Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

by Eddie Cuffin

In today's world, and particularly in America, kids are growing up with a sense of entitlement. In all fairness, it's not the kid's fault entirely, it's a symptom of society and our culture.

America was founded on immigration, of people arriving in the New World, searching for a better life. These people are our parents, grandparents, who have worked all their lives to give their children the freedom and opportunities to which they were not privy.

Parents can't seem to say “no.” No one wants to see their child miserable or deprived, but simply yielding to the demands of your children isn't any sort of solution. It unrealistically closes the disparity of desire and reception.

As the child grows and attempts to become more independent, having never worked for anything in his life, he is unfit and unprepared for the real world.

Once we leave this fantasy bubble that our parents have created for us and step into the real world, shit hits the fan. The moment we move into our own apartments and realize that the cabinets in the kitchen don't automatically replenish themselves with our favorite snacks, reality sets in. The real world is a struggle and nothing comes easy.

Although our parents wanted the best for us, their coddling has hurt us. It's better in the long run to hear “no” a few times. To grow a thicker skin. There's a big difference between daddy handing you the credit card for shopping and squandering the money you earn.

In this world nothing worth having is going to come easy. There is just way too much competition, too many people just as motivated as you are. You must fight and scrap for everything that you want. Go out there and get it. Life isn't always about the endgame.

While meeting goals is surely satisfying, it's important to strive constantly for new things. It is the journey: all the obstacles we have endured and surmounted in order to achieve our goal. That makes us the people we are today.

The journey is the experience that makes us better. So if everything worth having came easy, it probably isn't worth your while to have it. Success is the result of hard work. The grueling tests you are forced to endure to achieve success determines the strength of your passion. Is success something that you want, or something that you need?

Things that come easy don't count as successes, because you haven't pushed to make them possible. How can you know your limits if you haven't tested them? If you want it to come easy, you shouldn't have it. If it seems like something comes easy to other people, it's because they've put themselves in the position. They've worked for it.

The path to a goal should teach us about ourselves. It is something that we can use to see our own potential. In the battle of man versus self, you learn what you are capable of achieving. Athletes chase championships. And if they win, they don't stop. This isn't greed. This is the journey, the challenge.

So before you set out to do something, ask yourself: is it really worth my time and effort? Because according to Wlliam Penn "Time is what we want the most, but what we use worst."

Eddie Cuffin | Elite.