Your Weekend Tarotscope Is Here, Just In Time For The Solar Eclipse

by Rosey Baker
Getty Images/Peter den Hartog/Buiten-beeld/Minden Pictures

Happy Friday, lords and ladies, girls and boys. Another weekend has come upon us. You might be ready to rage or otherwise crawl into your homes to catch up on Game of Thrones as we move from one moon cycle into another, preparing for the total solar eclipse on Monday and the new moon to come with it. And you wouldn't be wrong for doing so. These crazy up and down feelings are tough, as we might feel a little paralyzed by what to do with them. That's why we've come up with your weekend Tarot-scope, a combination horoscope drawn up by a combination of guidance from astrology and the tarot. Take a look at this weekend's solar eclipse horoscope for every sign. Make sure you break out your eclipse glasses because this eclipse will be unlike anything we've seen for the last 99 years.

Your solar eclipse horoscope reveals what to look out for this weekend, and you can use the info both as an explanation for how you're feeling currently (based on astrology) and what to do about your feelings (based on the guidance of tarot) to make for a weekend that works with -- rather than against -- the tide of change that's ushered in with the solar eclipse.

The Balsamic Moon


Right before a new moon, the moon wanes balsamic, which means it enters the very last portion of its waning phase. If you look up in the sky three to four days before a new moon, you'll see it's just a tiny sliver, ready to almost disappear.

The balsamic moon can make us feel tired, worn out, and fed up. We've completed a month-long lunar cycle and we are pushed right to the edge of our patience; we could lose it with the ones we love or the people we work with. We could walk out on a job we've been ready to leave for awhile, or we could finally get rid of all the material junk that's been bogging us down -- even if we do it by throwing it out the apartment window.

The point is, the balsamic moon is a little, well, acidic, and throughout this time we discover our limits so we can rid ourselves of the things we no longer need and move forward with a clean slate for the new moon cycle, when we start putting our goals into action.

It doesn't feel great, but discomfort is a sacrifice we make when we decide to embrace change. And mark my words: Change is coming with the solar eclipse and new moon on Monday.

Tarot Card: The Moon


Well, well, well. When I drew a card for this weekend's horoscope, what do you know? I drew The Moon, which gives us a good idea of how to spend this weekend. This card is traditionally associated with releasing inner demons, suffering from phobias, giving into the shadow self, and being overcome by anxieties. Sound familiar?

It's also associated with having vivid dreams or visions, opening oneself up to fantasy, plumbing the unconscious, entertaining unusual thoughts, and being outlandish and bizarre for the fun of it.

This is the card symbolic of the sign of Pisces in the Cosmic Tarot deck; Pisces is the fish, swimming in opposite directions, tied together by the tail. This sign is a sensitive one, in tune with spiritual realms, creativity, and psychic intuition.

The Moon card suggests that we embrace the unknown without fear of it. It suggests that living in discomfort and embracing it can be awe-inspiring, in spite of the fact that we're often afraid of the unknown.

To me, this card represents time spent in creative solitude, letting go of the people and things in our lives we feel we need to control (including our own emotions) and allowing room for abundance to flow in. You could be nervously awaiting the realization of a long-held desire, wanting answers now for what you know, deep down, is already on its way to you.

When you order something on Amazon, you don't call the seller every day to make sure it's on its way to you. You just go about your life and trust that it's coming... and the same should go for your spiritual desires. Let go.

Spend this weekend doing what brings you the most joy and the most excitement on a spiritual level, and see where that could lead you. You might be surprised by what comes into your life when you're willing to release control and trust in the process.