88 Crazy Thoughts Everyone Has When Going Out With New Friends

Life in your 20s can be full of change. From graduating to major geographical moves, from serious breakups to marriage possibilities, our friendships go to through several ups and downs.

That earthquake of upheaval is only truly fixed if you're brave enough to let some people go and get out there to find even more awesome people to take up your time and fill your life.

In case you think you're the only one who goes a little nuts when you force yourself to leave your cozy Netflix zone and actually try to interact with brand new people, here is a well-researched and thoroughly reviewed over-thinker's thought process on such a night:

1. Night out with new friends!

2. Night out with new friends?!

3. What was I thinking?

4. Every single item of clothing I own makes me look either too uptight or too relaxed, bordering on messy.

5. Do people say "wicked" here?

6. I hate all my shoes.

7. Okay, actually, I like that pair. I’ll wear those.

8. And I’ll pack bandaids! These shoes are incredibly uncomfortable, and I don’t want to be the buzzkill who complains about my shoes.

9. I don’t have any cash; I never have any cash. I hope I can pay cover with a card.

10. Should I pregame this?

11. I am taking an Uber.

12. Yeah, I’m gonna have a drink.

13. Sh*t, I forgot to eat dinner. Now I feel way too buzzed for arrivals.

14. Better eat real quick. Do Wheat Thins and hummus count as a meal?

15. If I don’t turn off "Ghost" I’m going to hum it all night and look insane.

16. Okay, Uber’s here. Leggggooo!!

17. I’m early... or late. I can’t tell. Where is everybody?

18. Oh my God! Did they all cancel? Do I have my phone? Wouldn’t they have texted?

19. Oh, here’s my phone. And a friend! Happy day!

20. Are we dressed alike?

21. Okay, good. I feel less insane. She is also wearing shoes that look potentially difficult to walk in.

22. I want to go in now because I hate lines full of grabby, drunk strangers. I hope friend number one agrees.

23. She agrees!

24. Cover is payable with a card! Tonight’s gonna be a good night.

25. I hope the rest of the group shows up soon. One-on-one means there’s a high chance I’ll say something stupid/offensive real fast.

26. Let me just offer to get us drinks.

27. Awesome, I’ll go pick…

28. ...And I accidently ordered us shots.

29. Test of friendship compatibility!

30. She likes shots too! Down the hatch!

31. Anddd I’m gonna puke. Wheat Thins letting me down!

32. Is there food at this bar?

33. No food; more drinks instead.

34. The group is here! Hugs all around!

35. Is it weird how much I like hugging new friends?

36. Some people hate hugs.

37. I will now spend an inordinate amount of time overanalyzing whether any of the hugs were unwanted or inappropriately long.

38. Oh wait! One of the guys is buying me a drink.

39. Guess at least that hug wasn’t unwelcome.

40. Thank you very much for not making fun of my gin order, kind sir.

41. One of the new friends is only drinking Coke.

42. Better make sure not to act too drunk with a completely sober buddy in the crowd.

43. There’s a dance floor!

44. Will people join me if I go dance?

45. Enough drinks to not quite care!

46. People are joining me!

47. We’re all terrible dancers!

48. This is excellent!

49. There are free shots being poured off the stage into people’s mouths.

50. That tiny girl just grabbed me to go get them.

51. She’s officially my favorite.

52. Oh my God! I feel like a baby bird with my mouth open like this.

53. Do we look like idiots?

54. Better. Drunk idiots.

55. Oh my God, oh my God! He poured whiskey all over my face.

56. It is literally up my nose.

57. I have never felt a pain like this.

58. Oh! One of the guys just got me napkins to clean myself off. He is a knight.

59. I think I need another drink.

60. My hair definitely has whiskey in it.

61. More gin please! Eh...close the tab. I should be responsible.

62. Anddd I’m drunk.

63. Will they notice I’m drunk?

64. I just volunteered to demonstrate dance moves I don’t know. I think they noticed.

65. At least I’m not falling in my heels.

66. But let’s not count our chickens.

67. A couple of people in the group are leaving. I am certain it is because I am a crazy person and they’ve figured it out.

68. Oh, more hugs!

69. Success? Maybe?

70. My dog thinks I’m normal.

71. I hope my dog is okay at home.

72. Dogs have a much simpler time making friends.

73. Oh, they’re playing "Ghost!"

74. All other worries gone; my jam is on.

75. At some point, I'll need to grab another Uber.

76. Oh! We’re splitting a cab!

77. Definitely cheaper than surge prices.

78. God, I love Uber.

79. ...And "Ghost."

80. Oh my God! I’m humming it in the cab.

81. Oh right, no one cares because it’s awesome.

82. Maybe, so am I?

83. I need to seriously chill. That was a great night.

84. I definitely won't worry this much next time.

85. Hi, dog!

86. Oh my God, blisters.

87. I’m throwing these shoes out.

88. Goodnight, world.