30 Things Siblings Who Attend The Same College Know To Be True

Living with your sibling outside of your childhood home and in the crazy world of college housing is a fiasco. It’s like having a little piece of home with you, except your parents aren’t there to cook, clean or be there at your beck and call.

When you live with your sibling outside of your parent's home, he or she turns into your confidant, caretaker, personal driver, partner in crime and best friend. Living with a brother and/or sister is advantageous because you essentially have two closets, two pantries and two bank accounts.

The downside, however, is you’re also living with the person who knows all of your deepest secrets and isn’t afraid to bring up your bangs phase or anything else you seriously regret.

I mean, we’re talking about the person who lived with you through the most awkward periods of your life. This is the person you confided in during puberty, who made fun of you all the way through it and who has immediate access to the photographic evidence of your pubescent shame.

Remember that one thing you spent years trying to force out of your memory? Or that one awkward thing that happened between the two of you that you swore you'd never speak of again? Your sibling remembers them, and he or she isn't afraid to bring these things up at dinner, at the club, with your significant other, etc.

Living with your sibling is something you might continuously ask yourself why you do, but would choose to do again, no questions asked. If you consciously make the decision to live with the person with whom you shared a room, family and basically all of your life, you might be used to hearing these 30 things:

1. “We should steal the dog and take it to our apartment.”

Because we're at our most vulnerable when dogs are involved.

2. “No, seriously. Let’s steal the dog for a week.”

If we do it together, we might pull off the heist.

3. “Did Mom call you, too?”

Am I in trouble, or is this routine?

4. “Dad literally called me just to tell me a joke.”

I'm not afraid to remind you I'm dad's favorite.

5. “Did you take my shirt?”

This. Means. War.

6. “I did the dishes yesterday, so it’s definitely your turn.”

Aka I'm too scared to yell at our other roommates about it, so you're getting the brunt of my frustration.

7. “Let’s wash our clothes together to save quarters.”

Nothing says broke college student quite like cramming everyone's clothes into one wash.

8. “Just kidding, we would steal each other’s clothes if we washed them together.”

Funny how my favorite pair of jeans went "missing" and somehow ended up in your closet.

9. “Okay, seriously... you’re wearing my shirt.”

*Puts on protective gear, yields weapon and prepares for battle*

10. “Did you get a package from Mom and Dad?”

This doesn't mean you're the favorite...

11. “My care package better have gotten lost in the mail.”

Mom and Dad are definitely getting a passive-aggressive voicemail about this.

12. “If you get invited to a party, you have to bring me.”

Because your friends are my friends.

13. “We’re basically a package deal.”

Signed, sealed, delivered, we're yours.

14. “Do we look too drunk in this picture to send it to Mom and Dad?”

My eyes are only half open, so maybe we should retake it and try to look more sober.

15. “I’m sending it anyway.”

Sorry, Mom (please ignore the blurriness).

16. “Remember that one time when you *insert embarrassing story*?”

The end of this sentence is NEVER good.

17. “I swear to God if you finish that story, I’m telling Mom what you did last night.”

Nothing says sibling rivalry like threatening to tell your parents embarrassing and life-threatening tales of drunkenness.

18. “How come you always have money and I don’t?”

Are you stealing from me? What is going on here?

19. “Can you come in here and tell me if my outfit is too promiscuous?”

Because our siblings are never shy about giving honest opinions.

20. “If I posted this on Facebook, would our family judge me?”

I'm trying to maintain my ~good girl~ image.

21. “Imagine if Grandma saw this.”

I'm not trying to get into it with Grandma at family dinner.

22. “Mom and Dad are visiting us this weekend.”

Time to go down the checklist...

23. “Is the house clean?”

If it's not, we probably won't hear the end of it.

24. “Did you hide the bottles?”

I'm not a bad kid, Mom. I swear!

25. “Mom wants you to call her tonight.”

Because messages are always relayed through one another.

26. “Don’t you dare spill anything on my shirt.”

I don't play "or else" with my sibling.

27. “Oh my God. We’re matching.”


28. “One of us is going to have to change.”

As if we don't look alike enough already.

29. “It’s you. You have to change.”

OK, fine. But just know I'm raiding your closet now.

30. “Oh, you weren't there for that? I could've sworn you were."

I kind of just assumed you were with me since we're always together.

If you choose to continue living with the person you were forced to live with for 18 years, you might be crazy, but you might also be crazy close with your sibling. Without your sibling, there would be no one to share your family and friends with, and your life would be vastly less interesting. College is already a home away from home, but having your sibling there in the same place makes it all the more cozy.