11 Things You Did As A Kid You Wish Were Still Acceptable In Your 20s

by Tessa Harvey

The more time I spend as an adult (or, as much as you can classify a 21 year old as a functioning adult), the more I realize being a kid was honestly one of the most prime times of my life so far. When we were kids, it was pretty much smooth sailing. We had absolutely no idea about high school stresses and college debt waiting for us in the future.

Fast forward to our 20s, and things can be, well, pretty messy at times, to say the least. Wouldn't it be nice to just jump in our personal time machines (because we definitely thought we'd have those in the future) and revert back to our childhood for a few minutes? I can't offer you that, but I can help you reimagine life as a kid for just a few minutes.

Here are 11 things we all did as kids that, TBH, would be kind of nice if we could do them now, too.

1. Cutting The Crust Off Your Sandwich

Don't get me wrong -- I like bread crust just as much as the next person, but sometimes, you're just not feeling 'em. It would be so nice to have them chopped off for you like Mom used to do back in the day... and for it to not seem strange AF when you're eating your non-crust sandwich with your co-workers.

2. Wearing PJs All D*mn Day

Remember when we could lounge around in and out of the house in our comfy clothes? It may have been because Mom or Dad were way too tired to change us, but we didn't even care. Now, it'd be nice to spend a day in our comfiest attire and not feel super unprofessional.

3. Eating Fo' Free (Or At Least For Dirt Cheap)

Kristine Curette Hines

This one works in a few ways. First, we literally didn't ever have to worry about food (thanks, Mom). Second, when we went out to eat with the fam, you bet we were eating for free or for super cheap from the kid's menu. Let's be real here: The kid's menu was bomb. Gimme grilled cheese and fries, please.

4. Having Absolutely No Plans For The Day

Remember when you'd wake up in the morning with no place to be but knowing the day would be awesome? Yeah, I miss that. You'd have the time of your life just hanging out with neighbors, watching cartoons, and getting lots of attention.

5. Eating Whatever Weird Thing You Wanted

If you haven't already noticed, kids eat the weirdest sh*t. And in most cases, no one's gonna stop you if you like ketchup with your corn, but they're definitely going to judge you. When we were kids, we could eat our weird food combos in peace.

6. Going To Bed Early AF


Sometimes, I wish I could just toss myself into bed super early and wake up refreshed and functioning like a normal human. Somehow, though, the older I get, the later I stay up... and I'm always chilling wide awake in bed at night because of the #necessary amount of caffeine I needed to consume to survive the day.

7. Getting Super Hyped For Disney Channel Movies

Who else remembers convincing Mom and Dad to let you stay up for that new movie? The Ice Princess, Princess Diaries, The Mighty Ducks, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie  just don't get old. I guess I'm not fooling anyone; I still get hyped for these movies.

8. Having Nap Time On A Daily Basis

We hated it then, but nap time was truly the highlight of childhood. You'd wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get your coloring on. What I would give for my school and internship to require mandatory nap times...

9. Wearing Pigtails Like A Pro

Nina Strehl/Unsplash

Making sure your hair looks put together every single day is so much work. I miss the days when it could be thrown back into pigtails or a few braids and would stay out of my way (and somehow look really cute). I'm not about to try this now, though, unless I'm going for a throwback Britney Spears schoolgirl look.

 10. Getting Half-Days

Whether you were in preschool and only went for a half-day, or got half-days every few weeks in elementary school, we can all agree half-days were the best. There was nothing like leaving school at 11 in the morning, getting lunch at home, and having the rest of the day to play outside. I could use a half-day every once in awhile, too.

11. Rocking Velcro Shoes With Everything

OK, true talk: Velcro shoes were a horrific trend even back then. But seriously though, we all owned a pair or two. They're just so practical and fast; you can get them as tight as you need in less than 10 seconds. If only they worked well with work pants.