Wisdom: Noli Me Tangere

Become more interested in your own thoughts and less in those of others. All too often, we exchange our own point of view for the 'great' opinion of the collective in order to please our peers. I read this recently in a Wayne Dyer book that discusses how to, "become independent of the good opinion of other people" Wayne Dyer.

If you're going to drive, it's best to keep your hands on the wheel and let life guide you through the roads less travelled. It's okay to be navigationally challenged and ask Suri for direction. Get lost, take detours, pull over, study the map, stop at the station, but NEVER give up the wheel. You are a natural explorer and far too superior of a mind to ignore the unpredictable challenges of life's greatest opportunities.

Everybody has a destiny and we were all equipped (perhaps at birth) with an internal GPS which tells us how to get there. Some travel more efficiently and others have multiple destinations. Despite the unique obstacles that might come your way, the important thing to remember is that your path has been designed specifically for YOU.

Fear will tell you to stay at home when a "storms a coming" while faith is in the car with the seatbelt clicked, ready to brave the torrents to get where it needs to go. There comes a time when you have to experience the dark roads, speeding violations and traffic jams to solve the mystery as to why you were put on this earth.

Consequently, that's when our efforts are rewarded for the quality of the performance, whether we got what we thought we were looking for or not.

Life is about experience. Some are good and others not so much. Take from the experience what builds character and strength so that your rearview mirror has no signs of regret.

Allow your inner Auto-pilot, your true self, 'MY' engine to discover an awareness of where you're going and where you've been so that one day if you have to go back you know how to get there again.

"One can only get there if he is willing to Travel" ~ Jamel Christian Davenport

Jamel Davenport | Elite.