10 Things An Extrovert Needs To Look For In A Lifelong Partner

William Stitt/ Unsplash

An extrovert's lifelong partner can't just be any average Joe.

This isn't saying extroverts are snooty in the least bit, but their fun, bubbly personalities jive best with people who possess certain qualities that complement their own.

I'm a married extrovert, and I knew before I committed to a marriage that a few important qualities had to be met by my hubby. There's no magic checklist handed to extroverts at birth, but you just know.

And if you truly are an extrovert, you'll always express excitement that these qualities present themselves so naturally in the right person.

So, my fellow extroverts, these are a bunch of those must-have qualities you should look for in a lifelong partner.

1. They Are Patient As Hell

Extroverts tend to go with the flow a lot and love jumping from one idea to the next. You can sift through dozens of topics in a 10-minute convo with an extrovert.

Patience with an extrovert is mandatory or you'll bump heads constantly.

2. They Can Match Your Spontaneity

Just because you're an extrovert doesn't mean you have to be with one, but they have to be willing to reach your amplified levels from time to time. Living in the moment is a must.

3. They Are Your Voice Of Reason

I'm a speedy extrovert who likes to do things first and then think about them later.

Sometimes, you need that voice that delegates the decisions you're overlooking. You know, the common quality of a sporadic extrovert.

4. They Never Judge You

Loic Djim/ Unsplash

Finding someone who doesn't judge you for your antics is comforting and helps you be yourself even more.

And let's face it, one of the key factors of being truly happy in a relationship is establishing a judgment-free zone.

5. They Don't Try To Tone You Down

Trying to silence an extrovert is a lost cause. Besides, you shouldn't want to be with anyone who wants to clip your extrovert wings.

6. They Genuinely Know When You're Happy

Because extroverts are usually so upbeat, they're good at using that as a decoy to hide other less-than-happy emotions.

Your future life-long partner should know when you're really the life of the party, not masking down-in-the-dumps feelings.

7. They Can Take A Joke

Extroverts love laughing, and for me personally, it's from my own jokes or pranks. It's OK to laugh solo, but you want a lifelong partner who's also chuckling with you.

8. They Can Joke Back

Hey, they have to dish back the corny "knock, knock" jokes, too.

9. They Listen To Your Wild Ideas

It's not uncommon for extroverts to go on these insane tangents when they have their mind set on something.

As content as we are saying them aloud, it's always nice to see someone's actually listening.

10. They're Not Interested In Changing You

Just like there's no silencing an extrovert, there's no changing one, either. I mean, you can't deface a classic.

Extroverts can't help who they are, and their lifelong partner understands and loves that about them. I know mine does.