrison / Staff

Summer, while rife with opportunities to take a load off by swimming or drinking rosé atop floating pool swans, can actually wreak havoc on your feet. That's right, if between sweaty temperatures, sandal-induced calluses, and dried-out skin your feet do not look like they belong in The Walking Dead, you've been blessed with some kind of museum-worthy miracle hooves. Even stunning actress/singer/glitter kitten Zendaya announced on her blog yesterday that she suffers from "rough a*s feet." So what did that 20-year-old do? Zendaya used a Baby Foot peel, and the results were gloriously disgusting.

In a post entitled "I Tried A Foot Peel!!!", Zendaya explained why she decided to try Baby Foot ($25;, an innocuous package boasting a photo of pristine-looking soles: "Sometimes I'll go into beauty supply stores and just buy a bunch of stuff to try. I'm a sucker for things like that! Anyway, I recently bought this foot peel because I have rough a*s feet. I tried it and was like, “This is bullsh*t,” because nothing happened."

Pretty anti-climatic, amirite? Especially when many users claim totally apocalyptic results, and others go as far as to say their feet were actually reborn from trying Baby Foot. But considering pedicures are at least $25 a pop, and the peel is rumored to do the work of like, four pedicures, perhaps a little patience is due.


Using Baby Foot is painless, and involves taping two plastic baggies lined with a salicylic/glycolic/citric acid hybrid around your ankles for one hour before rinsing your feet off and going about your business as usual. So why would Zendaya feel like nothing happening? Well, the product is loaded with a cocktail of acids at different concentrations that interact differently with your skin. Once the strongest one (salicylic) has eaten through the dead skin on your epidermis, the next ones (glycolic/citric) are deployed to deep dive into your dermis and dissolve roughness there. Pretty cool, huh?

According the instructions, the time it takes your feet to peel will vary person to person, affecting some people in days and others in weeks. How did our girl Z turn out? I'll let her explain: "Then a couple weeks later, I was like, “What the f*#k is wrong with my feet!?” They looked a mess and were seriously peeling like crazy. But, it was actually great. It worked really well and my feet were so smooth after! (I'd show you a pictures, but you'd probably throw up!)"

The moral of the story? A little patience leads to a gruesome amount of exfoliation, followed by touchably soft skin you'll actually want to show off in wedges. Shout out to Zendaya for sharing her candid peel journey ―and sparing us the photographic evidence.