5 Things To Remember When You Think Your Life Completely Sucks

by Caity Garvey

First of all, I'd like to take a moment to say this article is not intended for those who have experienced the death of a loved one or a terminal illness. It's also not for those who are straight-up assh*les. For some of you, life is pretty hard (or you are just the worst). But for the rest of you basic folk who are going through some rough times, keep reading.

So, we've all been there: the abyss of darkness and loss of perspective in truly sh*tty times. In the back of our minds, we hear logic fighting the good fight against the dominating monsters in our minds. The monsters are also seriously crushing the competition.

The worst part is not the actual situation that drives us to these moments. It is the depression and complete lack of perspective that keeps you locked in your mind and demotivated to change. This will cause you to go without showering for three days, survive on takeout and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix.

It could be a bleak time in your career, love life, friendships or family life. You want to make a change in your life, but you just don't know how. For those of you who are currently going through tough situations, I'd like to offer up five (mostly universal) reasons your life is not as bad as you think:

1. You are in control of your life.

This may be an elusive fact for you right now, but it is 100 percent true and the most important point on this list. Take the weekend or a week to feel bad about yourself. We all need that time.

But then, be strategic and convert the feelings of disappointment and hurt into action items. Use them to change your situation. You have to provide the change you want to see for yourself.

2. You need family, friends and people in general.

You have no idea how much you need others until you become your own personal weapon of mass destruction. When all the monsters of the mind are making popcorn out of your kernels of self-confidence and gobbling them up, you need people you can rely on.

Don't underestimate how important their support is during this time. Reach out and talk to them. They'll get you where you need to be mentally, by reminding you how great you are and why you'll get through it.

3. Remember the existence of time.

In some cases, time may be working against you. But time is a very valuable thing. It can heal, and it can also boost you into action. You may need it to put distance and space between you and the thing crushing you, or it may light a fire under your ass.

So stop taking it for granted. Either way, it is an effective tool to have on your side. Time doesn't f*ck around. It is straight-up, reliable and will always be around.

4. Technology is important.

Even when you think you are alone and your friends, family and neighbors won't understand, you can literally turn to the Internet to find support, advice or guidance. It is a powerful tool of expression and knowledge that you can lean on.

5. There's always Netflix, takeout and Benedict Cumberbatch.

During dark times, it is always good to remember the cheap stuff that keeps us sane in the moments where we feel we are going to completely lose our sh*t. Watch something that makes you happy, eat something delicious and ogle the hot celebrity you're crushing on.

As much as you need to work on getting out of your playpen of woe and rejoining the adult world, it is just as important to let your mind rest from the overthinking. In the end, the struggle only makes you stronger. You are never alone.