Just The Way You Are: 5 Ways Women Can Learn To Love Themselves Naked

by Madelyn Bonilla

Women don't feel comfortable naked, but why?

Our bodies should be considered art, and we should go naked and embrace them.

I was sick in the hospital and surfing through the tireless crap they have on TV.

I finally decided to watch a game show, since it's my guilty pleasure to call out the answers.

Nonetheless, one of the questions was, "How comfortable are women naked?"

The question was listed on a scale from one to 10.

One man said six and received zero points, while the other man said three and received 15 points.

I was shocked, as I personally would have said nine.

As I heard the host yell out, "One was the top answer!" it hit me like a punch in the face.

This means women think very lowly of themselves.

They see themselves as ugly and less than amazing.

They overthink every little detail of their bodies.

But as females, we sometimes forget five crucial facts about life.

Here are some reminders that are sure to help you feel like a f*cking rock star naked:

1. He wants you just the way you are.

After a certain age, you have men around because you want them around.

If he wants you around, he likes you just the way you are.

All these thoughts about being skinnier or thicker — and even worrying about those stretch marks — mean nothing because he's already decided to be with you.

Embrace what you call "flaws" because he definitely isn't thinking about them.

2. You're a piece of art.

A women's body has always been a temple, a sacred place and an amusement park.

It's the truest form of art.

So why do we hide it?

Do we hide the Sistine Chapel or any of Van Gogh's paintings? No.

So why do we hide our bodies? Why do we run for the sheets after sex with our lovers?

Why do we even hide when we are home alone?

We are beautiful, despite our different shapes and shades.

Start acting like the piece of art you are.

Present your finest work — your body — with confidence.

3. Thoughts have power.

We've all heard the advice, "What we think will manifest."

Our thoughts are powerful, and they can yield changes.

One little change in how attractive you think you are will automatically make you feel sexier.

Sexy is a mindset first.

A woman who is not confident or doesn't have confident thoughts about her body will not come off as sexy.

It all starts with how you view yourself.

If you see yourself as sexy when you are naked, so will every man who sees you naked.

4. You're not a little girl anymore.

You're a grown woman, so start acting like one.

A grown woman knows herself and knows no one is perfect.

She knows what she has to offer is sexy, and she embraces every detail.

I wasn't always comfortable being naked.

But I realized if I'm not comfortable naked, then I'm not comfortable in my own skin.

I embraced the stretch marks and small boobs.

I now love my body, and I love being naked.

It’s liberating, actually.

Being scared was for the young, shy and insecure days when I didn't know what I had to offer.

5. We're too critical of ourselves.

The things we think of ourselves are never right or even half-true.

We see ourselves in the worst possible light, while others see the beauty in us.

If you don't believe me, ask your close friends what they think your best feature is.

You'll be surprised by what they say.

This exercise will also help you gain the confidence to be naked.

Feeling insecure while you are naked is all in your head.

Embrace what you have, and see how it changes your life.

There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and can unapologetically be herself.

Men eat that confidence sh*t up, and they'll be all over you in an instant.