This Quiz Will Tell You What Kind Of Bitch You Are

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I hate being a bitch. I'd really rather just never be mean to anybody. But then I also have a hard time being fake.

Every once in a while, some annoying excuse for a human being will push me into a corner (make me wait eight hours for sh*t service *cough* Apple Genius Bar *cough*), and I will have no choice but to channel the giant raging bitch that lives within me and every other woman on the planet.

It's a matter of self defense, really. You find out your friend talked sh*t about you, or maybe your boyfriend cheated on you. Or maybe you broke up with the cheating boyfriend, only to see him walking down the street holding hands with his new woman. How are you supposed to not be a bitch?

And, of course, there are times where you feel the need to be a bitch out of sheer boredom. People just annoy the sh*t out of you and you cannot be bothered with pretending otherwise. Oh, the world expects you to be less bitchy? Well, how about the world tries to be a little less incompetent and intolerable.

How does your personal brand of bitchiness manifest itself? Take this quiz and find out.