Why Escaping Is Not Necessarily The Key to Happiness


Life isn’t easy. Just because we want to find happiness does not mean that we are guaranteed it will come to us. It is hard work to live life in the way you envision and sometimes, that work doesn’t pay off. In times of desperation, escape can seem like the only option.

This escape can manifest in many different forms, whether it means quitting your job, finding a new circle of friends or moving away. For some people, it’s exactly what they need. A fresh start is always helpful to reconstruct your life. In many ways, it’s the easiest way to attain contentment, whatever that may mean for each individual.

An “escapee” myself, I can say that the constant revamps of my life have paid off. I am thankful for my large group of friends and have enjoyed my time when I moved across the country for a year; however, I am still searching for my niche. On one hand, perhaps I have simply not yet found the place in the world that is right for me.

On the other hand, perhaps my insistence of changing my location and constantly seeking new friends has less to do with where I am and who I am with and more to do with myself.

It is brave to seek out adventure. It is good to be open-minded and to let other people, places and experiences into your life. In terms of growing as a person, these new experiences are assets. But it is beneficial to recognize the difference between escaping to grow up and escaping because you’re giving up.

“You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” – Ernest Hemingway

If you are unhappy, take charge of the situation. Look inside and ask yourself what it is about your current situation that is making you unhappy and what you can do to directly address those problems. Sometimes, moving or making new friends is the answer. The key is ensuring that your actions directly attack the problems at hand. If you disregard the issues and try to move on, unhappiness will find you again. Those issues will not disappear.

I have heard the phrase “life has a way of working out” countless times. It’s easy to expect things to come to you with this idea in your mind. But at the end of the day, your life is your own. Take charge and understand that the process of change begins with you.

 Photo courtesy of We Heart it