4 Reasons Young Couples Are Moving Into Granny Flats

by Emily Christoforou (Rorich)

According to Google, the term “granny flat” is an informal British phrase that refers to the part of a house that is made into self-contained accommodation suitable for an elderly relative.

According to me, the term “granny flat” is an informal British phrase that refers to the part of a house made into self-contained accommodation suitable for a young, newlywed couple.

I recently married my best friend, and we live in a tiny house called a granny flat. It's basically one big room, with a small kitchen and bathroom attached to it. Just as my husband and I became one through marriage, so did our dining room, bedroom and lounge. Our dining table literally sits 3 feet away from our bed, and our couch is close nearby.

I know that to most people, this living situation doesn't sound ideal. Pets are an obvious no-no and should we fall pregnant, we would definitely have to move. But I love our little home and am convinced that every young couple should move into a granny flat together.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Living in a granny flat forces you to sort your crap out quicker.

When my husband and I were dating, we spent a lot of time at my parent's two-story house. This meant if we ever fought about something in the spare room downstairs, I could (and would) easily walk away from my boyfriend, up the stairs and into my private bedroom, like a childish drama queen.

These days, if my husband and I argue, I can't just walk away. I have nowhere to walk to. We can't simply avoid each other because we can see each other from any spot in our granny flat.

It means we have had to learn how to restore our relationship more quickly. As a result, we no longer fuss over the small and ultimately meaningless things. And when we do fight, our tiny home forces us to act like the mature, forgiving, gentle and understanding spouses we are striving to be.

2. Living in a granny flat helps you to not obsess over material things.

When I was living in my parent's house, I could buy as many items of clothing as my bank account would allow (which isn't many), and I'd always have a place to put them. But when I moved into my granny flat, I could only bring with me the clothes I wear often. There is no place for that faux-fur shawl, those glittery gold pants or those sky-high heels.

Living in a small home helps you not to love, hoard or obsess over unnecessary things. You figure out what the life essentials are, and you see the nonessential material items for what they ultimately are: wastes of space and money. As a result, you use the space you do have more wisely, and you end up saving big bucks when you realize you don't “need” that light box or terrarium.

3. Living in a granny flat allows you to deepen your relationships.

Got a small home? Well, it's time to kiss house parties and large gatherings goodbye. But it's also time to kiss small catch-ups hello. Living in a granny flat with your partner means you can have a maximum of three guests over at one time.

This might sound lame, but ultimately it results in the ability to actually sit down and have proper personal conversations with each of your friends or family members. Unlike at a party, you don't have to roam the room jumping from one group of people to another.

You have the opportunity to focus on your relationships with your loved ones by giving them the quality time and attention they deserve.

4. Living in a granny flat will make for great stories in the future.

As much as I love our little granny flat, I know that my husband and I will one day have our own house. I look forward to the day when I'm sitting in this house, surrounded by my children, and I turn to my husband and say, “Remember when we lived in a shoebox? Started from the bottom, now we're here.”