7 Weird Things That Could Happen To Your Body After You Die

by Shannon Ullman
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OK, OK, thinking about what you want to happen to your body after death is pretty morbid, but I'm a realist and dying is just a part of life. I've been to enough funerals to know the whole body-in-a-box-thing is kind of depressing.

In fact, if you look into the matter, you'll discover there's a lot of meaningful, and maybe even inspiring, things you can do with your body after death.

Become a diamond.

This is probably the most practical, but also romantic, option on the list. Heart In Diamond allows cremated ashes to be turned into a diamond ring, necklace or earring.

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The cremation diamonds are made by extracting the carbon from remains. In their lab, the carbon is then put under a large amount of pressure and heat for several days to grow into a real diamond.

Once the diamond is mature, it can be set in a ring or any other type of jewelry to serve as a beautiful keepsake of a loved one.

Become a fireworks display.

Baby you're a firework…. but actually. There's a company out there, Heavens Above Fireworks, that will literally take your ashes and put them into a firework to set off into the sky.


They arrange firework displays that incorporate ashes so that your relatives can give you a proper send-off. They work directly with the family of the deceased to create a firework event that is memorable, joyful and truly celebratory of their loved one's life.

Go back into nature.

Use your body to give back to nature once you leave this earth. The Living Urn is a way to use your ashes to be environmentally friendly beyond the grave.

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This beautifully designed urn works by mixing cremated ashes with a neutralizing agent, tree seedling roots and growth mix. You then simply plant it in the ground wherever you want the tree to grow.

Your family can plant it in their backyard or in the park that you used to frequent. It's kind of like a rebirth and a way for your family to really remember you forever.

Donate it to science.

This option has been around for decades, and it's one of the most generous things you could do with your body after death.

Donating it to science would allow the medical field to conduct studies that could help them come up with new procedures and medicines that could save the lives of millions of people in the future. Donated bodies are often used so medical students and doctors-in-training can learn how to help people throughout their career.

It isn't the most glamorous thing to do with your body after death, but it certainly is helpful.

Go under the sea.

Always loved the ocean? Then this is probably the option for you. As you might know, the reefs of the world's oceans are in danger.

The professionals who work for the Eternal Reef program have been working to build them up again by creating “reef balls” that are placed on dying reefs and eventually help them to regenerate.

The company has started offering “Reef Ball Urns,” which come with special compartments for cremated ashes. The urn also features a plaque that displays the name of the cremated person inside. Each urn is hand-painted by a local artist, and no two are the same.

Spin on a record.

Music lovers will rejoice over this one, especially if one of your family members is a vinyl record collector. And Vinyl is a company that will actually press your ashes right into a record.

People can even record their voices on the track, so they can leave a last message or a song to be remembered by. It may be a little bit creepy, but it's certainly a unique way to be remembered.

Go into space.


Always wanted to be an astronaut or love to travel? This company lets you travel all the way to outer space once you die. Celestis provides an Earth Rise service that allows family members to send the cremated ashes of their loved ones into space.

These individual flight capsules that hold the ashes will go up into space and eventually back down again, so the families can take them home. You can fulfill your lifelong dream of going into space, even after your death.