Vaping May Not Be The Best Habit, But Here's Why It's Better Than Smoking

by Helena Negru

Vaping is healthier than smoking, right? Or this is what we were trained to believe by advertising companies? but what is the truth about this new habit? Puffing white smoke is not going to bring you any vitamins – that's a fact! But it may have some benefits. After all, there is no smoke without a fire.

To reveal the truth about vaping, we took a look at what science has to say about this phenomenon, and here are the scientifically proven vaping benefits you had no idea about.

Vaping does not damage your cardiovascular system

The Greek researchers at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center discovered one of the most important vaping benefits: the process doesn't damage your aorta, the biggest artery in the body. The team of researchers compared the effect of traditional smoking and vaping on the heart function and found that regular cigarettes, even as few as two, stiffen the arteries. On the other hand, vaping has no effects on your heart and arteries.

Other teams of researchers conducted studies on the impact of e-cigarettes on the oxygenation of the heart. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos analyzed the effects of vaping on the oxygen supply and found there are no alterations in the amount of oxygen the heart receives during vaping. By comparison, regular smoking impairs the diastolic function and reduces the amount of oxygen received by the heart, with devastating consequences on long term.

A team of scientists behind the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health looked at the impact of the e-liquids on the heart cells. They studied the liquid, which is used to contain the nicotine, and found it has no effects on the heart. The group of researchers went on and analyzed 20 different types of liquid for the electronic cigarette and concluded none of them had a negative impact upon the cardiac cells and their normal function.

Vaping doesn't impair lung function

One of the great vaping benefits is that vapors don't impair the lung function nor the respiratory process. Researchers looked at how vaping impacts the respiratory function and the lungs, given the fact smoking leads to deadly lung cancer and a lot of respiratory problems in both first-hand smokers and second-hand smokers. The study concluded that vaping has no negative effect on the lungs, in the short term.

The smoke from vaping really is safer than the one from regular smoking

One of the vaping benefits was revealed by a study published in the Oxford Journal, which analyzed the compounds in the e-cigarette smoke. They found the smoke, which is actually vapor, is free of burning residues and it does contain a small amount of nicotine. This leads to another question: Is second hand e-cigarette smoking dangerous for one's health?

Second-hand vaping is not dangerous

Inhaling the vapors from someone's electronic cigarette is not harmful. A team of French researchers studied the effects of second-hand vaping and concluded that vapors from e-cigs are not dangerous. Vapor disappears in around 11 seconds, while the smoke from regular cigars continues to float around for up to 20 minutes.

The conclusion on this matter was stated by another researcher, Igor Burstyn of School of Public Health, Drexel University's Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health, who concluded in his study the vapors contain insignificant amounts of potentially dangerous substances. He also stated there are no reasons to ban vaping in public places, even if some judges are thinking a lot before ruling smoking e-cigarettes is not the same with smoking regular cigarettes.

Vaping can actually improve a smoker's health

Apart from individual studies which looked at certain parts of the body and how they react on vaping, a team of independent scientists came up with an interesting study on the overall effects of vaping on a smoker's body. They found that 91 percent of the smokers who switches to vaping improved their health and 97 percent of them noticed a reduction in their chronic coughing.

Meanwhile, in Boston University of Public Health, another team looked at the mortality risk in smokers. They found that electronic cigarettes users had a significantly lower risk of death, compared to their peers who used regular cigarettes.

Vaping can really help a smoker quit

Among the vaping benefits is the great help they give to smokers in leaving behind this bad habit. A study conducted by a team of mixed researchers from the University of Geneva and the University of Auckland revealed that vaping helps smokers give up on smoking and keeps them away from cigarettes. Another study found that flavored liquids are actually helping former smokers cutting down on the cigarettes and even o nicotine, for some. This means we might witness a day when smoking becomes a dead habit altogether.

All these studies prove that vaping really comes with a lot of benefits for both the person who vapes and the people around him or her. However, there will always be question marks and controversies on this habit.