5 Downright Delicious Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

by Tessa Harvey

When we were kids, the best part of Halloween was obviously the bigger-than-we-could-comprehend pile of candy we ended up with at the end of the night. After a long evening (OK, a few hours) of going door to door in our sweat-inducing Halloween costumes, begging neighbors for candy, and trying to out-scream the other kids yelling "Trick or Treat!" along with us, the candy somehow made the night totally worth it. Now, though, while the candy is delicious, chances are, we don't get through nearly as much as we would as we did when we were kids. Instead, we're focused on the parties, our fire costumes, and dancing the night away with our squad. A week after Halloween, we always have way too much of that impulse candy we bought on clearance at the grocery store, and no appetite to finish it. So, it's prime time to start putting together leftover Halloween candy recipes.

You most likely don't want to stuff all of the leftover candy in a drawer, and eventually, it will get way too stale to eat. Your Reese's Peanut Butter Cups deserve so much more respect than that. I have a great solution for you; there are actually a ton of things you can do with all of those leftover sweets. A bunch of genius people over on YouTube have the answer to our troubles. Here are five amazing things to with your leftover Halloween candy.

1. Candy Brownies

OK, so maybe you're sick of candy... but there's no way you'll turn down an excuse to turn that candy into some insanely delicious brownies. These brownies are easy to make with all of the chocolate you still have left. No one will guess they're made from leftovers.

2. Candy Melts

Candy what? I was as confused as you are, but it turns out, you can use melted candy for quite a few things. Dip cake pops in it, use it as icing, or switch out your normal chocolate fondue for a melt.

3. Chocolate Candy Bark

This candy bark might look a little crazy, but it tastes delicious. You'll be wishing you had more leftover candy to whip into this easy recipe. Yum!

4. Candy Popcorn

This recipe requires less than 10 ingredients, and you can honestly make it with whatever Halloween candy you have left. There's no losing in this situation. Store this popcorn in a plastic bag or tupperware for a sweet treat.

5. Candy Bar Pie

Got more candy than you even know what to do with? This one's for you, especially if you have some free time. No one will believe you didn't make it on purpose.