8 Ways To Still Have Fun This Summer Despite Having To Work

by Robert Anthony

Summer is officially here but let's face it, we're all adults now.

Life's obligations and responsibilities don't just disappear because it's late June and the temperature is hovering around 90 degrees. In other words, life goes on.

Despite having to maintain your performance at work, spend most of your time behind your desk all summer long and stare at random Instagram photos of your frenemies finding time to lounge around on beaches all day, there are still plenty of ways to ensure that you too are having fun this summer.

I mean, where's the enjoyment in watching everyone else bask in the sun as you sip your third coffee of the day in pure misery? Oh, and it's only 2pm. As kids in school, we took the 3 months off for granted.

As adults, when it's Sunday afternoon and you know you have to be at work the next morning, the fun options might seem limited, but a few Google searches and a bit of hope is all it takes to get you out of the house and in the summer spirit.

Here are 8 ways you can have fun this summer despite having to work through the entire thing.

8. Find a way to work outdoors.

As long as it's not 100+ degrees outside, finding a nice shady spot nearby your office typically helps ease the pain of not being shit-faced in Bora Bora with your friends from college.

Since not all workplaces allow outdoor working during the summer, you'll have to check with the right people and make sure you're not breaching any company policies.

If you do manage to work outside a couple days a week, you'll feel a lot better knowing you're catching rays, too. The only difference? Your laptop will substitute that cocktail -- but that's what happy hour's for!

7. Utilize your weekends for more than just running errands.

See, as adults, we tend to beat ourselves up for no good reason. It's just part of what comes with being responsible and obligated to take care of yourself since you decided to flee the coop.

When the glorious summer season rolls around, don't be afraid to put a few of those daunting errands on the back-burner during your weekends off. As a matter of fact, you're going to want to treat Saturday and Sunday as if they're vacation days.

Find an event to attend, take a two-day road trip to a nearby getaway, or simply spend time outside of the house -- just avoid dedicating your entire summer to your Swiffer Wet Jet. It helps.

6. Keep in contact with hard-working friends who are just as busy (and as miserable) as you are.

I know this sounds pointless but if you're looking to actually make a few memories this summer, keeping in contact with equally busy friends is a smart choice. Be real with yourself: You're not the only miserable person stuck behind your desk.

Having a buddy that can relate to your uneventful, grown-up summer can make you feel better about the fact that you haven't seen a lake in years. Not to mention, the minute they get a bit of free time, they'll know to plan an outing with someone who hasn't done anything all summer -- and that lucky person is YOU.

5. Make your fitness a hobby and do it outdoors.

Most sane people typically hit the gym during the winter and spring seasons.

However, if you're looking for a cheat code to having a blast this summer while spending 98 percent of it at your office, making your fitness routine an outdoor hobby will certainly work wonders.

Not only will you look better by the time August rolls around, but you'll also feel better about "wasting" your entire summer on spreadsheets, emails and meetings.

4. Find a new show to binge watch. Thank me later.

Going to a pool party seems like a genius idea until you realize it's Tuesday morning and there's no way you're making it to your friend's house to day-drink and blackout. That's precisely why you need to find a TV show to hook up with this summer.

Whether it's Showtime, Netflix, HBO or on-demand episodes of "Family Feud," revisiting your wintery binge-watching habits could help save you from summertime depression.

Remember, squeezing in summer fun isn't possible everyday throughout the season when you're working hard, but that doesn't mean you can't get away for an hour or two!

3. Go to sleep earlier so you'll actually have enough energy to do things after work.

This one's difficult and I, too, find it damn near impossible to fall asleep early -- especially during the summer. But simple math will indicate going to sleep earlier will supply you with enough energy to take a detour after work the next day.

Hit up a rooftop bar, go for a drive, take your dog (or non-existent best friend) for a walk on the beach. The possibilities are endless when you have two or three hours to yourself after you've finished your 9-to-5.

This summer, learn to appreciate your free time a bit more.

2. Send your brain on vacation by taking a few scattered personal days.

Personally, I tend to steer clear of taking personal days throughout the year. It's just part of who I am.

However, when the temperatures rise and everyone you know is outside being better than you, it's okay to grab a personal Friday or two for a little you time.

I mean, how else are you supposed to manage life's responsibilities this summer and not go completely insane? Caught up on all your emails? Scheduled on all your calls? If so, don't be afraid to schedule a personal day off with advanced notice. Chances are you deserve it!

1. Stay off of social media.

It's difficult but it's not impossible. The less time you spend scrolling through social media accounts this summer, the more fun you have. See, social media is just this carefully curated feed designed to make you feel like you need to be somewhere doing something with someone. I think it's called "FOMO" or something.

If you happen to be one of the many normal human beings stuck at work this summer, opening your Instagram app only to find a video of your old buddy trying not to fall off an inflatable swan mid-day can be damaging to the psyche.

Keep cool, lay low, steer clear of the social accounts and live at your own pace!