8 Reasons To Forget Wanderlust And Plan A Group Tour While Abroad

There are people out there who react in horror at the thought of traveling with a tour group.

I mean, everyone is entitled to his or her own thoughts and opinions. But the problem is, a good number of these people have never actually been on a tour.

So instead of being one of those nay-sayers, I hopped on one.

Now, I’m here to prove them wrong.

Nowadays, there are tons of companies and tours to choose from. There are some that are one day long and some that are 188 days long.

On top of that, there are different styles.

Do you like camping? There are camping tours.

Are you a foodie? There are even tours that focus solely on a country's cuisine.

Seriously, there's everything.

For this reason, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for. After traveling extensively both on tours and solo, I can safely say traveling in a group tour is one of my favorite ways to do it.

Here are eight reasons why you should take a group tour for your next trip:

1. It’s ridiculously easy.

This is important. Lots of us want to travel, but honestly, do we have time to plan an intricate trip? We can get pretty lazy and leave it to the last minute.

The biggest aspects, such as accommodation and transportation, will be taken care of. The only things you'll need to worry about are your flights, what you'll be eating and what to pack.

2. Yes, you do get lots of free time.

Contrary to popular belief, I can tell you firsthand that you do get lots of free time on a group tour.

Some tours are more jam-packed than others, so you’ve got to look at the itinerary. But for the most part, you'll have tons of time on your own.

3. You'll meet incredible people.

Thanks to the tours I’ve been on, I have friends from all over the world who I can visit.

Seriously, I could go to Australia, head to every single big city and have a couch to sleep on.

It’s easy to meet people in tours, considering you do everything together, which is an ideal situation for someone traveling solo.

4. It’s usually less expensive.

Considering transportation, most meals and accommodation are included, traveling with a tour can save you a good amount of money.

With websites like TourRadar and awesome discounts, it’s hard not to consider it.

If you calculate the amount it would cost per day for a tour versus the amount it would cost to plan a trip on your own, you’ll see how much you can save.

5. You'll see everything you want to see and more.

When you’re on a tour, your guide makes sure you see all the big sights. Usually going to big attractions, like the Eiffel Tower, can cost a pretty penny.

On a tour, these are normally included. If on the off chance they aren't, you’re still getting a much better deal.

They often have exclusive spots in the city to show you things you may not have known about otherwise.

6. No time? No problem.

Only have five days and want to see London and Paris? You can do it with a tour.

Tight timelines exist, and they still allow you to see all the big spots in the city. You can find tours that move fast or tours that focus on one city for a short amount of time.

7. Guides are awesome and will teach you everything.

Your guides will become your friends, mentors and inspirations. They’re brilliant people with way too much energy, and they know the history of the destination, the best bars and the best views.

They’re all travelers themselves who know the destination intimately, and they can give you great travel advice based on their own experiences.

8. You'll be safe.

This is one of the most important things. You’re in a big group, and you’re accounted for in that group.

If someone’s missing on a tour, the group will know and take action.

If anything does happen, your guide will always know what to do.