The 10 Things All College Seniors Should Do In Their Last Semester

by Angel Key

Class of 2014: this one is for you. Yes those of you who are in panic about the future that lies ahead — especially after finally receiving that diploma. Senior year can be stressful because it means realizing that the time to embrace real responsibilities is upon us.

It requires maturity to choose to make productive long-term choices rather than worrying about, say, the perfect vodka for a frat party.

So, here’s to the last semester, the one that will be filled with memories, potential heartache and all-nighters; here’s to top 10 things you must do as a college senior.

1. Stop reminding yourself that this is “the end.”

It isn't — after a number of years working toward a degree, the last semester does not in anyway translate to “the end.” Rather, it is the beginning of something bright and significant and exciting.

2. Start becoming the person you want to be.

Who decides your future? You do — not your guidance counselor, who told you to take a test to assigns you a destiny. As you grow, you change, but more importantly, you figure out the things that mean the most to you. No test can ever decide that — your heart does.

3. Take responsibility for your achievements, but more importantly, for your mistakes.

You can score the highest grade in the class or be incredibly popular, but that won’t stop you from making mistakes. Everyone fails, but the knowledge you gain from your mistakes is just as valuable as your achievements. Own up to the mistakes you make because others pay close attention to whether or not  you learn from them.

4. Become thrifty.

There is no need for a $7 cup of coffee. Don’t go so far as to build furniture from cardboard, but use your money wisely and efficiently to be more secure in the long run.

5. Appreciate the good people in your life.

Try your best to maintain relationships with the people who really count. This becomes more difficult as we age, so make a concerted effort not to let important people fall through the cracks of your life.

6. Forgive the person who broke your heart, but delete him or her from your life.

You can’t always avoid someone, but you can at least try. Forgive these people, but don’t forget the effect they had on your life. Why check in on an ex only to potentially see he or she is engaged and happy? The world is full of potential mates; don’t waste your time worrying about the ones who aren’t for you.

7. Thank your parents, and actually mean it

Seriously, thank them. You wouldn’t be where you are without their help. And, remember that you’re never too old to ask for more help.

8. Set yourself free and go streaking

Think of something you’ve always secretly wanted to do. Whether it’s streaking or skinny dipping or hooking up with some guy, do it. You have nothing to lose.

9. The three A’s: attend class, apply for jobs and just absorb it.

Let’s face it, these are the three A’s that actually matter during our last undergrad push. Make them count.

10. Don’t ever forget where you came from.

Life is full of twists and turns, and college is place in which we falter and party, but ultimately, look back and appreciate your core values. Don’t ever forget where you came from and more importantly, remember why you started.

May this last semester be filled with epic nights and valuable and substantive experiences. Take it all in.

Photo credit: Shutterstock