Starter Pack: 33 Things You Simply Don't Have The Energy For Anymore

It's not groundbreaking to say time is an extremely precious thing, and we only have one life to live. Yet, for some reason, we seem to constantly need reminding.

Due to the precious nature of our lives, we owe it to ourselves to quit wasting time on negative attitudes, detrimental behaviors and pointless activities.

We're supposed to live satisfying and abundant lives. Regardless of how worn-out the phrase might be, we could all probably stand to embrace the "ain't nobody got time for that" mentality a little more.

Spend your time doing things that make you happy. Spend your time making changes and positively impacting the world. Don't spend your time stalking your high-school enemies on social media.

Honestly, there are countless things you shouldn't be wasting your energy on. This is really just the starter pack:

1. Rude people

Seriously, as tempting as it is to go off on the person who just let a door shut on you, just go about your day.

He's not worth your energy.

2. Pity parties

This includes both the ones you throw for yourself and the ones you're expected to attend.

Legitimate conversations about problems and asking for advice? Fine.

Wallowing in a problem and doing nothing to solve it? Not fine.

3. Eating crappy food

I'm not saying you have to make 100 rules about what you can and can’t eat, but pay some attention to what you’re putting in your body.

4. Complaining

You could be talking about so many more important things, or thinking of a solution to your problem.

Or maybe just suck it up and move forward.

5. Attending social events you don’t actually care about

If that one person you’ve talked to three times in your life is having a going-away party because he or she graduated college, do not feel obligated to show up.

6. Texting people who are just going to annoy you

You know who those people are.

They are the ones who actually make you feel disappointed every time their names pop up on your phone.

7. Texting back when someone only says “lol”

If they’re not interested in contributing more than three letters to a conversation, you shouldn’t feel obligated to carry it any further.

8. Living in the past

This means grudges, hanging on to exes and spending all your time wishing you could go back in time.

It’s here and now. Live it. Love it.

9. Refusing to make time for yourself

You don't have time to neglect yourself, because if you do it for too long, you're going to have a breakdown.

You are important. Okay? Okay.

10. Letting people push you around

You don’t have to submit to the people who try to belittle everything you say and pretend you’re not important.

You don’t always have to do what other people tell you to do.

11. Pursuing anything other than your dreams

Are you really going after your dreams? Are you really working toward your goals? What have you been putting off that can help push you forward?

12. Getting sucked into other people’s self-inflicted drama

Things happen and people need our help. That’s fine.

But when people provoke situations and invent problems, expecting us to jump into the mess of drama that follows, it’s time to step back and say no.

13. People texting at green lights

Don’t feel afraid to honk your horn at these people.

14. People who walk at less than 2 miles per hour

If we had horns to honk while walking, I would tell you to use them.

15. The "clear" button vs. the "cancel" button

Keypads on ATMs need to come to a universal decision on what the "cancel" and "clear" buttons mean.

Sometimes, it seems to mean “cancel this step.” In another place, it means “call the whole thing off, boot me out of the system and forget I was ever here.”

16. People who don’t decide what they want when it’s time for them to order

Menus are literally everywhere in food establishments.

They’re also on that Internet thing.

17. Letting other people put you down

Nine times out of 10, the negative things people say to you aren’t even slightly valid.

Don't dwell on people lashing out at you.

18. All those promo emails in your inbox

Discover the power of changing their frequency, or just completely unsubscribe.

It’s so freeing.

19. Trying to please everyone

It seriously won’t ever work. There’s always going to be someone who finds an issue with you.

Treat them with kindness, but don’t sweat over their disapproval.

20. Deleting pics before your phone tells you you’re about to run out of storage

Who knows when you might need that ostrich meme you saved four months ago?

Besides, at this point, you have over 700 pictures on your camera roll. It’s going to take way too long to sort through them.

21. Worrying about matching your socks

Mismatched socks are actually the spice of life. Carry on.

22. Having a different account for every place you order food from online

“Check out as guest” is probably the most beautiful phrase to read.

23. Slow guest WiFi networks

Just because I’m a guest, I can’t have functioning WiFi access?

Every other time I’m a guest, I’m treated fantastically!

24. Hangovers that can’t be mostly or completely cured by food

Does this even need explaining?

You've got other stuff to do, rather than lay on the couch and hate the sun.

25. Relationships that cause more hurt than happiness

Don’t spend another second of your time putting energy into a hurtful relationship.

There are plenty of other, more worthy people in your life you can give that energy to.

26. Lying to yourself

Honesty with other people can be hard. Honesty with ourselves can be downright terrifying.

But you have to find the courage to do it.

27. Living in fear of mistakes

No one likes mistakes, but making a mistake means you’re not living a stagnant life.

It means you’re taking chances and trying to learn.

28. Making excuses to not change your life

What are you most dissatisfied with? What are you doing to change that?

You have no reason to fear making a change.

29. Forgetting to be thankful

The best cure to negativity and feeling down is remembering everything in your life you have to be thankful for.

30. Refusing to go on adventures (even if they are going to Walmart at 1 am)

It’s one of the biggest shames of life to miss making memories.

Be open to the new, the crazy and the exciting.

31. Body-shaming yourself or other people

If you’re body-shaming anyone, including yourself, stop it right now.

Once again, you're putting energy in the wrong place and, quite honestly, no one wants to hear it.

32. Not taking yourself seriously

It’s okay to laugh things off from time to time, but be careful of thinking your life is a joke.

That’s negative self-image, and it stunts every kind of confidence you should have in yourself.

33. Frenemies

You're either friends or you're not.

Don’t waste time with people you secretly hate, or people you know secretly hate you. At the end of the day, they're just an annoyance in your life that you have to put effort into disliking.

It's much easier to just "nothing" them, and spend time with your real friends.