31 Things That Annoy The F*ck Out Of Type A People On Social Media

by Alexia LaFata

At this point, most of us hate-use social media.

Sure, we use it to share our lives, but that's definitely not the most important purpose. Social media sites remind us of how needy and lonely we are, and we use them to feed off those negative emotions.

We get upset when we miss out on a party and click through dozens of pictures uploaded from it the next day. We become angry when a girl we hate looks really good in her profile photo.

We cry when we stalk the exes we still obsess over and try to guess whom they're dating by how often a certain girl "likes" his pictures. We hope someone, anyone, likes the selfie we just posted, before we start to feel stupid.

And besides these big picture things that make us hate social media, the little things piss us off, too.

Some of us don't care about receiving validation, and instead, what grinds our gears is needing to get rid of the annoying notification bubble that pops up in the corners of all our apps, or having to switch from the Facebook app to the Messenger app to read a f*cking direct message.

It's no wonder what social media makes us hate everyone we know: There are people who send you a personal Snapchat that they also put on their Snapchat stories, whose Twitter feeds are literally just filled with retweets, and who constantly post #nomakeupselfies that are definitely #fullmakeup.

These little things sometimes feel more annoying than the big things.

Here's what we encounter on social media that can make even the least Type-A person feel uptight.

1. Having unopened Snapchat stories under "Recent Updates"

Must click ALL.

2. Having to tap your way through a 180-second long Snap story...

Has anyone told these people that nobody cares this much about their lives yet?

3. ...Especially when the story has to stop for that split second in the middle to load more

At this point you're wondering why YOU care so much.

4. Having under 11 likes on an Instagram photo

Who wants to see names? They don't matter. Number or bust.

5. When people put too many hashtags on Instagram pictures and try to make it look like they didn't by making it a comment and deleting it later

#likeforlike #followforfollow #girlsofinstagram #why #whatisthismyspace #youarefoolingnobodyatall

6. When any red number appears next to any app on your iPhone

Unopened Snapchats, Facebook notifications, Twitter messages -- you're so popular. Now, you must make them go away.

7. When people upload Facebook pictures from an event one at a time instead of all at one time

Someone can flood the news feed ONCE with a variety of interesting photos, not a million times with out-of-context individual photos. Nobody benefits from that.

8. Stressing about how your music taste looks to your followers on Spotify.

A panicked you: "I really want to listen to One Direction, but I don't want anyone to find out. I'll just go on YouTube. Nobody will know then, right?"

Your conscience: "I'll know."

9. The unread Facebook message on the Facebook app that forces you to open the Facebook Messenger app

Why? Just why? The message is so close, yet so far.

10. The fact that there are even two Facebook apps at all


11. When people like the status of pictures posted onto Facebook and not the specific picture itself

Then the likes become tragically uneven. It's worse if the status gets more likes.

12. When you get an actual notification telling you it's someone's birthday

Especially if it's someone you couldn't give less of a sh*t about.

13. When someone's Twitter is literally just filled with retweets

Does this person have ANY original thoughts?

14. When people send you a personal Snapchat that they also put on their Snapchat story


15. When links from people you don't follow show up on your Facebook timeline because someone else follows them

A friend of a friend likes a random article posted by a random person, and now Facebook wants YOU to like that same article? Absolutely not.

16. Irrelevant "Suggested Posts" on the timeline.


17. When someone has "Seen" your Facebook message and hasn't answered it

Facebook doesn't lie. You saw it.

18. When your ex didn't look at your Snapchat story, yet there's a new picture in his/her Snapchat story

Snapchat is the worst. It's way too reflective of how your ex feels about you in real life.

19. When your really good friend only "likes" when you put "Happy birthday!"on his/her Facebook wall and doesn't actually respond

Really? "Likes" on birthday posts are reserved for old high school teachers and weird aunts. You need to be acknowledged with words.

20. When people overuse the Sharpen tool on Instagram

Look, everyone knows that picture was taken on an iPhone. No amount of "Sharpening" is going to make it look like it was taken on an SLR.

21. When anybody -- ever -- takes a #nomakeupselfie

Stop. Lies.

22. When you request money from your roommates on Venmo and they don't "Complete Request" for a week

Come on. You're broke.

23. When nobody favorites your insanely clever tweet

It definitely deserved more love than that.

24. When Facebook insists on showing you "Top Stories" instead of "Most Recent" on your timeline, even after you keep asking for "Most Recent"

Zuckerberg, if you think I'm going to let YOUR algorithm determine what is worthy of viewing, you're wrong. I will never stop changing to "Most Recent," so just stop resetting it.

25. Any kind of hashtagging on Facebook

We just haven't gotten to that point yet, and we never will. Sorry.

26. Having to open up an Instagram link on Twitter

It doesn't look the same as it does on the REAL Instagram.

27. When you're surprised to find an unattractive picture of you tagged on your Facebook profile

It must have slipped through without your photo-tag approval.

28. Being unable to find a cover photo change to match your Facebook profile pic change

It MUST be changed in a set.

29. When somebody plays the same song over and over again on Spotify

You're not judging him/her, but you are.

30. Having inconsistent picture orientations on Instagram

Either they ALL have white backgrounds or NONE do. There is no middle ground here.

31. When people post the same exact thing on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram

Do these people think this method will help reach a wider audience? Because it won't. The same people follow this person on every platform.