Lifestyle — Why You Don't Know Yourself Until You Travel To Another Country (Video)

The last stop on the HOTSPOT Summer World Tour takes us across the southern border into Mexico. Cue the music.

Julz has a different approach to the city of Cancun. Trading in her wild side for life on the mild side, she heads into the jungles of Mexico to explore the beauty this country has to offer. Julz really knows how to explore the unbeaten path of a city.

It's been a whirlwind summer. From pool parties in Miami and music festivals in New York City to the beaches of Central America, Julz has taken her good vibes across the globe. She's stayed connected with friends, family and followers without worrying about where, when or how she can reach them.

Check out the fifth and final episode of the T-Mobile sponsored series, “HotSpot.”

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