6 Things You Need To Understand About The Pisces You Have Your Eye On

by Carmel Jones

You've just met someone new, and you think this person is perfect. He or she is sensitive and thoughtful, pays attention to you and loves the little things in life. There's an intriguing depth to this person that makes you yearn for more.

You then find out his or her sign, and it all makes sense. He or she is a Pisces.

The good news is, you've started falling for someone who's known to be a great romantic, and an even better long-term partner. So, before you dive headfirst into your new love, here are five of the more unexpected aspects of a Pisces's personality that are sure to make an appearance soon enough:

1. They are criers.

The slightest indication of wet eyes usually leads to a flood. We're not just talking about being real with our feelings. We're talking about someone who cries during car commercials.

Of course, this goes in part with the Pisces emotional sensitivity. But to be frank, if you aren't used to consoling someone when he or she cries, you'd better brush up on the art of the back rub.

2. They've had bad breakups in the past.

Sure, if you're older than 15, you've probably been hurt before. The thing with a Pisces is, he or she will keep it at the top of his or her mind forever, and will likely remind you how your actions stack up to that "bad SO" he or she used to date.

Here's a tip: Don't ask too many detailed questions about this evil past lover. You'd be smart to distance yourself whenever possible. Don't give yourself any opportunity for a compare and contrast session.

3. They overthink things.

If you are the type of person who lets things roll off your back, get ready for a change. A Pisces is going to want to talk it out until every issue is just about beaten to death.

What's for lunch? Don't be too cavalier with your hunger. This sandwich is going to mean more than two pieces of bread.

Of course, meal time is the least of your concerns. Get ready for some deep discussions when it comes to anything and everything personal. What you should know, however, is the fact that your casualness is good for the relationship.

No matter how much he or she pretends to feel otherwise, a Pisces benefits from having a low-stress, low-key partner. In return, you will benefit from your Pisces's thoughtfulness.

4. They ask a lot from their relationships.

Pisces are not the kind of people who will not call you for a day or two. They are thinking of you, and they want to know where you are.

I caution you against starting a long-distance relationship with a Pisces. The fact is, when you're in the midst of forming a relationship, staying in touch via Facebook won't suffice.

You're going to need to devote physical time to them. Pisces require a certain level of commitment, and that is only best demonstrated physically. However, if distance is unavoidable, you may want to learn the art of chatting on the phone. It's a wonderful way to maintain intimacy.

5. They can't make up their minds.

This goes hand in hand with their tendency to overthink. Remember to be decisive without ignoring their wants and needs, and they will thank you for it.

Although they love to cherish the little things in life, making a big deal out of everything is not always helpful.

6. It's bad when they break.

You should know that a Pisces is not the pick-yourself-up-and-dust-yourself-off type. When a Pisces gets hurt, it shows. It affects them more than you might expect.

Be patient, and give them time to heal. It can be taxing emotionally, but it's important to be mindful of what they need.

Pisces are great lovers. Being sensitive and prone to serious thoughtfulness are important qualities in a person. Their partners often benefit from having people so in touch with their sensitivities, and it pushes them to greater emotional depth.

If you find Pisces' qualities challenging, then you should be shacking up with one ASAP. Let your Pisces push you and make you a better person.

If you are more of the easygoing type, it's going to be a match made in heaven. Remember: Opposites attract, and for good reason. Your new romance with a Pisces may be trying at times, but in the end, you may have just found the perfect partner in love.