These 5 Questions Will Make It Easier To Shop For Anyone On Your List

by Michelle Dang Le

As holidays and celebration days are quickly passing, presents are not something I really expect when this time comes around. The most important things to me are time well spent with loved ones and surrounding myself with good energy.

Hopefully, most of us agree with the idea that material things are not that big of a priority. But sometimes gifts are inevitable and a must when it comes to this holiday season.

I do have to admit, there is an unexplainable joy of giving a gift to a person who means so much to you. But note that the more money you spend on someone should not equate to how much you care for them — not at all.

During this holiday season, I encourage you to really dig deep into gifting a present that means more to them than just a luxurious label or that expensive price tag.

Spend time to learn about your person, about what really makes their heart sing. Think of a gift that they wouldn't tell you they want, but something you know they would appreciate.

Katie Treadway

When people constantly ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, I never tell them (unless I'm filling out my secret Santa list). First off, there is nothing that I desperately want or need that I can't purchase for myself. Second, it kills the fun of even receiving anything as a surprise if I know that it's coming. And lastly, I can only hope that my loved ones know enough about me to understand what makes up my true wish list.

For example, I always have cold feet — the literal kind. Always. Always. During the winter, it doesn't matter how many pairs of socks I put on, my darn toes will always feel like icicles. Knowing this about me, I would be more than happy to receive a pair of fuzzy toe socks. Maybe if you knew my favorite color was yellow, a yellow pair of fuzzy socks would be so appreciated.

Or it would help if you knew I loved books and candles. To be more specific, if you looked through my bookcase and nightstand, it would be filled with mystery thriller reads and aromatherapy scents.

It would speak large volumes if someone took the time to go through a bookstore and research a novel they thought I would enjoy, or spend the time to go candle shopping and actually smell out scents that remind them of me.

The effort, the thought, the time spent is what I look for. It's what makes a present so special. Consider a mixtape of oldie songs or a funny card — something that represents who I am as a person and the memories we hold.

Hernan Sanchez

There's nothing greater than someone who pays attention to the details and is attentive to you as a person.

As you are gifting your friends and family this season, try to think of gifts that would go along with the phrases:

1. “I thought of you when I saw this.” 2. “I knew this would be something you'd enjoy.” 3. “I know you usually ___, so this is why I got you this.” 4. “I knew you'd appreciate this because ___.” 5. “You mean so much to me. This is something I enjoy and hope you will, too.”

When you love someone, you pay attention to the details, to what makes them who they are. Constantly remind yourself why you love someone and don't forget the ingredients of the recipe that make up who they are because, in turn, they are part of what makes you, you.

A version of this article was first published on the author's blog.