We All Have Our Habits, We All Have Our Addictions: How We Can Learn To Let Go

Sometimes, it’s best to let go of certain situations, but it’s important to keep in mind the reasons. The prospect of change can be petrifying for some people, but for others, it’s not such a big deal. So much rides on a person’s desire to change his or her life. The world is constantly changing, and every aspect of our lives leaves room for improvement.

While none of us are perfect, we can all strive for greatness. Greatness isn’t necessarily measured monetarily or by social status. Sure, most people desire power and wealth, but consider that one day you may be stripped of all your possessions all you will have left is yourself. Would you feel satisfied? While plenty of us believe we’re invincible, that the world would never target us, realistically, you won’t know until faced with adversity. Prepare yourself, both mentally and physically, for this unpredictable journey called life.

We all have habits — whether they are chain smoking, alcoholic binges or excessive eating — that don’t enhance our lives. Likely, these habits have become conditioned parts of who we are rather than deliberate choices we make. Seamlessly, these things become parts of our routine and become difficult — not impossible — habits to break. I’ve seen someone break the habit of smoking four packs of cigarettes a day for thirty years; it’s possible to make any change you want to make.

Do you really think your excessive smoking habit makes you feel better? Is the risk of disease, lack of lung capacity and general odor truly enticing? And if you absolutely need to smoke something, choose an option that contains fewer chemicals. There are better ways to get your fix.

Plenty of people drink socially, right? But do you want to be that person who blackouts at the bar or the person who everyone knows to be the sloppy drunk? Get your act together because at the end of the day, binging on alcohol is pathetic. Truthfully, people around you will probably be nervous every time you consume alcohol. Nobody feels sympathetic for the guy who blacked out because his girlfriend broke up with him. Drink responsibly in a way that won’t make you someone else’s responsibility.

Binge eating is never a productive habit. Maybe you’re choosing not to realize that your daily box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts isn’t helping you attain that beach body, nor does it lead you to a healthier life. Start working out regularly and change your eating patterns. What you eat plays a key role in how you feel. Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and soon you’ll see a change.

Turn yourself into a better person by considering your habitual patterns of behavior and the roots of the problems you face. Tackle the roots of the problems immediately and begin to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. All you need is some willpower and self-discipline, which is attained through consistency. Start your day by putting forth a conscious effort to change. Your healthy habits will help guide you.