Pour Your Heart Out: 5 Coffee Orders And What They Say About You

"Grande plain iced coffee with a little bit of half and half, please."

This is my go-to coffee concoction when I'm out running my daily errands or catching up on my studies. Really, if I am being completely honest, I don’t need an excuse to stop and order myself a little pick-me-up.

As I'm waiting in line to order, I overhear macchiatos and half soy non-fat latte spiels my fellow coffee drinkers have come up with to satisfy their caffeine cravings.

This past week, I landed a job as a barista. I have learned people are very particular about the way they take their daily java. From knowing the calorie count to our brand of bean, our coffee costumers continually question what was once a simple cup of joe.

The way people order their coffee has given me special insight into who these people truly are.


Damn, Gina. You appreciate the flavor of that bean. You sip away, savoring the taste of the coffee for what it truly is: delicious. Your order doesn’t change, and neither does your undeniable love for the smell and taste of your morning coffee.

Double Shot Espresso

Let’s take a minute and think this through. You want not only one, but two shots of expresso, and that’s it? Can I offer you a pastry or some water as a chaser?

You, my friend, had one too many shots of whiskey last night, and you are still in the throes of shooting back your liquids.

For you, coffee isn’t a ritual, love or passion. It is a necessity. Maybe consider a vacation.

Non-Fat [Sweet Syrup Flavor] Latte

You balance out the calorie count of the flavored syrup by opting for non-fat milk. I catch your drift, my friend.

You are the adult who still appreciates the simple, sweet pleasantries of life. From the beginning of your day, you want to indulge in all things yummy, starting with your morning coffee ritual.

You need a little something to wake you up in the morning, but nothing more. You have enough energy naturally to last the rest of the day.

Your seasons are defined by the coffee you order. You opt for the limited time seasonal offers. Why not? Christmas only comes once a year, and so does the flavor you enjoy in your lovely latte.


This is my kind of person. Yes, I will be your coffee artist, and I will create your steamed milk heart design. You read the paper, licking the foam from the top of your lip. It happens.

Café Au Lait

Similar to the hot cocoa we drank while our parents had their morning coffee, a café au lait isn’t the most popular option on the menu. Most people prefer a whole cup of coffee, instead of one halfway filled with milk.

This is a good intro to the coffee world. I recommend this option to those who haven’t quite refined their coffee palette. (Yes, that is a real thing.)

No matter what you order, the barista from your local coffee joint is bound to get to know you, the person you are outside of the form of drink you order. That's just the mentality of a coffee shop.

It's a place for individuals to come, enjoy their choice of bean and interact with other people. Enjoy the flavor of your desired drink, and feel the body of the bean and the company you keep while doing so.