To My Unborn Grandchildren: I Hope That You Will Lead A Life You're Proud Of

by Jen Gosline

To My Unborn Grandchildren,

Always, always have a smile on your face. I hope you are able to look back on your past with a genuine smile and able to look toward your future with an even bigger one.

Also, beware that you are not the sum of your past mistakes, but rather, what you do in the present moment is what will matter the most.

How you treat someone who can do nothing for you is how you will be remembered, so keep that smile pointing in the direction of the eyes that really need it. It seems like a simple gesture, yet it matters so much to those who receive it.

Do not be one of those people who only dedicates attention to an iPhone, as if it is a real person. It is not. Technology can never and will never replace human interaction.

It may be a good distraction; however, it takes away the most precious moments of vulnerability that this world really needs. Never be so wrapped up in social connection that you fail to enjoy your own life.

Every single second of the day provides you with unlimited opportunities for personal satisfaction; it is available and free for you, so take advantage of it! It is possible to be just as happy as getting Instagram likes makes you feel with pure sunlight shining down on your skin. Try to stay pure and try to stay modest.

I hope you get to experience the joy of one day waking up old, wrinkly and gray, sitting in a chair by the fire with someone who loves you. I want you to feel as beautiful and as free as you did in your 20s.

I hope you accomplish everything you dream to do and I hope you live without fear of regret. Keep in mind that dreams come a lot easier when you are asleep but feel much more achievable with hard work. The amount of effort you put into something is the result that it will yield. It does not matter if you fail, so long as you dedicate 110 percent of effort to your tasks.

Learn that you must make sacrifices in life — some of which will deny you short-term happiness. You should forever seek passion and love. Hint: Those two are often found together.

I have witnessed that hitting rock bottom opens your soul and leaves you feeling hopeless. However, during the healing process, you will find the ones who you can count on to remain in your life forever. Never mistake the people who are always around you for those who are always there for you. I have tried to do it all by myself and have failed miserably each time.

An ignorant life is not the best way to live and doing so will limit your success. Be a friend to those who will not speak up for themselves and be kind to those who speak only about themselves. Every person has hidden insecurities and every person has flaws.

We are only human and we are the only ones to whom we can communicate. I hope you have communicated with a gentle, passionate voice to those around you and that you feel comfortable enough to be the best version of yourself.

Do not resent those who unwelcomed you or those who underestimated you. Learn from how they made you feel and do not repeat the pattern.

Learn from every experience you encounter; there is a life lesson in every single step you make and every single breath you breathe. Cherish the memories that gave you pure bliss, but keep them as just that: memories.

Letting go is the hardest part of life and the most challenging to overcome. Just always remember, life goes on. The worst kind of relationship is one that only lives in your head and keeps you from getting hurt.

It is okay to get hurt; it means you feel something. Be jealous, be angry and above all, always be caring. Always care about yourself and always care about others. If the worst thing someone can say about you is, “He/she is too nice,” you have lived a pretty meaningful life.

When you feel as though your whole life is wreck — and that time will come — just remember that you are in control. Anything you want and anything you desire you can have.

Think of mistakes as learning opportunities and tool guides for putting you on better paths. Do not sit in bed, wishing for tomorrow to be better. Make today better. Wake up each day with a fresh start. Live life as if it were a dream.

You can create a world filled with never-ending love and personal achievements. Judgment and fear only stem from past insecurities. So, take a deep breath and let go of everything that no longer benefits you. Now, breathe in and feel a whole new world of endless possibilities open.

It won’t be easy, but with dedication, it will so be worth it.

And, always keep in mind you will be infinitely loved.

Photo credit: Shutterstock