10 Vegetarian Meals You Can Make If You Seriously Hate Cooking

by Jennifer Everett

This is a full list of meals that involve zero cooking: no microwave, oven or stove top. So, if you are a walking fire hazard like I am, this is for you.

You don't have to spend all of your money at the office cafeteria or on take-out. I'll teach you how to fend for yourself.

To begin, I'm vegetarian. No, it's not really because of animal rights. Actually, it's for two reasons. One, I just don't really like the taste of meat that much, but occasionally, chicken is OK.

However, I will never touch raw meat. It just reminds me what my insides look like, and I want to barf. So, the first thing learned is that none of these meals will involve meat.

Second, I am incredibly impatient. Do I wait 20 minutes for something to be baked in the oven? No, and the same goes for anything that requires extra steps.

I just can't do it. (Ask my parents where they went wrong.) So, here are 10 meals from the girl who hates to cook:

1. Banana Burrito

Yes, you read that right. Everyone loves burritos, but let's make one for breakfast. I just take a whole wheat tortilla, smother it in crunchy peanut butter, drizzle it with some honey and throw a whole banana on there.

Best part? It is easy to eat on the go.

2. Hummus Party

This is the easiest meal to bring into the office. I literally bring a whole bowl of hummus and then a Ziploc bag of colorful strips of pepper, snap peas and carrots.

3. Chickpea Salad

Yeah, I really said that. I use chickpeas as the base of my salad and literally add in anything that I have in my refrigerator. I recommend at least adding lettuce and tomato.

They are great because the salad ends up being a mix of textures. Top it off with Italian dressing for an extra kick.

4. Pita Pizza

Since I don't cook, I'm still a kid inside. So, I take pita bread and fill it with shredded mozzarella, marinara sauce and green peppers.

Get creative and add whatever you would normally on your pizza. You will be amazed by how much you can fit in your pita pizza.

5. Tofu Bowl

This is the lazy, at home Chipotle bowl. I just cut up some tofu, toss in some chili flakes, cut up some avocado and tomatoes and throw some black beans on top. Don't forget the Sriracha sauce.

6. Cheese Board

Why the hell not? I personally love to use brie, raspberries, almonds and crackers. This is the perfect dinner after a bad day, or you know, every single hump day.

7. Avocado Toast

Why pay $15 dollars for it with a mimosa at brunch when you can make it yourself? My favorite version is to top with some raspberry preserves and goat cheese. You're welcome.

8. Thai Veggies

Cut up celery, carrots, red pepper, onion, tofu and then throw in some bean sprouts and cashew nuts. Top off with pad Thai sauce from the store because who has time to make that stuff?

I throw it all into a mason jar in the morning and let it soak up in time for lunch. Yum.

9. Bagel Sandwich

Bagels are the best food ever. I prefer everything bagels with low-fat cream cheese. Then, I'll add veggies to it. I usually like it crunchy, so I'll add carrot strips and celery.

10. Tomato And Mozzarella

OK, so I really love cheese. Once again, though, why do we pay triple the price at restaurants for this stuff? Go buy fresh mozzarella from your supermarket and some basil leaves. You will feel classy as f*ck eating this with a glass of Riesling.

From one lazy girl to another, I hope that I will help your stomach, wallet and overall eating habits. Drink wine and cheese on.