Time Is On Your Side: How You Can Cope And Eventually Heal Your Heartache

by Marcus Hubbard

Imagine that the most unbearable, dreadful, heartbreaking event that could happen to you is happening.

I have one answer that is universal and heals any cause of heartbreak or sadness: time. Time heals everything. Laugh at me, call me a schmuck who offers the same old advice, but trust me, time is the best healer for any kind of pain in your life right now.

I speak from experience; 17-year-old me was impatient, living in a society where we had everything at our fingertips (four years later, everything is more so at our fingertips), and “time" was something for which I simply did not have time.

I wanted everything then and there. I could not wait for my future — for my dreams — to take place. Like most angsty, dream-driven, hormone-infused teenagers, I thought I was fully grown up and ready to take on the world.

Four years later, life is just how I planned it, but with a lot more kinks in the road. After some unfortunate events took place in my life in the past two years, I’ve come to learn that when you give any circumstance a period of time and you will eventually look at the situation from a whole different perspective.

I’m not saying you will be completely over your grievance for a lost loved one, completely over your ex or will have completely forgiven your best friend for betraying you, but you will have at least learned to cope and deal with these situations. You will look at them in a completely different light.

Unfortunately, as my mother told me as a child, the one thing we can be sure of is that life must end. It’s not a happy thought, and not one to which I even like to refer. However, death is inevitable.

Losing a loved one, family member, friend, pet or anything is difficult. Given time, though, you’ll be able to look back and cope with the situation in a completely different manner.

For some, this amount of time may be as small as a few days; for others, it might be years, but eventually, those dark days where that empty void rests will pass and there will be a light and a sense of continuation in life.

After all, life goes on and it’s probably a lot healthier for you to spend the time you have left on this planet in a positive and fulfilling manner rather than living a life of sadness and pain.

Heartbreak. Oh, heartbreak. If I could avoid falling in love, I would. The sickness, starvation and sleepless nights I suffered when I had my heart broken are things I do not wish upon anybody.

Those three months, when I couldn’t eat or sleep, were an important time. I was able to use that time to mend my broken heart and to get my ass back into gear. I came to realize that even though I was feeling such gut-wrenching sadness at the time, eventually, seeing that certain face every day would get easier.

There will be a day when I will be able look at that face and instead of wanting to cry, hit or spit on it, I will be able to accept what happened see things differently.

I knew I needed time to find out who I was — who I am. After three months of hibernating in my room every weekend and being a social recluse, I was again able to tackle the world and start the "Me Project," where I could focus on just that.

On the more obscure end of the scale, I had been searching for a new apartment for months and was running out of time. Eventually, I had to accept my current place, which wasn’t exactly where I planned my new home to be.

After a few days of not feeling entirely happy about my new home, I got a call from the agent informing me they’re going to gut the property and install new everything for me. With that one phone call, my attitude about my future changed completely.

Time, my friends, time.

I know you probably won’t believe me, but just accept that time is on your side. You go through your days completely unaware of the changes that are going on inside and around you.

As a time-conscious generation, we need to sit back and enjoy the journey of the days that turn into weeks, the weeks that turn into months and the months that turn into years. Time is on your side; it heals everything.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It